Axesia Co., Ltd. Beauty Eyes “Essence Sheet” series exceeded 5 million*1 total sales

Axesia Co., Ltd.
-Axesia eye sheet from beauty salon exclusive brand -Beauty Eyes “Essence Sheet” series Cumulative sales exceeded 5 million*1 ~ Increasing attention to eye care as people worry more about their eyes ~
Axesia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Dan Taku) has sold 5 million eye sheets “Essence Sheet” and “Essence Sheet Premium” in the eye care series “Beauty Eyes”. We are pleased to inform you that we have exceeded the number*1.
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Axesia’s “Beauty Eyes” is an eye care line developed by our company, which was born in 2011 as a brand exclusive to esthetic salons, with the idea of ​​”taking the essence of esthetic eye care menus to home care.” We offer eye serums, eye sheets, eye creams, and offer serious care for attractive eyes.
The “eyes” that influence the impression of the face have become a part that attracts more attention in recent mask life. Under such circumstances, the eye sheet “Essence Sheet” and “Essence Sheet Premium”, which are popular items among “Beauty Eyes”, have exceeded the cumulative sales of 5 million * 1.
This product features an ultra-thin sheet with a thickness of 0.3mm that uses “cotton linter”, a material with excellent moisture retention, that adheres perfectly to the skin, giving the eyes a bright and clear impression. It has been well received for its ease of use and reliable quality, and the “Essence Sheet Premium” in particular has been loved by many people not only in Japan but also overseas, mainly in China. Axesia “Beauty Eyes” will take eye care to the next level.
Main achievements of “Essence Sheet Premium”
・During “W11” in 2021*², the “Anti-Aging Eye Sheet” popularity ranking was ranked No. 1 in the Chinese SNS EC app “RED”.
・During the “W11” period*² in 2021, TikTok’s mainland Chinese version “Douyin” won the first place in the “eye sheet” popularity ranking. ・During “W11” in 2021*³, won 3rd place in the “Import Eye Sheet Ranking” on the major Chinese EC site “Tmall Global”.
・ In 2022, “Bi ST online” was selected as “This month’s choice!” in the February 2022 skin care category.
Axesia Executive Vice President Comment
[Image 2d67650-53-d63a93ab23df1f7368eb-1.png&s3=67650-53-8d13c7bd107c3fd58e682a148853bc52-664x522.png
The skin around the eyes is thin and has few sebaceous glands, so it is a part of the body that is prone to dryness and loss of firmness. It is clear that he has a problem with From those who use “Essence Sheet” and “Essence Sheet Premium” regularly, “I am happy that I can easily achieve salon-level care just by applying it,” We have received comments such as “It’s nice to be able to do other work at the same time as the original care.” We believe that it was a factor in the number of sales exceeding 5 million * 1.
In the future, we will continue to make everyone shine beautifully with our discerning eye care items.
*1 Cumulative number of sales: 5,007,593 From October 2016 to the end of October 2022 (according to our research)
Cumulative number of Essence Sheets and Essence Sheet Premium sold *²October 20, 2021 to November 2, 2021 *³November 5, 2021 to November 11, 2021 “Essence Sheet” Series Product Features
1. The sheet uses cotton linter with excellent liquid retention. [Image 3d67650-53-a15be3ed2aa635a045c2-3.png&s3=67650-53-9f6482a38a0ca6fb1e0f41dcb80b62f0-800x429.png
The sheet uses “cotton linter”, which is a delicate downy hair that wraps cotton seeds. This sheet has excellent liquid retention, does not easily drip, and is soft on the skin, so it adheres well to the skin. An ultra-thin sheet with a thickness of 0.3mm made from luxurious materials fits perfectly around the eyes with fine unevenness.
2. Formulated with supporting ingredients that address complex eye problems [Image 4d67650-53-c800fec8d3fc29977e71-4.png&s3=67650-53-d9a8b0eb2841f4cdc04ca1c9b05d2c66-576x352.png
Contains carefully selected botanical ingredients “eyebright extract*⁴” and “chamomile flower extract*⁴”. Protects the delicate eye area from damage caused by dryness, etc., and provides fresh moisture.

3. “Essence Sheet Premium” further contains “Triple Mineral Complex*⁵” [Image 5d67650-53-6de7e87d75dbe8a52dfb-5.png&s3=67650-53-820d9d358f236dc30df95d222043ea53-211x212.png
After much trial and error, we finally arrived at the “Triple Mineral Complex*⁵,” a mineral complex consisting of magnesium, copper, and zinc for the eyes, which have thin and delicate skin. Minerals are essential for the human body, among which magnesium, copper, and zinc are thought to be closely related to the skin. By supplementing these three minerals with the optimum balance, the skin’s natural beauty is brought out.
Product Summary
[Image 6d67650-53-ffb19bc409e710ab6158-6.jpg&s3=67650-53-e7d7b5a94b410a2bdcc2f03065491575-857x1000.jpg
Beauty Eyes “Essence Sheet Premium”
-Eye sheet- 60 sheets
¥8,580 (tax included) (body price: ¥7,800)
Axesia’s uniquely shaped eye sheet that covers the entire area from the upper eyelids to the triangular zone of the cheeks. The 0.3mm thick ultra-thin sheet, which uses 100% cotton linter, adheres perfectly to the eyelids, and is an item that achieves salon-level eye care simply by applying it. We are also particular about beauty ingredients, and blended with “Triple Mineral Complex*⁵”, a mineral composite ingredient created through repeated trial and error for the delicate eye area. In addition, support ingredients such as Centella asiatica extract*⁶, hawthorn extract*⁶, and eyebright extract*⁴ are added to approach the loss of firmness and lead to bouncy eyes. [Image 7d67650-53-fa0cb2fc78b7ecc62ed2-7.png&s3=67650-53-8b919917dd907c820cbc45c8873d1b31-1843x1707.png
Beauty Eyes “Essence Sheet”
-Eye sheet- 60 sheets
¥8,140 (tax included) (body price: ¥7,400)
The original “cotton linter” contains about 2 bottles (60mL) of serum. It is a luxurious 0.3mm ultra-thin sheet that is used as a material, and it gently adheres to the skin like a part of the skin.
Tight fit. Delivers beauty ingredients to the stratum corneum that are pleasing to the skin around the eyes for firmness, luster, and moisture. Recommended not only around the eyes, but also around the mouth and other areas of concern. Formulated with “Eye Bright Extract*⁴” to condition the delicate skin around the eyes, leading to a bright and clear impression.

Take one sheet at a time with tweezers and keep the sheet in close contact with both eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. After removing the sheet, gently spread the remaining beauty essence around the eyes to let it absorb.
*⁴ Skin conditioning *⁵ Firmness ingredients: Mg aspartate, copper gluconate, zinc gluconate *⁶ Luster ingredients
Beauty Eyes series introduction
・Beauty Eyes “Intensive Care Essence” -Eye serum-
[Image 8d67650-53-7dabf0b54124a9ee12ec-8.jpg&s3=67650-53-c1250846fe1b6c83cc132ddb3b4c792f-293x613.jpg
15mL ¥7,480 (tax included) (body price: ¥6,800)
A thorough eye care serum containing a multi-faceted blend of beauty ingredients necessary for the delicate eye area, where the skin is thin and prone to dryness.

・Beauty Eyes “Day Care Cream” -Eye Cream-
[Image 9d67650-53-f2f00e850b791202030e-9.jpg&s3=67650-53-c955c7251fa4933bb5fe1f5a4485cf61-275x597.jpg
15g ¥7,480 (tax included) (body price: ¥6,800)
A cream that maintains the effect of the eye serum by covering it with a moisturizing veil. It does not leave sticky residue and is easy to use even before applying makeup in the morning.

・Beauty Eyes “Routine Care Essence Premium”-eye serum-
[Image 10d67650-53-73fce8d3bdac52f40c43-10.jpg&s3=67650-53-1182958ad4467c1264e27f6e07a22dfb-898x1544.jpg
15mL ¥7,480 (tax included) (body price: ¥6,800)
Premium version of Beauty Eyes eye serum. In addition to “Triple Mineral Complex*⁵”, which is the concept ingredient of the premium line, and “Eye Bright Extract*⁴” and “Chamomile Flower Extract*⁴”, which are common ingredients of Beauty Eyes, two types of retinol (retinol palmitate*) ⁷ and encapsulated retinol*⁸) are added.

・Beauty Eyes “Routine Care Cream Premium” -Eye Cream-
[Image 11d67650-53-ccac9f8aff09bf91935c-11.jpg&s3=67650-53-bc0ca7e507029d81e0d9d4583ce39c6c-898x1544.jpg
15g ¥7,480 (tax included) (body price: ¥6,800)
Premium version of Beauty Eyes eye cream. In addition to the concept ingredient of the premium line, “Triple Mineral Complex*⁵” and the common ingredient of Beauty Eyes, “isomerized sugar*⁹” made from plant-derived glucose adheres to the keratin with a moisturizing magnet effect and is highly durable. Firmly moisturizes the skin. Combined with “Kibana Dutch Sennichi Extract*⁹”, it brings a fresh and firm feeling.
*7 Firmness ingredient *⁸ Firmness ingredient (display name: retinol) *⁹ Moisturizing ingredient
Brand introduction
What is the Beauty Eyes series?
“Axesia Beauty Eyes” was developed with the desire to deliver the essence of beauty salon eye care menus to home care. All products contain eyebright extract*⁴, which prepares the delicate skin around the eyes, and beauty ingredients that approach the firmness, luster, and moisture of the eye area. Carefully selected eye care items will make you shine beautifully.
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What is Axesia
Axesia was born in 2011 as a skin care brand exclusively for beauty salons. The -Beauty Eyes- series, which was developed in 2016 with the concept of “Essence of Eye Essence for Home Care”, is a big hit in China and other Asian countries. Currently, we are developing in Asian countries such as China and Singapore, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In Japan, many stores such as department stores and variety shops, including the directly managed store “AXXZIA GINZA SIX”, have been well received by everyone.

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