Aten Lab Co., Ltd. / Minchalle Participating in the “Exercise Challenge with Shizuoka Nudge” Demonstration Project

Aten Lab Co., Ltd. / Minchalle
Participating in the “Exercise Challenge with Shizuoka Nudge” Demonstration Project
Verification of increase in number of steps, etc. by “Commitment Nudge” in a two-group comparison test using the action declaration and habituation app Minchalle

Aten Lab Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tsuyoshi Nagasaka), which develops the habituation app “Minchalle”, and Ozma PR Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshihiro Nakao), January 2020 Shizuoka prefecture’s demonstration project “Exercise challenge with Shizuoka Nudge” will start.
Aomori University Visiting Professor Masaki Takebayashi (Specialty: Nudge), Juntendo University Specially Appointed Professor Hiroshi Fukuda (Specialty: Occupational Health, Health Literacy), and Aomori University Professor Yasuhide Shibuya (Specialty: Psychology, Statistics) are academic advisors. This is an initiative of industry, academia, and government that participated in the team as
In this project, we will target employees of companies in Shizuoka Prefecture and encourage them to increase the number of steps using the behavioral economics nudge (*1). Participants participated in a team of five using the habit-building app Minchalle, which uses nudges, and spent a month improving their exercise habits while encouraging each other by sharing photos of their steps taken and health-related initiatives. Aim to settle.
Measure whether one of the nudges, “Commitment (*2)”, leads to an increase in the number of steps taken and an improvement in health literacy, statistically analyzes the data, and utilizes it for future health promotion projects in the prefecture, contributing to the extension of healthy life expectancy. Aim to do
*1 Nudge: An approach that encourages people to take desirable actions by appealing to their psychological characteristics.
*2 Commitment: “Binding one’s future actions in advance”, which is used in this project as a nudge that appeals to the psychology of trying to act consistently with what one has decided and declared. [Image 1

Introduction background and purpose
-Aiming to create an environment where Shizuoka Prefecture’s working generation can naturally become healthy-
Shizuoka Prefecture has one of the highest healthy life expectancies in Japan, and has the lowest percentage of people with metabolic syndrome in Japan.
However, there are issues with the exercise habits of people in their 20s to 50s, and the number of steps taken by people in their 20s is below the national average.
In order to further extend healthy life expectancy in Shizuoka Prefecture, it is necessary to promote the establishment of desirable lifestyle habits from the younger generation. (*3)
Therefore, in Shizuoka Prefecture, with the aim of creating an environment in which people can naturally become healthy, we are examining and verifying methods for effectively encouraging the habituation of exercise and physical activity using nudges. We will promote health promotion activities.
*3 Source: 2016 Prefectural Health Basic Survey: https://shizuoka-
Business overview
-Demonstration project of “Exercise Challenge with Shizuoka Nudge”- We will use nudges to measure the degree of achievement of physical activity goals, the degree of increase in the number of steps taken, and the degree of improvement in health literacy for employees of companies in Shizuoka Prefecture. .
■ Contents:
Held a seminar to learn nudge knowledge that is useful for
establishing exercise habits
Verification of target achievement rate and step count increase rate by commitment nudge
Created and distributed enlightenment materials on nudges for businesses in the prefecture
■ Design: Control experiment between two parallel groups
*In principle, allocation to the application group and control group will be done according to the wishes of the participating companies. ■ Implementation period: Mid-January 2023 to mid-March 2023
*Measurement period is 1 month
■ Eligible people: Employees of Shizuoka prefecture comprehensive cooperation agreement companies
■ Capacity: 100 people
■ Demonstration companies: Aten Lab Co., Ltd., Ozma PR Co., Ltd. ■ Academic Advisor: Masaki Takebayashi Visiting Professor, Aomori University (Specialty: Nudge)
Hiroshi Fukuda Specially Appointed Professor, Juntendo University (specialty: occupational health, health literacy)
Yasuhide Shibuya Professor, Aomori University (specialty: psychology, statistics)
Stakeholder comments
Masaki Takebayashi Aomori University Visiting Professor (Expert in behavioral economics and nudge theory)
“What should I do to voluntarily eliminate the lack of exercise?” – This is a problem that many people have. In the course of doing business with Shizuoka Prefecture, I have received opinions from residents such as, “If we all make a vow to increase the number of steps, we can do it?” I was. These are really nice and hopefully effective from a nudge point of view as well. In this project, we will verify whether the number of steps actually increases after devising ways to make Shizuoka citizens want to walk even a little. Please provide some support!
(Reference) Official website: About “Minchare”
・ A digital peer support app that encourages each other and continues to be fun with 5 people
Minchalle is an app that allows you to create a team of five anonymous people with the same goals, such as study, diet, and exercise, and have fun working on habits by reporting to the chat and encouraging each other.
[Image 2

・Number of users: 1.2 million *Cumulative number of users as of December 2022 ・Received the Excellence Award and Company Award at the “Japan Healthcare Business Contest” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2020
・2016・2017・2019 Google Play Best App
・Won the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly Excellence Award in the field of long-term care prevention and life support for the elderly in the “10th Healthy Life Extension! Award” in the frailty prevention project with Fuchu City -App Overview-
・ Title: Minchare
・Usage fee: Free for free users
 Premium user 1 month plan 500 yen/month
・ Delivery date: November 6, 2015
・ Official website:
・ Official blog:
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