b.ris Essential hair oil for shiny hair! A questionnaire about out-of-bath treatments reveals what women want in hair oil

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A must-have hair oil for glossy hair! A questionnaire about
out-of-bath treatments reveals what women want in hair oil

Out-of-bath hair care, including hair oil, is becoming commonplace these days. What kind of out-bath care do hair care brands, b.ris, ask women in their 30s or older to conduct a survey on the Internet? I investigated the point.
In contrast to in-bath care, which is care done in the bath, out-bath care is care done outside the bath.
When it comes to hair care, many people place great importance on both in-bath and out-of-bath care.
However, on the other hand, there are of course people who do not go out for various reasons, and it is no exaggeration to say that hair care patterns are extremely diversified.
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There are a lot of items in out bath care, and there are a wide variety of items, including popular hair oils, and there are some opinions that they don’t know what to use.
The hair care brand b.ris conducted an online survey of women in their 30s and above.
Approximately 86% of people routinely perform out-of-bath care [Image 2

Out-basketball is very well known, and in this survey, about 86% of the respondents answered that they are doing out-basket care. Among the comments, there are many comments such as, “I didn’t use it when I was in my 20s, but as I got older, I started using it because I was worried about my hair.” It seems that there are many.
In addition, about 80% of the respondents to this survey are women in their 30s and 40s, so the truth is that out-of-the-bath hair care is troublesome and troublesome due to the busyness of each day. doing. However, considering the difference between the days when out bath hair care was performed and the days when it was not performed, it seems that many people continue to take care of it even though they feel it is troublesome.
In addition, the following results were obtained regarding the timing of out-of-bath care.

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It seems that there are overwhelmingly many people who use it before the dryer. There are many items that specify how to use the item before the dryer, and there are also people who have experience using it before the dryer at beauty salons.
Conversely, very little was used before and after curling irons. There were some people who did not use curling irons in the first place, but it seems that there are few people who consciously perform out-of-bath hair care before and after using curling irons.
Hair oil is the number one item used for out-of-bath hair care. [Image 4

The item that gained overwhelming support as out-of-bath hair care was hair oil. There were also advanced users who used two types of items together, but it seems that they use hair oils such as “hair milk + hair oil” and “hair mist + hair oil”.
While many people use hair oil, there are also those who are dissatisfied with the fact that if you use the wrong amount, it can make your hair sticky and unclean.
Even among those who use items other than hair oil, we have received the opinion that they stopped using hair oil in the past because it made their hair sticky.
Moisturizing and damage repair are required for out-of-bath hair care [Image 5

Next, we asked about the effects required for out-of-bath hair care. The most important effects are moisturizing and damage repair. It seems that there are many people who are expecting a particularly effective effect on the spread of hair and the dryness of the ends of the hair, and many people want a moist and manageable finish. There are a lot of people who cite “hair cohesiveness” as a point that impressed them when they first performed out bath care, and it may be that expectations are high because it is an effect that is easy to experience immediately.
It seems that the image of hair oil is still “moist and heavy”, and most of the hair oil used in out bath care is hair oil. As a result, it was less than
Out bath care is effective! On the other hand, is there a change in the perception that expensive things = high effects?
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As a criterion for selecting out-of-bath care items, the TOP 3 were the 1st effect, the 2nd price, and the 3rd ease of purchase. Since it is used every day, it is ranked in terms of effectiveness, price, and ease of purchase.
In addition, the items that gave surprising results were related to word-of-mouth.
I don’t really refer to reviews on the internet, but I check the effects described in the packages that catch my eye, and see if it fits within my budget. It is a result that can be inferred that the purchase decision is made in that part.
And we are also conducting a questionnaire about the price range of the out bath care you are using.
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The price range of the most volume is the middle price range of 1000-1999 yen. Although it is not the lowest price of out-bath care that can be purchased at pharmacies, it is also in the price range, so it may be said that the price range is tied to the TOP 3 in terms of
effectiveness, price, and ease of purchase.
On the other hand, the result was that few people used out-of-bath care items, which are said to be in the high price range of 2000 yen or more.
Among the comments about the product, there were also voices saying, “I used to use expensive ones, but recently I switched to cheaper ones,” and “I felt that high-end products don’t have to be effective.” You can feel that the product power of the price range items is increasing year by year.
However, among those who purchase items over 3000 yen, there is an opinion that “one price is expensive but there is a lot of capacity, and in the end cost performance is good”, so if you emphasize the price, is it a burden at the time of purchase? Opinions seem to be divided as to whether it is a total cospa.
Through this survey, what do women in their 30s and older look for in out-bath hair care?
・ I want to feel the effect firmly as well as the cost performance is good ・I expect it to be effective in moisturizing and fixing damaged hair. ・The most popular item type is hair oil
That’s what it turned out to be.
[Keratin] is the key to achieve a cohesive texture and damage repair. The most desired effect for out-of-bath hair care.
Among its effects, what was particularly emphasized was that it moisturized and moisturized, and that it properly repaired damage. A moist and manageable texture is difficult to achieve with severely damaged dry hair, and the damage repair effect is indispensable to obtain manageable hair.
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Therefore, the recommended ingredient is [keratin].
About 80% of hair is composed of protein.
About 90% of this protein is keratin, which is an essential ingredient for hair. By supplementing this keratin with out bath hair care, it repairs hair damage and leads to shiny, moist and manageable hair.
[Image 9

Keratin is an essential ingredient for beautiful hair, and even salons have menus such as keratin treatments.
Hair oil containing keratin for smooth and glossy hair
The b.ris hair serum smoothing type sold at b.ris is an oil-type out-bath hair care product containing keratin.
While giving the hair a manageable texture with a thick texture, it repairs damage down to the ends where damage tends to be serious. By using it before drying, it leads to a texture that is smooth to the ends of the hair.
In addition to keratin, hematin is also blended to further improve damage repair power.
In addition, hematin is said to be effective in preventing fading of hair color, so it is highly recommended for those who want to repair damage while enjoying hair color.
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There are 2 patterns of fragrance, and you can choose according to your preference.
b.ris hair serum smoothing type details
b.ris hair serum
smoothing type
Fruity vanilla scent / Elegant floral scent
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Regular price 2,600 yen
Regular flight first time special price 1,480 yen
■ Product special page
-What is the b.ris brand-
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[When your hair is beautiful, you feel lighter]
Based on the concept, we aim to provide time to take care of ourselves through hair care.
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■Survey overview
Questionnaire content: Questionnaire about out-of-bath care
Survey target: Women in their 30s and over
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: January 10, 2023 to January 16, 2023
Survey area: Nationwide
Number of valid responses: 320
Research agency: Lancers
■Company Profile
Operating company
tellas Inc.
Headquarters: 1-5-6-7F Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0022
Operation manager: Shouta Ikeda
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