Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel The flagship new building “Sorakan” will finally open tomorrow

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[Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel] The flagship new building “Sorakan” will finally open tomorrow
A happy time spent with loved ones at a resort with a spectacular view of the sky The new Suginoi Hotel, aiming to become a hot spring resort with full facilities and various contents, has started in earnest.
Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel (Location: Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, General Manager: Tatsuya Kurama, hereinafter “Suginoi Hotel”) will open its flagship building “Sorakan” tomorrow, January 26, 2023. increase. A new stage opens with the aim of becoming a hot spring resort that offers a wide range of facilities and content.
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Image of “I’m happy with you.”
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Sorayu (women’s bath)
Suginoi Hotel continues to evolve with the times. The communication concept that we will cherish as the new value we provide to our customers is “Kimi to Shiawase.” Suginoi Hotel is a place where you can have fun and laugh with the people who are important to you, and make memories no matter how many times you visit. We will expand the variety of content that can be enjoyed not only by families but also by couples and married couples from Japan and overseas, and will deliver a resort experience where each moment spent there will be a memory.
Suginoi Hotel, which has grown with the local community for nearly 80 years since its opening in 1944 (Showa 19) and has been popular as a large-scale hot spring resort representing western Japan, announced a large-scale renovation project in 2019. In addition to the
construction of two new guest room buildings, Nijikan and Sorakan, and the rebuilding of the former Hanakan (new name: Hoshikan), the amusement facilities on the premises will be renovated and activities will be expanded. doing. The grand opening of the new Suginoi Hotel is scheduled for 2025.
“Sorakan”, named after the image of “the endless sky that spreads above the sky”, symbolizes the evolution of the new Suginoi Hotel, which will fly into an even bigger world in the future. To celebrate the birth of Sorakan, the new flagship, on January 24th (Tuesday), just before the opening, an opening reception and private viewing will be held with representatives from the travel industry and the press. Did.
Mr. Kouji Matsukawa, General Manager of the Tourism and Industry Department of Beppu City, attended the celebration reception with the theme of “The Pulse for Evolution” at the Suginoi Hotel, which is moving forward with the aim of creating new value. , “The opening of “Sorakan”, which is positioned as the flagship of Suginoi Hotel, which represents the international tourism hot spring culture city Beppu and boasts one of the largest scales and customer satisfaction in the country, is for the city aiming for a complete recovery from the corona disaster. I was able to get a very encouraging driving force,” he said in his congratulatory address. Also, at the end of the reception, the Oita-based Japanese drum performance group “DRUM TAO”, which is spreading the new era of NIPPON entertainment to the world, will appear and enjoy a lively time with children. An original performance that interweaves a song full of dynamism expressed and a mellow and profound song reminiscent of a rich and relaxing time only for adults. The new departure of Suginoi Hotel, which connects the baton of happiness and smiles of customers for the future, is brilliantly colored. Also, in 2020, DRUM TAO, which is based in Oita, will open the “Outdoor Theater TAO Hill” with a “stage in the sky” in Aso Kuju National Park. Since many fans are staying in Beppu, he commented, “I hope that the evolution of the new Suginoi Hotel will make their stay in Oita even more fulfilling.”
■ Sorakan, the flagship building of the new Suginoi Hotel
“Sorakan” is located at the highest point in the Suginoi Hotel grounds and overlooks Beppu Bay far away. It is a place filled with the charm of Suginoi Hotel, where adults can spend a relaxing time in a sophisticated design and a calm space, even though it is in a resort filled with smiles and bustle. When you pass through the entrance, you will find a lobby with a glass-walled view overlooking Beppu Bay and the city. In addition, Sorakan is a space exclusively for guests staying at the hotel, and there is a large panoramic open-air bath “Sorayu” where you can see the fantastic view of the steam rising from Kannawa Onsen. In addition to the buffet restaurant “TERRACE & DINING SORA”, which is lined with In addition, you can enjoy the charm and high-quality space unique to Beppu, such as “Soraniwa”, which is a perfect photo spot for making memories.
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Guest room (deluxe)
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*For details on Sorakan, please refer to the press release dated October 26, 2022.
■To the whole country and to the world. Transmitting new value from Oita Suginoi Hotel, which has always provided added value beyond existing concepts, is approaching a new milestone season. “Sorakan”, which will open tomorrow, will offer a new resort time for adults who want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing hot spring stay while enjoying activities on the premises. At SUGINOI BOWL & PARK, which will open on the same day, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as bowling, boccia, table tennis, darts, billiards, karaoke, and digital shooting. Last December, a dynamic new fountain show “AQUA DREAMS Yunomachi Yumeya” was started at the outdoor hot spring “Aqua Garden” where you can enjoy it in a bathing suit. , enjoy state-of-the-art night
entertainment shows.
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fountain show
*For details on entertainment, please refer to the press release dated December 7, 2022.
The Hoshikan guest room building, the final building of the
large-scale renovation project, will open in January 2025. Please look forward to the grand opening of the new Suginoi Hotel.
■ Sale of opening commemorative plan
In commemoration of the opening of the flagship building “Sorakan”, this plan is available only on the official website where you can enjoy the open-air bath “Sorayu” and the buffet restaurant “TERRACE & DINING SORA”.
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[History of Suginoi Hotel]
1944: Founded
1967: Opening of Suginoi Palace
1993: All-weather leisure pool “Aquabeat” opens
2003: Opened “Tanayu”, an open-air bath with a great view overlooking Beppu Bay and the city from a five-tiered bathtub that spreads like a rice terrace.
2006: Suginoi Bowl reopened after renovation
2010: Opened “Aqua Garden”, a new type of outdoor hot spring that you can enjoy in a swimsuit
2015: Opening of “Ceda Palace”, a buffet-style world dining in an open space with the motif of the streets of Naples, Italy.
2016: “Aquabeat” reopened (summer only)
October 2020: Renewal of Suginoi Hall (then Hikari Hall), a shared facility with a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 500 people.
July 2021: Opening of new building No. 1 “Nijikan”
December 2022: Start of the new fountain show “AQUA DREAMS Yunomachi Yumeya” at “Aqua Garden”
January 2023: Opening of new building No. 2 / flagship building “Sorakan” Ditto: Opening of “SUGINOI BOWL & PARK”
2025: “Hoshikan” scheduled to open, new Suginoi Hotel grand opening Overview of Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel *As of January 2023
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