Barrier-free e-sports “ePARA”, notification of donation received from Shogo Nakamura, Chiba Lotte

ePARA Co., Ltd.
Barrier-free e-sports “ePARA”, notification of donation received from Shogo Nakamura, Chiba Lotte

ePARA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Daiki Kato, hereinafter referred to as our company) has received a donation from Shogo Nakamura, an infielder who belongs to the Chiba Lotte Marines.
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Chiba Lotte player Shogo Nakamura (left) and Daiki Kato, our president (right) On December 26, 2022, a presentation ceremony was held on the ground of the ZOZO Marine Stadium, and Shogo Nakamura presented the list to Daiki Kato, our representative.
The presentation ceremony was attended by NAOYA, an e-sports player who is blind from birth, and members of the barrier-free project team “Fortia”.
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Chiba Lotte Marines Shogo Nakamura (far left) and ePARA members at the presentation ceremony
Donations will be used to promote barrier-free e-sports that promotes interaction beyond the barriers of age, gender, and disability. ■ Comments from Shogo Nakamura and ePARA officials
Shogo Nakamura, Chiba Lotte Marines
I learned about the activities that people with disabilities are working hard on, and I thought that I would like to support them from this year if I could be of some help. It’s not a one-shot, but I want to continue in the future.

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▲Introduced on Shogo Nakamura’s Instagram
Daiki Kato, Representative Director of ePARA Inc.
We are very pleased that you shared your interest in our activities and supported us. Baseball is a sport that is also included in eSports titles, so I think it is a sport that has a very high affinity. With the support of Shogo Nakamura, who fights at the forefront of baseball, I hope to expand my playing field even further.
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▲Interaction at ZOZO Marine Stadium
Blind esports player NAOYA
I’ve loved baseball since I was a child, so it’s like a dream to have a professional baseball player support our activities. In 2023, we would like to support Shogo Nakamura’s activities from the side, such as by planning support at ZOZO Marine Stadium and creating support content that makes use of our voice acting activities.
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▲ NAOYA receiving autograph from Shogo Nakamura

■ About barrier-free e-sports “ePARA”
Advocating barrier-free e-sports (* 1) with the statement “If you play seriously, tomorrow will change.” Aiming to create a society where everyone can shine through esports, we are actively co-creating with people with disabilities.
*1 Barrier-free e-sports is a coined word from ePARA that means “e-sports that are held in an environment where people can participate regardless of age, gender, time, location, or whether they have a disability.”
▪️Examples of co-creation with persons with disabilities
・Disability x Game Cultural Festival “ePARA CARNIVAL 2022 SPRING”
・”Shingan CUP”, a fighting game tournament that does not use visual information
・Proof-of-concept “Crossline – We travel with differences -” in the “Mobility for ALL” section of the “Make a Move PROJECT” sponsored by the Toyota Mobility Foundation
■ Overview of ePARA Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Daiki Kato
Head office location: 1-14-8 Shimomae, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture Purpose of business: ePARA will make people around the world aware of the “spirit and power to overcome difficulties and limits” through the management of competitions and events, the implementation of commissioned work, the promotion of employment of people with disabilities, and the dissemination of information about these activities. We aim to realize a society where everyone can shine. Business description:
1. E-sports event business (planning, operation and support of barrier-free e-sports)
2. Employment support business (employment support centered on people with disabilities, continuous support)
3. Web marketing business (planning, research, analysis, design, production, development, operation)
4. Media management business (barrier-free esports news site “ePARA”) 5. Voice/sound production business (casting/dispatching visually impaired voice actors/narrators, sound effects/BGM production) 6. Barrier-free consulting business (Braintech, research cooperation, lecturer, training)
Corporate site:
Barrier-free esports news site:
Partner company
・Magic sofa “Yogibo” that is too comfortable to move
・“Craftsmanship” BTO PC “Scicom”
・BPO Outsourcing “Bewith”
・Let’s raise the volume of the heart. “JOY SOUND”
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