Best-Anniversary Co., Ltd. Italian Nicole Milano that fulfills the dreams of all brides around the world 2023 new arrivals

Best-Anniversary Co., Ltd.
[Nicole Milano] from Italy that fulfills the dreams of all brides around the world 2023 new work appeared
~ Best-Anniversary x Nicole Milano exclusive contract dress brand ~
Best-Anniversary Co., Ltd. (President Kento Tsukada: 3-11-10 Higashi, Shibuya-ku) has signed an exclusive contract with [NICOLE MIRANO] in Japan from 2022. 2023 new collection at dress salon “DESTINY Line” ( “ACQUA GRAZIE”
( 14 models from stores nationwide will arrive sequentially from January 2023.
[Image 1d53980-123-e477364d9d923d8e9cbc-0.jpg&s3=53980-123-694e64449caf0bc9448bea211784b036-2026x2700.jpg
Based on the concept of “making every woman in the world fulfill their dreams and make them truly happy”, we create more than 600 designs per year in order to deliver a style that matches the individuality of each person. , has evolved by mixing distinctive tailoring with sophisticated silhouettes, romantic details and creativity.
The 2023 collection was named SYMPHONY OF ART and was inspired by the two axes of “Architecture” and “Photography”. Celebrating the fusion of art and technique, the wedding dress is the result of a harmonious fusion of design with sophisticated construction, and as a
high-fashion brand, it is the combination of luxurious materials and skillful, elegant precision. It expresses “Architecture”, which incorporates a lot of highly skilled techniques.
In addition, “Photography” is based on the theme of eternal moments that capture important moments. Exquisite lighting and shadows, well-thought-out proportions and traditional overwhelming embroidery techniques make the dress stand out and lead it to new heights. A full line-up that made the bride’s special moment last forever.
2023 new dress collection lineup
[Image 2d53980-123-a09c54b341ea480ae79e-6.jpg&s3=53980-123-e276959188cf7c24bd9792b6b28cf56b-2026x2700.jpg
No. CLARET (NM027)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥308,000
[Image 3d53980-123-8f8bca1cb4a5e9791e55-11.jpg&s3=53980-123-2ce346b387b0563d519f936f1dcd26af-2026x2700.jpg
No. SABLE (NM029)
Price. ¥297,000
[Image 4d53980-123-c431794e5e1248801c0e-9.jpg&s3=53980-123-931299f9e652edcda6f522de6400cd2e-2025x2700.jpg
Color. Off White Price.
[Image 5d53980-123-87085e2c7045354cf58f-10.jpg&s3=53980-123-fd15649629f0576a19888a8127d7cc39-2026x2700.jpg
No. MONA (NM022)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥308,000
[Image 6d53980-123-3ca7d2d343b96d9c72c6-13.jpg&s3=53980-123-c6336d3c8e8808f70fb41877d52c18fb-2026x2700.jpg
Price. ¥308,000
[Image 7d53980-123-670b93dbe3ef28c478c5-4.jpg&s3=53980-123-2e5a5dfa225aa288b95e0dbeae58c561-2026x2700.jpg
Color. Off White
Price. ¥286,000
[Image 8d53980-123-45f09460701faa8817ae-14.jpg&s3=53980-123-ef10f07b52c43f9677dc8b957cc57462-1976x2700.jpg
No. Alessi (NM026)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥297,000
[Image 9d53980-123-87c10ecf14dccaebd2e7-12.jpg&s3=53980-123-cbb98a44fa30fe3654919583bbcbec17-2026x2700.jpg
No. SHILO (NM020)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥319,000
[Image 10d53980-123-45c07d8577d645712eb1-7.jpg&s3=53980-123-3e7e65207cd01702b7448ac06cf3ecb1-2026x2700.jpg
Color. Off White
Price. ¥330,000
[Image 11d53980-123-a96c19990cf126df4dd9-8.jpg&s3=53980-123-4a5c99194d662c0aea96a86e428dbd2b-2026x2700.jpg
No. GENEVA (NM019)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥308,000
[Image 12d53980-123-d318de086edd7f52c000-3.jpg&s3=53980-123-429eff5f04d7c5b8b6aad0a7095850fd-2026x2700.jpg
Color. Off White
Price. ¥352,000
[Image 13d53980-123-5abfdf5968f55f98b6ad-2.jpg&s3=53980-123-b05d427ea88b2d42eff19898a04c797c-2500x1875.jpg
No. AGORA (NM021)
Color. Off White
Price. ¥308,000
About Nicole Milano
Nicole Cavallo
Nicole Cavallo started her career as a wedding dress designer at the age of 24. It features a design that incorporates trends in a timeless design that is typical of Italy. Fusing elegance and romance, the updated dresses are a new lineup for future brides.
[Image 14d53980-123-3a32a026c0b7dcf94f1d-1.jpg&s3=53980-123-df7380e571e6d36be6dc2cad9aecc5f0-1801x2700.jpg

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