Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. Two courses, “Digital Creator” and “Inquiry Learning”, will be held in April 23 at Benesse’s online learning “Challenge School”

Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Two courses, “Digital Creator” and “Inquiry Learning”, will be held in April 23 at Benesse’s online learning “Challenge School”
―You can learn design and video production in earnest in a course provided jointly with Digital Hollywood! ―

Benesse Corporation (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Hitoshi Kobayashi, hereinafter: Benesse)’s online learning “Challenge School” will start from April 2023 with a new “Digital We will hold two courses: “Creator” and “Inquiry Learning” for 1st to 6th graders.
“Challenge School” is an online course where you can learn “what you like” at home, with a thorough focus on “first-class instruction,” “realization of growth,” and “reduction of the burden on parents and no transportation required.” In the “Dance” and “Art” classes that have been held since April 2022, “Parents and children can dance while singing and vocalizing the movements” and “You can learn not only from the instructor but also from other students’ works”. We have received many feedback that they have noticed the unique benefits.
The two courses that will be held from April this year are lessons that have received many requests from both children and parents. As “programming” in elementary and junior high schools and
“Information I” in high schools become compulsory, more and more parents want their children to acquire digital literacy (the ability to master IT). In addition, children’s interest in creative jobs that make full use of digital technology is high, and in a survey by Benesse that asked elementary school students what kind of job they would like to have, for the third year in a row, “YouTuber” ranked first, followed by “Manga artist/manga artist.” Illustrator/Animator” and “Game Creator/Programmer” ranked in (*) at 4th place. In addition, in the future world, it is necessary to “continue to learn on your own” even after entering society. In addition, the “Challenge School” believes that the habit of “continuing to learn on your own” can be acquired through inquiry learning from elementary school to high school. In addition, the experience of inquiry learning will be useful for “short essays” and “presentations” at the time of university entrance examinations.
Under these circumstances, at the “Challenge School”, under the guidance of active professional creators in Digital Hollywood, “digital creators” will develop their ability to express while acquiring and utilizing digital technology, and with a unique curriculum that focuses on careers, We have decided to open two new courses of “inquiry learning” that develops the ability to think and solve on your own while cultivating a view of work.
[Image 1

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digital creator
・ Target: Elementary 4th to Middle 3rd
・Course fee: 6,980 yen per month (tax included)
・ Time: about 60 minutes x once a week 43 times a year
・Capacity of 1 class: 12 people
・ URL [Image 3

inquiry learning
・Target: 1st to 6th grade
・Course fee: 5,980 yen per month (tax included)
・Time: about 60 minutes x once a week, 45 times a year
・Capacity 20 people per class
・URL *: “2022 Occupation Ranking for Elementary School Students” (Surveyed by “Shinkenzemi Elementary School Course”)
[Features of each course]
■ Digital Creator
This is a course where you can learn the basics of practical graphic design, video production, and web production under the guidance of an active professional digital creator. Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., which has an established reputation for training digital creators, provided a digital creator program and curriculum, and the lessons run by Benesse, which has know-how to support children’s learning motivation and growth, has steadily improved over the past two years. You can learn while
In the lesson, after learning the necessary skills through a guide video that the instructor shows and explains, the child freely creates their own work, and the instructor reviews and gives advice on the work. At the end of each lesson, there is time to give advice and praise to the children’s work, which gives them a sense of
accomplishment and keeps them motivated.
After completing this course, you will acquire not only the ability to express yourself using digital technology, but also the basics required to become a YouTuber, graphic designer, game creator, or other digital creative profession.
▼Course design
[Image 4d120-1108-98c5768010b5784207e1-4.png&s3=120-1108-785d10b6aaf8fc5b6e93e0353e200022-450x253.png
▼ Lesson scene (birthday card production)
[Image 5d120-1108-7ead572b815b9429c631-5.png&s3=120-1108-e10791148b146f7c2422c4e97ab19d8d-1038x588.png
-About “Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.”-
In 1994, he established Japan’s first practical industry-academia collaboration creator training school.
Currently, “Digital Hollywood STUDIO” and “Dejihari Online School” are being developed.
In 2004, he opened the Digital Hollywood Graduate School
(Professional), and in 2005, the Digital Hollywood University. You can learn a wide range of 3DCG/VFX, VR/AR, games, video, graphics, web design, media art, programming, etc. Since its establishment, it has produced more than 90,000 graduates.
■ Inquiry-based learning
This course was developed in response to the voices of parents who wanted their children to “be interested in various things in the world” and “want them to learn and think for themselves.” We have prepared a unique curriculum with one occupational theme every month so that students can develop their career paths and views on occupations through exploratory learning that focuses on occupations. With a wide range of themes centered on occupations that are popular with children, this course allows students to experience the essence of occupations in a fun way while also feeling connections with daily learning content such as Japanese language, mathematics, science, and social studies.
For example, you will learn scenario writing (Japanese language) with the theme of “picture book author/manga artist”, and plane and solid figures (mathematics) with the theme of “architect”. Interest in both future occupations and daily learning content will increase, and motivation to learn and intellectual curiosity will increase. Lessons are taught by instructors with a wealth of experience teaching inquiry-based learning, and by using knowledge and skills in subject learning while participating in quizzes and working in small groups, thinking and expressiveness are nurtured. . This service is operated by receiving various inquiry learning programs from Co., Ltd., which operates an inquiry cram school.
▼ Annual theme for 2023 (Original curriculum with one occupational theme each month)
[Image 6d120-1108-a5e740f1dbce220fc685-6.png&s3=120-1108-02c74b8ea1f873cc9845079f721287b2-1012x543.png
▼Lesson Flow
[Image 7d120-1108-9552ea3a9c9e01239ea7-8.png&s3=120-1108-05f9810f6782b89a5f333d49a1e4a810-1011x417.png
[Image 8d120-1108-fcb3b15b94d1f56fb53e-7.jpg&s3=120-1108-1d1690e8264deb33c685266ad302a738-449x231.jpg
In addition, three times a year, you can participate in the
“Elementary School Research Grand Prix” (*), an event where you become an occupation with a theme linked to the curriculum and challenge themes that professionals in that occupation tackle. Inspired by experts in the field, further inquisitiveness is ignited. *: Sponsored and operated by Co., Ltd.
-About “ Co., Ltd.”-
 The A-School, an inquiry cram school, is operated at four directly managed schools in Tokyo. The independently developed exploratory learning programs for elementary school students “Narikiri Lab (R)” and “Work Math (R)” won the Good Design Award, and are also available as teaching materials “Work Math Drills” (Gakken Plus Publishing). Hosting the platform “Inquiry Learning 100” aiming to spread new learning nationwide, promoting activities such as Inquiry PARTNERS (franchise business), Inquiry PLAYers! ing.
【Reference information】
Overview of Benesse’s online learning “Challenge School”
[Image 9d120-1108-7aebfc4886e8cfd950cc-9.png&s3=120-1108-f7baceecec10d98fb95153228c1e523d-589x123.png
“Challenge School” is an online learning course where you can learn “what you like” at home anywhere in the country, with a thorough focus on “first-class instruction”, “realization of growth”, and “reduction of burden on parents”. Based on the know-how of providing digital learning and online classes centered on the correspondence course “Shinkenzemi”, we will provide a real learning experience with Benesse’s unique “first-class instruction” jointly developed with first-class partner companies in each genre. I’m here.
By setting up a test based on nationally unified standards and a certification system for grades, and by preparing “places for special occasions” such as presentations to show off the results, we will improve motivation to continue lessons and encourage “realization of growth”. We are designing.
In addition, all lessons are online live lessons, so there is no burden of transportation to and from the classroom, so even families with busy working parents can easily attend. We will provide a new learning experience that expands future possibilities by learning “what you like” at home while reducing your anxiety about being infected with the new corona.
■ “Free trial” is being held where you can experience online learning Free trial application page:
“Challenge School” offers a free trial that can be easily taken at home for those who want to try whether online lessons are suitable for their child.
At the “Digital Creator”, you can have a simulated experience of making a birthday card. Together with the instructor, you will learn how to think about design that can be conveyed to others.
“Inquiry learning” offers two types of experiences. With the theme of picture book authors and manga artists, you can experience learning how to create interesting stories, and with the theme of a convenience store manager, you can have fun and improve your arithmetic skills through shopping missions. In addition to “digital creator” and “inquiry learning”, we are accepting experiences for a total of 7 courses: “abacus”, “calligraphy (hard pen)”, “dance”, “art”, and “programming”.
In addition, as a support campaign for those who are considering taking lessons for the new school year, we are giving away an Amazon gift card worth 500 yen to everyone who participates in the free trial (*1). We also have great gifts available. Please feel free to take this opportunity to try your homework.
We will send an Amazon gift card (delivered by email) worth 500 yen by the end of March to everyone who participates in the free trial from January to March.
From April 2023, elementary school students and above are eligible for delivery. There is no delivery to infants.
Gifts will be delivered once per person, even if you participate in multiple courses.
It will be sent to the email address you entered in the application form. This campaign is provided by Benesse Corporation. Amazon does not accept inquiries regarding this campaign.
Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
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