B Informatica Co., Ltd. “B Informatica Co., Ltd.” (Representative Director: Fumiko Inada) won 3rd place in the financial innovation category of the “Tokyo Financial Award 2022” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Governmen t.

Be Informatica, Inc.
“B Informatica Co., Ltd.” (Representative Director: Fumiko Inada) won 3rd place in the “Tokyo Financial Award 2022” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in the financial innovation category. ~ Equal financial access with a new credit model using psychometrics ~ “B Informatica” for psychometric testing and microfinance development
Be Informatica Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, CEO: Fumiko Inada), a venture company that develops financial solutions “ENTREBITION” for small businesses, women, and foreigners in Japan and Malaysia, held in December 2022 sponsored by Tokyo. We are pleased to announce that we have won the 3rd place in the “Tokyo Financial Award Financial Innovation Category 2022”.
In Malaysia, for small businesses, young people and women who have no credit score in the past and are unable to obtain loans, we provide a score for entrepreneurship, financial literacy, compliance awareness, etc. “Psychometric We are developing a digital lending platform “ENTREBITION” that enables quick loans through “Test”. As a financial platform that overcomes “various obstacles to financial access such as credit score, cost, time, etc.”, we plan to expand services in Japan in the future.
[About the Tokyo Financial Award]
Financial business that develops and provides groundbreaking financial products and services that contribute to solving the needs and issues of Tokyo residents and business operators as one of the efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the “Global Financial City: Tokyo 2.0” initiative. It is a project that is being implemented with the aim of commending businesses that practice the dissemination of ESG investment. The establishment and implementation of the Tokyo Financial Award aims to improve convenience for Tokyo residents and revitalize finance, while at the same time enhancing Tokyo’s presence as an international financial city.
With this award, we plan to accelerate the development of our business through wide-ranging networking, exchange of opinions, and
demonstration experiments to expand demonstration experiment partners and funding sources.
[Click here for details of the Tokyo Financial Award 2022]
[Click here for Tokyo Financial Award 2022 winners and award ceremony details] https://www.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/tosei/hodohappyo/press/2023/01/16/09.html ■Company Profile
・ Company name: B Informatica Co., Ltd.
・Location: 1-6-6-603 Kyojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Fumiko Inada
・Established: November 2020
・ Business description: Credit model based on psychometric test and development of digital money lending platform “ENTREBITION”
・URL: https://entrebition.com.my/
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