Benesse Holdings, Inc. Benesse Holds “MIRAISED AWARD” for the First Time

Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Benesse Holds “MIRAISED AWARD” for the First Time
Commendation for excellent examples of promoting ICT utilization in education using all-in-one tablet learning software “Mirai Seed” for elementary and junior high schools

Benesse Corporation (Head Office: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture; President: Hitoshi Kobayashi; hereinafter referred to as Benesse) has announced the Mirai Seed AWARD, a contest that recognizes excellent examples of elementary and junior high schools that have promoted the use of ICT using Mirai Seed. Seed Award)” will be held for the first time.
Pre-entry applications will be accepted from January 18 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday) today on the special award page.

●Award special page
● About Mirai Seed
“Mirai Seed” is an all-in-one tablet learning software for elementary and junior high schools that supports collaborative learning, simultaneous learning, and individual learning. With the rapid introduction of tablet-based learning in elementary and junior high schools under the GIGA school concept, it is used by more than 3.34 million students in 9,004 elementary and junior high schools, which is equivalent to 30% of all elementary and junior high schools nationwide (estimated at the end of 2022). I am receiving
●Purpose of the event
Benesse is leveraging the introduction of digital technology into school education to provide learning solutions that meet the needs of, for example, providing optimal problems for each child, collaborative learning that deepens children’s thinking, and visualization of the learning effects of each individual, which were previously difficult. We are working on providing the software “Mirai Seed”.
This award not only supports the efforts of individual schools by providing “Mirai Seed”, but also promotes the sharing of knowledge between schools by widely sharing examples of efforts, and is useful for creating a learning environment for children. I wanted to have it, and I was able to hold it. The selected excellent students will be given an award, and in order to contribute to the promotion of ICT utilization in schools, we will announce case studies at the user conference scheduled to be held in May 2023, and will be posted on our website. We will disseminate it widely to society through such means. ●Overview
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