Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. Granda Yotsuya, Benesse’s fee-based nursing home for the elderly, utilizes excretion data to improve the quality of life of its residents.

Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd.
Benesse’s fee-based nursing home Granda Yotsuya Uses Excretion Data to Improve Residents’ QOL -Prior introduction of Panasonic’s excretion sensor and cooperation in demonstration-

Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinya Takiyama) will operate the “excretion sensor” that Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation will start selling in March 2023. We have cooperated with the demonstration by introducing it in advance at the fee-based nursing home “Granda Yotsuya” (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
Benesse Style Care is a DX promotion organization (DIP) of Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, and Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. : Digital Innovation Partners), we are promoting nursing care DX by fusing “people” and “technology”.
At “Granda Yotsuya” (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which opened in March 2022 as the first Benesse Sensing Home, various sensor devices of Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd.’s “LIFELENS” service are installed, We centrally manage data deeply related to residents’ QOL, such as excretion. The excretion sensor, which was introduced in advance at Granda Yotsuya and cooperated in the demonstration, automatically detects the state of excretion in the toilet and the usage time of the toilet, which has been difficult for nursing care staff to grasp, and saves it as data. increase. By automatically converting information related to excretion into data, the time spent by nursing staff directly involved in excretion assistance can be shortened, and the amount and shape of excretion, which was difficult to obtain visually, can be ascertained, leading to higher quality services. can be connected.
▼ Example of a room in Granda Yotsuya and sensor equipment installed in the room [Image 1d15992-22-2c10ea842bc5f6120997-0.png&s3=15992-22-5b85b44f360d6624123f3c1396822d7b-1491x236.png
At our company, we “visualize” the data of care and nursing records and data such as sleep and excretion obtained by sensors, and analyze it by various occupations such as nursing staff and nursing staff. In addition to making use of the findings obtained from this experience in our daily services, we are also incorporating it as a model case into the “Majishin AI Solution”* currently under development by our company, and promoting nursing care DX to improve the QOL of the elderly.
* The knowledge and perspective of our highly specialized nursing care master “Maji God” is used as teacher data, and is under development for introduction to all bases.
[Image 2d15992-22-9a3f0ee25adb2085b679-1.jpg&s3=15992-22-141c2a58b127a4aeb75aaaaf0aa53cf9-645x362.jpg
Based on 28 years of experience in the nursing care business, Benesse Style Care is constantly thinking about what we can do to help the elderly live a better life through professional human resource development and DX promotion. We will continue to provide services in the future, valuing the idea of ​​“getting closer to that person.” Inquiries about this content
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