BEENOS Co., Ltd. BEENOS HR Link, which supports the employment of overseas human resources with technology Full-scale provision of consulting and support for hiring and supporting specific skills

BEENOS HR Link, which supports the employment of overseas human resources with technology Full-scale provision of consulting and support for employment and support of specific skills
Thorough support from the perspective of the site, from the start of employment to management and support work

BEENOS HR Link Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “BEENOS HR Link”), a
consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime: 3328), which supports the employment of foreigners with technology, will start hiring foreigners with specific skills from January 2023. We have started full-scale provision of comprehensive consulting and support. For some time, BEENOS HR Link has not only introduced tools and introduced human resources, but also provided consulting services to address the issues faced by employers and support organizations. It has been well received by the supporting companies, and has reached full-scale provision this time.
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Background to the launch of consulting and support
As a total supporter of specific skills, BEENOS HR Link provides a SaaS-type cross-border HR platform “Linkus” that has all the functions necessary for specific skills and employment. We support and provide comprehensive support.
Regarding the employment of specific skilled workers, the number of companies that are hiring for the first time has increased especially since last year when immigration restrictions were eased, and we have received a wide range of consultations such as employment procedures and specific living support. In the future, the employment of specified skilled workers is expected to increase further, so we will provide full-scale consulting and support services in order to contribute to the proper operation of the system and the creation of an environment where foreigners with specified skills working in Japan can work lively. We have started.
Contents of consulting and support
Until now, we have received various consultations from employers considering their own support and registration support organizations that have just been launched, and we have provided individual consulting services.
Rather than just lectures with fixed content, we will propose an individual consulting menu according to the situation and requests of each company as shown below.
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[Consultation example]
I want to understand the system of specific skills and start from recruitment preparation
I want to solidify the role and system construction necessary for employment and support
I want to reduce the burden and man-hours of support work by introducing IT etc. I want to reduce the cost of recruitment, employment, and support Solutions provided by Linkus
Equipped with more than 20 functions that enable “significant reduction in administrative processing time”, “integration of information sharing and management”, “simplification of recruitment and employment work”, “elaboration of support management”, and “support for retention of foreign human resources”. .
We will solve the problems of “complicated document preparation work”, “managing a huge amount of tasks associated with employment
procedures”, and “life support for foreign nationals” that are issues at the site of employment and support.
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■ About usage inquiries
Click here for inquiries regarding the use of businesses considering the use of foreign nationals
Contact form:
Email address:
*Linkus is a service eligible for IT subsidies. We also have special plans, so please feel free to contact us.
■ “Linkus” service overview
Linkus is a SaaS-type cross-border HR platform that provides end-to-end support for employment and management of foreign nationals. It is possible to digitize and centrally manage complicated work, communication, information exchange, etc. We provide seamless cross-border recruitment and management of foreign nationals who want to work in Japan and the companies that accept them, as well as support organizations and sending organizations.
In addition to the application form for status of residence for specific skills, it is also possible to handle [regular patrols], etc., and a new function ” Linkus Chat” has also been released. As a result, not only management but also communication necessary for document creation can be completed within Linkus.
The origin of Linkus is “connection”. We are developing a service that aims to promote the employment of foreign nationals by connecting companies, groups and organizations and visualizing them as a whole. [Benefits of introducing Linkus]
You can register an account for free
● Reliable support function even for the first acceptance of “specified skilled workers”
●By sharing management on the platform, it is possible to streamline complicated operations and facilitate smooth employment.
●Enhanced management and support functions after starting work. Centralized grasp of work preparation status
● Linkus can support work from communication to file data sharing and management.
● Linkup Journal, an information site for specific skills
BEENOS HR Link is an information dissemination site “Linkup Journal (link Upjournal)”.
BEENOS HR Link operates the SaaS-type cross-border HR platform “Linkus”, provides end-to-end support for procedures such as specific skills, and digitizes all analog work to revitalize and transparently employ foreigners. We aim to become Since the service started in July 2020, it has continued to grow steadily, and in August 2021, we started providing a function for technical intern training “regular patrols and training diary management” on “Linkus”. With this new function, it is now possible to manage online all the way from technical training to specific skills. In addition, we will start a fee-based employment placement business from August 2022, making it possible to introduce jobs to foreign job seekers living in Japan by making use of our extensive relationships with registration support organizations and accepting companies.
[Outline of BEENOS HR Link Co., Ltd.]
Company name: BEENOS HR Link Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yosuke Okazaki, President and CEO
Head office location: 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: December 2020
Capital : 100 million

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