AXN x The Cinema Joint Project ] Hollywood master Michael Mann celebrates 80 years old! A special feature on Michael Mann’s works, which were a big hit with a world view full of genius!

AXN foreign drama
AXN x The Cinema Joint Project ] Hollywood master Michael Mann celebrates 80 years old! A special feature on Michael Mann’s works, which were a big hit with a world view full of genius!

AXN, a channel specializing in overseas dramas, and The Cinema, a channel specializing in foreign films, celebrated the birthday of director Michael Mann, who turns 80 on February 5 (Sun). We will send you a joint project titled !
AXN will start broadcasting the bilingual version of the 1st to 3rd seasons of the blockbuster drama “Miami Vice” from Wednesday, February 1st. At The Cinema, five films full of genius will be released on February 5 (Sunday), from the movie version of “Miami Vice” to the early work “The Keep” with enthusiastic fans to the super popular “Heat”. ) It will be broadcast all at once on the day of director Michael Mann’s birthday.
—Hollywood maestro Michael Mann turns 80! ―
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Michael Mann, who has crossed over the film and drama worlds as a director, scriptwriter, and producer and has continued to produce numerous blockbuster works with a bold and sensual world view, will turn 80 on Sunday, February 5th. welcome. The Cinema and AXN present a joint project in honor of Odai, who continues to work energetically. AXN program page: The Cinema Feature Page:
Masterpiece of producer Michael Mann
TV drama “Miami Vice” Seasons 1-3 begin broadcasting
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The hanki world presented by Michael Mann x Don Jong Seo! A popular action game that took the world by storm in the 80s!
James Sonny Crockett is a member of the Miami-Dade County Police Department’s Vice Squad. His favorite car is Ferrari Daytona, and the brand he wears is Versace. He lives with his pet alligator, Elvis, on a yacht docked at the marina. One day when Crockett is chasing a Colombian boss of a drug smuggling organization, his partner is killed during the investigation. Just then, a man named Rafael appears in front of Crockett. In fact, the man was Tubbs, a detective sent to Miami by the New York Police Department to arrest a man named Calderon. The two will join hands after many twists and turns. [Two-language version] Also pay attention to the cool voice of Daisuke Ryu, who dubs the main character Sony in Japanese!
February 1st (Wednesday) 2:30 midnight start Every Monday to Saturday, 2 episodes will be broadcast from 2:30 midnight
Program page:
[The Cinema]
Film director Michael Mann feature
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Director Michael Mann’s 80th Birthday Celebrates 5 Movies in a Row! “Miami Vice” is a hard and stylish action film based on the popular TV series of the 80’s with the director’s specialty of “hard man’s aesthetics”. “ALI Ali”, starring Will Smith, and “Heat”, co-starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, which depicts a head-to-head match between a detective and a robbery leader with director-like
masculinity and solid visual expression. Broadcasting five works: “The Keep”, an early work with a fan base, and “Public Enemies”, which depicts the turbulent life of John Dillinger, a charismatic bank robber who actually existed.
Broadcast date: February 5 (Sun) 15:15-5 works all at once
The Cinema Feature Page:
The Cinema “Broadcast work information”
● “Heat”
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Broadcast date: Sunday, February 5, 15:15-etc.
Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro, Director Michael Mann draws a solid match for a man!
Neil is the boss of a band of thieves who, together with his close-knit companions, has faced only great challenges. Although the men under him are criminals, they each have a family they love, but he doesn’t have such a woman. On the other hand, Detective Vincent, who is on the side of investigating the crimes of Neil and others, has a strained relationship with his family, but he is a man who can work. The chaser and the chased, the two of them become very aware of each other’s existence. And finally the time has come to meet.
– [Miami Vice]
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Broadcast date: February 5 (Sun) 23:30-
A man’s aesthetic burns in the crime city of Miami!
Sonny and Ricardo of the Miami Police Special Investigation Division continued a dangerous undercover investigation in Miami, a transit point for smuggling from Central and South America. One day, top-secret information from a joint U.S. judicial investigation leaks to a drug connection. So, Sony and Ricardo fly to South America to infiltrate a South American criminal organization and find a leak route. The two succeeded in contacting an organization pretending to be a drug dealer. Sonny gets acquainted with Isabella, a woman who has a close relationship with a big man in the organization, and they are intensely attracted to each other.
● [Public Enemies]
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Broadcast date: February 5 (Sun) 21: 00-etc.
A true story drama in which Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger, a gangster called “Society’s No. 1 enemy”
1933. Fresh out of prison on parole, John Dillinger storms the prison and breaks out of his comrades. They form a gang of bank robbers and rob a bank in the Midwestern United States to the applause of the recession-stricken populace. One night, Dillinger falls in love at first sight with the beautiful woman Billy he meets at a bar, and he passionately persuades her. On the other hand, the FBI, which has named Dillinger as “social enemy No. 1”, hunts down Dillinger and others under the direction of Purvis, the Chicago bureau chief. ● “The Keep”
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Broadcast date: Monday, February 6, 2:00 a.m., etc.
An ominous existence sealed in a fortress in an unexplored region of Eastern Europe attacks the Nazi troops stationed there!
Romania during the war. A small unit of Wehrmacht mountain hunters is stationed in a cold village on a Carpathian mountain pass. An old fortress (keep) stood there. It is a bizarre building with a strong defense on the inside and a weak outside. It’s like a prison that’s locked away… One by one, the German soldiers who took over the place died mysteriously, and one day, a message in an ancient language, “Set me free,” was written on the wall by someone in obsolete ancient script.
● “ALI Ali”
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Broadcast date: February 5 (Sun) 18:15-etc.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! A moving biographical drama about the life of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali
Cassius Clay, later Muhammad Ali, won the world heavyweight title in 1964 with a revolutionary boxing style. With amazing strength, he repeatedly defends and becomes a hero of the times. He was married and had a smooth sailing life in his private life, but his newlywed life ended in a catastrophe in less than a year. With scandals such as joining a black Muslim group and being stripped of his title due to his refusal to be drafted in the Vietnam War, he turned from a hero and faced a time of trials.
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“Miami Vice” (C) 1984 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright [The Cinema Broadcasting Works]
“Miami Vice” (C) 2006 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. Film: (C) 2006 Motion Picture ETA Produktonsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Universal Studios.
“Heat” (C) 1995 Monarchy Enterprises S.a.r.l. in all other territories. “Public Enemies” (C) 2009 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. “The Keep” (C) 2022 Paramount Pictures. “ALI” (C) 2001 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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