BATON Co., Ltd. Proper evolution of cashless wallets. Released the sloppy wallet series of prestigious leather.

BATON Co., Ltd.
The correct evolution of cashless wallets. Released the sloppy wallet series of prestigious leather.
Introducing 3 types of card-conscious leather wallets that use the finest leather “BUTTERO”

WONDER BAGGAGE, a bag brand made in Japan, has reconsidered the specifications of wallets so far and developed a new standard wallet in the future against the background of the increase in card usage due to the cashless trend. This time, we will release a new wallet type 3 that uses BUTTERO from the famous Italian tanner “Walpier”.
Think of a product called a wallet
[Image 1

In developing a new wallet, I thought it was important not only to be novel, but also to have a “appearance” suitable for the “place”, such as status and formality, as a characteristic of the item called a wallet.
Unlike bags, wallets are not used differently depending on the scene, and the same wallet is often used for business and everyday use. Therefore, there are voices that wallets with new functionality are difficult to handle in terms of “appearance” in the business scene. In other words, it is “legitimate” as a wallet.
This legitimacy is like the formal beauty that has been preserved for leather wallets. It refers to whether the context and tailoring of the so-called leather wallet, such as the texture of the leather and the sewing process, are properly provided. Wonder Baggage believes that in addition to adding novelty to development, this legitimacy is also an important element that should not be overlooked.
■ Legitimacy Materials
When considering the legitimacy of a leather wallet, the grade of leather is a very important point. The leather used for the product this time is BUTTERO from Walpier in Tuscany, Italy.
We have used various leathers and have developed original leathers in collaboration with tanners. On top of that, the reason we chose Buttero this time was that there was no leather that satisfied our concept better than Buttero.
[Image 2

The designer visited tanners in various places.
Italian leather makes full use of the natural features of the land, such as water and tannin, to create beautiful and durable leather that cannot be expressed by Japanese tanners. In addition to these elements, Wonder Baggage seeks materials that become more beautiful the more they are used.
Wallets are required to be elegant because they also have decorative elements. Considering these elements, Buttero is a carefully tanned tannin leather, but we describe it as the elegance of its finish, its fragrance, its luster that grows with use, and the content of oil that covers small scratches. I decided that it was a suitable material for ideal leather accessories. And the button uses the snap button of Fiocchi, Italy. The comfortable opening and closing feel gives you a sense of luxury.
[Image 3

Discerning parts give a sense of quality to usability.
■ Legitimacy Tailoring
When making the wallet, we were particular about selecting the factory that sews the product. The factory in Osaka, which has been making leather wallets for many years, is selected as the production factory. The know-how of wallet making has been poured into the details and invisible parts of the product, and when it is finished, it is a simple and sturdy product that makes you feel the appearance of a “wallet”. The design incorporates novelty after firmly solidifying such foundations.
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Novelty and orthodoxy give rise to newness
Organize the functions you need now
Cashless is progressing. Payments with cards and smartphones have become easier in various places such as convenience stores, public transportation, and sharing services. According to a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the cashless payment ratio will be 32.5% in 2021 and aims to increase it to about 40% by 2025. Based on this background, we considered that the function that will be required for wallets in the future is “change in priority due to changes in usage frequency”, and thought that it was necessary to change the arrangement of items stored in the wallet. In other words, we reviewed the layout of bills, coins, and card pockets.
What is needed is not a “dramatic change” that makes cash lose its place, but an “evolution”. Our answer was that steady evolution is the most necessary function for the user, so that organisms evolve slowly according to the changing times.
■ Layout
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Each has 3 types with functionality aimed at improving usability centered on cards.
The evolution of the layout that Wonder Baggage considers is “improvement of usability centered on the card”. Create a wallet for consumers who choose their card when making payments. But we need to design wallets that incorporate new layouts while still allowing for cash usage. And the wallet to be released this time has 3 types divided into business and casual usage scenes.
Round zip, tri-fold, L-shaped zipper. Both models have individual functions focused on cards.
■ Design
[Image 6

[Image 7

An elegant highlight created by a surface structure with as much continuity as possible
In order not to impair the texture of Buttero, the connection between the front and back of the main body is conscious of a continuous surface structure that eliminates tangs as much as possible. It is designed so that the highlight runs on the curved surface by increasing the luster as it is used. The design is designed to fully express the beauty of Buttero.
The most formal finished round zip wallet

[Image 8

[Image 9

There is a card slot on the right side. Many other slots are also prepared. A round wallet with a U-shaped zipper. The appearance is simple and beautiful with only Buttero texture and metal fasteners. It is designed to be smaller than the existing round wallet, and when opened, there are two vertical card slots on the right hand and a coin case on the left.
The upper part of this coin case is a card slot. There are two slots for storing cards in the part that stores bills, and it is small but boasts a high storage capacity. It is the most formal and has an appearance that can be used for business.
Tri-fold wallet with an ultra-compact design
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[Image 11

A card pocket with a gusset realizes a large storage capacity. An ultra-compact tri-fold wallet designed around card storage. Even though it is so compact, it can hold about 12 cards with the thickness of a plastic card. And you can insert one frequently used card into a separate slot for quick insertion and removal. Hakomachi specification that makes it easy to put in and take out the coin case. A stylish wallet with a comfortable opening and closing sound using a large Fiocchi button. A model with a strong impression of a casual appearance with a sense of craftsmanship, with few linings and hems. +1 accent L-shaped wallet
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[Image 13

Exterior card slot for quick use of IC cards
The standard L-shaped zipper wallet has a card slot on the back. By inserting an IC card system, you can use it smoothly without opening the zipper. There are 6 card slots inside. Coins are stored in the central partition, and bills are stored across the partition. Although it has storage capacity, it has a thin appearance with a metal zipper and a simple design, so it is not too casual, and it is a
user-friendly model that can be used for business without any problems.
Product information
■ Special page
[Image 14 ■ Product details
[Image 15

[Image 16

・¥26,400 (tax included)
・color: Black
・Product page [Image 17

3 fold wallet
・¥22,000 (tax included)
・color: Black
・Product page [Image 19d88863-51-530c3b60c083309bbabc-6.jpg&s3=88863-51-789ca3a71972903000bd5dcb0c59b31e-3141x2094.jpg
[Image 20d88863-51-94407fb9c8e8b0ecfc29-19.jpg&s3=88863-51-4a4e23e83a2c27930d47197976435cc3-3900x2600.jpg
・¥19,800 (tax included)
・color: Black
・Product page What is WONDER BAGGAGE?
WONDER BAGGAGE A bag brand made in Japan that develops with the theme of combining the universality of classical items with modern functions. Using “barrister nylon”, the world’s strongest class of domestic nylon, and high-quality natural leather, simple and high-quality products are produced mainly in Japan.
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