Benners Co., Ltd. Benners, which operates the fish subscription service “Fishul”, has raised a total of 11 0 million yen in funding, accelerating B2B business and nationwide expansion to reduce food loss.

Benners Co., Ltd.
Benners, which operates the fish subscription service “Fishul”, accelerates B2B business and nationwide expansion to reduce food loss by raising a total of 110 million yen.

Venners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Tsuyoshi Iguchi), which aims to “enrich the creators, users, and society” of food, is Dawn Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Sagin Capital & We raised 80 million yen from Frontive, a consulting company. As a result of this procurement, Benners Co., Ltd. has raised a total of 112 million yen (including the loan amount).
We will strengthen marketing to increase the number of members of the fish subscription service “Fishlle!” (hereinafter referred to as “Fischle”), which aims to reduce fish food loss operated by Benners, and accelerate B2B business and nationwide expansion.
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The fish subscription service “Fishul” is rapidly expanding its performance against the background of consumer food loss reduction and growing interest in SDGs. In particular, since the beginning of 2022, the number of members has steadily increased, and the number of members will reach 5,000 within the year. By December 2023, we expect to have 10,000 Fischl members and sales of 500 million.
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Deployment after funding
In response to this funding, we will strengthen marketing such as new product development and CRM in order to expand the service of “Fishul”. At the same time, we will not only start B2B business with food manufacturers, restaurants, etc., but also promote the expansion of consumption outside of private homes by having “Fischl” used in situations such as school lunches and company meals. Along with this, we will strengthen the production line and distribution by expanding the production base from the current Fukuoka to all over Japan. Benners aims to expand the fish subscription service “Fischle” nationwide, and by encouraging increased consumption of fish from homes to restaurants, schools, companies, etc., we will accelerate growth as a venture company that leads the fishery industry. What is the fish subscription “Fishul”?
Benners Co., Ltd. will start a fish subscription service in March 2021 with the aim of “developing the fishery industry in Japan” and “enriching creators, users, and society” by reducing fish food loss. did.
In recent years, consumer needs for food have diversified due to lifestyle changes. Furthermore, due to the impact of the coronavirus, people’s lifestyles and behaviors are changing, and it is expected that the barrier between eating out and eating at home will disappear. While aiming to rebuild Japan’s declining fish-eating culture by popularizing fish meal packs that correspond to new lifestyles, “unused fish” that are considered non-standard for reasons unrelated to taste By actively using , we aim to reduce fish food loss and raise the income of fishermen, aiming to contribute to “SDGs Article 12” and “SDGs Article 14”.
*Article 12 of the SDGs:
Responsible production Responsible consumption Produce sustainably and consume responsibly
*Article 14 of the SDGs:
Let’s protect the richness of the sea For a sustainable society, Protect the oceans and their resources Use the oceans and their resources sustainably
* Unutilized fish: Fish that are not valued due to lack of landing volume, bad shape, scratches, etc., and are no longer in normal distribution before being distributed Approximately 30-40% of the total catch is considered unused fish.
We realize the three-way goodness of food and value all fish, including unused fish, and consider the supporters, companies, and producers who are involved in Fischl as partners. , we strive to improve our services.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Benners Co., Ltd.
Location: Room 203, Daimyo 2-6-11, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Tsuyoshi Inokuchi
▼Profile of Iguchi
Born in 1995. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
In the summer of his first year of high school, he participated in a next-generation leader training school in Japan, and dropped out of Ohori High School attached to Fukuoka University. Graduated from the Boston University School of Business.
He grew up watching his father, who has been working for a seafood wholesale company since his grandparents’ generation.
At the same time as questioning the complex distribution structure of the fishery industry, he felt the potential of the platform-type business model he learned at university and started a business. Business: Fish subscription “Fishul”, platform business for reducing fish food loss, fishery wholesale business
Representative phone number: 092-692-2033
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