back check Started interview series content “back check Interviews” that unravels the future of the era of reference check adoption

ROXX Co., Ltd.
[back check] Started interview series content “back check Interviews” that unravels the future of the era of reference check adoption Mr. Shoji Miyata appears as the first bullet! Talk fundraising and hiring in 2023

ROXX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taro Nakajima) develops and provides an online reference check service “back check”. We are pleased to inform you that Interviews has started. As the first installment, an interview article with Mr. Shoji Miyata (Director and Founder of SmartHR Co., Ltd. / CEO of Nstock Co., Ltd.) “In 2023 after the “winter era”, changes in start-up “financing” and “recruitment” “Decipher” will be published.
・Back check Interviews:
[Shoji Miyata] Understanding changes in startup funding and hiring in 2023 after the “winter era”
Triggered by the corona crisis, the mobility of human resources and the diversification of work styles have progressed, and a period of change has arrived in the field of human resource recruitment in Japan. In particular, the seller’s market for job changes continues, and it is said that the difficulty of acquiring excellent human resources is on the rise. On the other hand, candidates have not evolved from traditional methods of self-appeal using resumes, resumes, and interviews. I am receiving a pass/fail judgment with the possibility of a mismatch.
In light of this situation, “back check” provides reference check services and compliance check functions for both personnel managers who are involved in corporate recruitment and training, and candidates aiming for career change activities that are correctly evaluated for their personality and experience. By delivering ideas and voices that will lead to future work styles through “back check Interviews”, we will contribute to the realization of hiring without mismatches, and back check’s vision “Trust has value and is rewarded by trust.” We will work on the realization of social implementation.
■ About “back check”
“back check” is an online service that allows you to obtain
information about a candidate’s background and achievements that cannot be obtained from document screening and interviews alone, from third parties who have experience working with the candidate, such as the candidate’s superiors and colleagues. A complete reference check service. With “back check”, dozens of questions are automatically generated according to the job type and position to be hired, and not only can you easily conduct a reference check online, but you can also do it at a low unit price (* 1). For this reason, it has been introduced by a wide range of companies, from startups to major companies, regardless of the number of recruits or positions. Officially released in October 2019. In October 2022, the total number of reference checks conducted exceeded 30,000. In January 2023, full-scale launch of a standalone plan for the compliance check function. No. 1 number of online reference check services implemented annually (*2).
*1: About 1/10 the price of conventional reference check services. *2…Surveyed by ESP Research Institute (survey period: April 2021 to March 2022) ■ About ROXX Co., Ltd.
Location: 8th floor, Shinjuku East Side Square, 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Representative: Representative Director Taro Nakajima
Date of establishment: November 1, 2013
Capital: 2,446,837,984 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Development and operation of recruitment distribution platform “agent bank” for recruitment agencies, development and operation of online complete reference check service “back check”

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