bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe Starts January 16 New menu campaign full-fledged authentic Korean sauce chicken Starts selling limited-time taste comparison sets

Watami Co., Ltd.
[bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe] Starts January 16 New menu campaign full-fledged authentic Korean sauce chicken Starts selling
limited-time tasting sets
Sales period January 16th (Mon)-31st (Tue)

Korea’s No. 1 fried chicken brand operated by Watami Co., Ltd. (head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as Watami) in Japan “bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe” will sell a limited-time set menu to commemorate the start of new menu sales from January 16th (Monday) to 31st (Tuesday), 2023. A set that allows you to eat and compare 4 kinds of sauce chicken, which is a crisp and light original “olive chicken” that uses a special frying oil that contains extra virgin olive oil and an original sauce, and 12 chicken fingers using chicken tenders. A set that allows you to eat and compare 5 types of dipping sauce is a special price. Please take this opportunity to try it.
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1月11日(水)から 新しいソースチキン&ディップソース販売開始! 16日(月)から新商品キャンペーンも開催!

■ About the product
In addition to the “Yangnyeom Chicken”, which features a sweet and spicy oriental sauce that continues to be sold, the following three types of sauce chicken are newly introduced. We have prepared a set of 4 types of sauce chicken to compare and find your favorite sauce chicken.

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Product name: Honey Garlic Chicken
Price: From 370 yen (tax included) per piece
Honey garlic chicken, which was well received by core fans,
Newly released in an affordable eating size.
Special soy sauce-based sauce mixed with minced garlic
Sauce chicken with irresistible deliciousness
*Photo shows 4 pieces
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Product name: Spicy hot chicken
Price: From 370 yen (tax included) per piece
Flaming hot chili peppers and numbingly hot Hanazansho
Spicy fried chicken with spicy sauce made with two spices
The double spiciness is stimulating, but the refreshing taste is characteristic. Addictive sauce chicken.
*Photo shows 4 pieces
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Product Name: Maple Butter Garlic Chicken
Price: From 370 yen (tax included) per piece
Original sauce made with maple syrup, butter and garlic
Characterized by a crunchy texture that is fully entwined
Sweet fried chicken with a magical taste.
*Photo shows 4 pieces
“bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe” continues to open stores so that as many customers as possible can enjoy fried chicken fried in special frying oil containing extra virgin olive oil, which is called “God’s gift”. increase.
This time, in order to convey the taste of authentic Korean sauce chicken to Japan, we have newly introduced 3 types of sauce chicken using original sauce. Both sauce chickens have a unique taste that you can’t eat anywhere else.
Please try these four flavors with this campaign and enjoy the charm of Korean sauce chicken.
What is bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe?
Korea’s No. 1 fried chicken brand with 2,500 stores in 25 countries around the world. Korean fried chicken features a crispy texture and a variety of sauces. You can enjoy the taste, flavor, and crispy texture of authentic Korean food at bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe in Japan. [Image 5

Our fries, including our proud “Olive Chicken”, are blended with extra virgin olive oil called “God’s gift” purchased from contracted farmers in Catalonia, Spain, and cholesterol-free soy oil [Ultimate fry oil]. ], Fried chicken with a special oil, crispy, fragrant, and a new sensation has been very popular with women.
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Originally developed lemonade (2 types of sparkling / water available) is the best match for fried chicken. Our proud lemonade, which is characterized by the “double lemon” method of blending lemon compote syrup with freshly squeezed lemon juice every day. With a lot of effort, we were able to achieve a balance of freshness, richness, and a slightly bittersweet lemon peel scent.
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■ Initiatives for SDGs
The “bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe” Otorii store has acquired Eco Mark certification under the Eco Mark product category NO.505 “Restaurant” established by the Japan Environmental Eco Mark Office. Accredited in all 6 assessment categories.
(6 evaluation categories)
1. Select ingredients and carry them without waste 2. Use eco-friendly fixtures and equipment 3. Reduce food loss 4. Eco store management Five. Energy and water saving 6. Eco activities with customers We will continue to actively engage in environmental conservation activities and promote efforts to realize a recycling-oriented society and contribute to the SDGs.
■ bb.q Olive Chicken Cafe Company Profile
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[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Official website]
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