Avex Communications & Broadcasting Co., Ltd. A Japanese remake of the popular Korean drama “BLUE BIRTHDAY” starring Shion Tsurubo (JO1) and Airi Matsui! “Crash Landing on You” Producer: Time Leap Suspense Love Story by Yoon Hyung Gi

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
A Japanese remake of the popular Korean drama “BLUE BIRTHDAY” starring Shion Tsurubo (JO1) and Airi Matsui W! “Crash Landing on You” Producer: Time Leap Suspense Love Story by Yoon Hyung Gi

The Korean drama “BLUE BIRTHDAY” was distributed as a web drama in South Korea in 2021 and became very popular mainly among the younger generation.
The original is the Korean drama “Crash Landing on You” that caused a frenzy. Popular K-POP idol Red Velvet’s Kim Ye Rim and PENTAGON’s Hong Seok served as a big topic.
And this time, the same work will be remade into a Japanese version and will be broadcast on Kansai TV from February 2023, and exclusive unlimited viewing delivery will start on dTV (R).
I will.
Starring Shion Tsurubo of the popular global boy group JO1, who debuted in March 2020 and participated in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the first time last year, and Matsui, who has appeared in numerous movies and dramas and is also very active in Asia. I decided on Airi. A quiet but gentle honor student, he spent a peaceful school life with his childhood friend Hanasuzu and her friends in the photography club, but on Hanasuzu’s 17th birthday, she suddenly attempted suicide and left this world. Played by Shion.
This will be the first time for Shion Tsurubo to star in a terrestrial drama. She has had feelings for Jun since she was young, and on her 17th birthday, when she finally decided to convey her feelings to him, she lost him, whom she loved so much. Airi Matsui will play the role of Karin Ozaki who spends 10 years in despair.
The story is Hanasuzu’s 27th birthday, 10 years after Jun passed away. By chance, Karin finds a photo Jun took ten years ago and a letter from Jun addressed to her. Her feelings for Jun, who she couldn’t forget even though she wanted to, exploded, and Karin burned the photo to shake off her sentimentality. Then, on the same day that the burnt photo was taken, she was transported back in time to the time when Jun was still alive…! As Hanasuzu travels back and forth between the past and the present in an attempt to stop Jun’s suicide, the truth behind Jun’s death becomes apparent. A time-leap suspense love story about saving your loved one.
If you could go back in time and replay your life… it would fill your heart with emotions that everyone has.
Love, suspense, fantasy, love, suspense, fantasy, etc.
Friendship and various elements are included, and each episode is full of eye-popping and shocking images.
Also, pay attention to the two sad and pure protagonists who continue to protect their loved ones at the risk of their lives. What kind of development will unfold? Please look forward to the thrilling development every Tuesday!
-Comment from Shion Tsurubo (Jun Soma)-
I’m JO1’s Tsurubo Shion, and I’ll be playing Jun in the drama “Blue Birthday”. This drama begins with a shocking development, but I would be happy if you could pay attention to how the two will protect each other. This is my first time starring in a terrestrial serial drama, so I am filming with the help of everyone on set.
I always speak quickly and chew a lot, so I want to prepare well and do my best. Please look forward to the broadcast!
-Comment from Airi Matsui (role of Karin Ozaki)-
I’m Airi Matsui, who will play Hanasin in the drama “Blue Birthday”. This drama is a story of finding the truth while going back and forth between the past and the present.
While sorting things out in my head, I carefully shoot each one by exchanging opinions with the director, staff, and cast members about how to make the audience’s heart beat faster!
It is a drama filled with various elements such as suspense, romance, friendship, and family love.
I would be happy if everyone could enjoy it while being nervous about how it will end!
Please enjoy it! !
-Director Park Dan-hee’s comment (Original – Korean drama “BLUE BIRTHDAY”)- When I first heard the news that Blue Birthday would be remade in Japan, I was really excited. Because it is a work that was created with a warm feeling toward love, and for me, it is a work that has an extraordinary affection.
I’ve seen the script for the Japanese remake version in advance, and I’m really looking forward to it because I can feel not only the beautiful love, but also the fun that’s different from the original. I hope that you will have a fun and happy time while watching the Japanese remake version of “Blue Birthday”.
■Overview of “Blue Birthday”
Shion Tsurubo (JO1) x Airi Matsui W starring
The Japanese version of “BLUE BIRTHDAY” produced by “Crash Landing on You” producer Yoon Hyung Gi!
~I will protect you, I will protect you~
A time-leap suspense love story woven by thoughts that transcend time and space On my 17th birthday, what awaited me was the ‘sudden death’ of my first love A story that spins a destiny that goes back and forth between the past and the present through memorable photos
On her 17th birthday, Karin Ozaki (Airi Matsui) suddenly lost her childhood friend and first love Jun Aoma (Shion Tsurubo).
It has passed 10 years ever since. On her 27th birthday, Hanasuzu happens to find Jun’s leftover film camera and the photos he took. The feelings for Jun, who he couldn’t forget even though he wanted to, and the sadness of losing Jun exploded again, burning the photos incessantly. Then, I was time-jumped to that day 10 years ago when the photo was taken.
As Hanasuzu travels back and forth between the past and the present, trying to stop Jun’s suicide by any means necessary, the truth behind Jun’s death comes to light.
becoming clearer. Will they be able to change their destinies? ■ “Blue Birthday” Broadcast/Distribution Overview
Program name: Blue Birthday
Broadcast date: February 7th, 2023 (Tuesday) starting from 00:55 every Tuesday *Kansai Local
Broadcasting station: Kantele
Delivery: dTV Starting February 7, 2023 (Tuesday) Every Tuesday from 1:05 midnight * Exclusive unlimited viewing delivery
Cast: Shion Tsurubo (JO1) Airi Matsui and others
Director: Osamu Minorikawa, Yuya Takahashi, Yoshizen Fujie
Screenplay: Junpei Yamaoka, Rie Izawa
Original: “BLUE BIRTHDAY” (Screenplay: Moon Won Young, Ku So Young Director: Park Dan Hee Producer: PLAYLIST)
Production: Studio Blue
Production work: Avex Pictures Kantele
* “dTV” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
■ “Blue Birthday” official website and SNS information
Kantele official website: https://www.ktv.jp/bluebirthday/
dTV work site: https://bit.ly/3GITGay
Twitter: @bluebirthday_ktvdtv
Instagram: @dtv.pr
TikTok: @bluebirthday_jp
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