bayfm78 Tsutomu Sekine & Shuji Igawa bring smiles to school lunches!! / “BayFM presents Skuraji!”

Tsutomu Sekine & Shuji Igawa bring smiles to school lunches!! / “Bay FM presents Skuraji!”
DJ: Tsutomu Sekine & Shuji Igawa (Iwaigawa): “Shin Radio-Humanistas talk like this-” Wednesday charge

Chiba’s FM radio station, bayfm, produced a special school broadcast program “Bay FM presents Skuraji!” Due to popular demand, the production of the 7th series has been decided!
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This time, Tsutomu Sekine & Shuji Igawa, who are in charge of Wednesdays of “Shin Radio -Humanistas talk like this-“, which is broadcast every Monday to Friday from 4:00 in the evening, will appear. It is a program where you can enjoy Tsutomu Sekine’s student days and Shuji Igawa’s conversations that will make you laugh. There are two types of programs, one for elementary school and one for junior high school and high school, and we will deliver a program of about 30 minutes in total (about 15 minutes each) with bayfm selected songs.
bayfm is looking for elementary, junior high and high schools that can use this program until February 13th (Friday). We will distribute free CDs or program audio data to all schools that have applied. Please check the outline below and the information page on our website for the recruitment and distribution period and how to apply.
■ Program information

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■ Application form
Recruitment period: January 23 (Monday) to February 13 (Monday) *Please have the teacher of each school fill out the form.
* We ask that you use the sound source only for the school broadcast. * We will send it to the school we sent you last time, so you do not need to apply.

Title: Bay FM presents Skuraji! (Bay FM Presents Skuraji!)
DJ: Tsutomu Sekine, Shuji Igawa (every Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm “Shin Radio-Humanista speaks like this-“/Wednesday DJ)
How to apply: From January 23 (Monday) bayfm (from the form) Broadcasting school recruitment period: January 23 (Mon)-February 13 (Mon) Sound source distribution period: Shipped sequentially upon receipt of application
Program time: about 25 minutes (12 minutes each for the first part and the second part)
Distribution form: Scheduled to be distributed on CD
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◆Title: “Shin Radio -Speaking like this for Humanistas-”
◆ Broadcast time: Every Monday-Friday 16:00-18:54 (Friday only 16:00-18:42) ◆Broadcast form: Bayfm Studio Malibu (live broadcast from Studio 1) ◆E-mail/SNS:, Twitter official account @radio78MHz (#Shinradio)
◆ Program HP:

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