Best Person Co., Ltd. Released “CARESAKU”, a platform specializing in care tech services

Best Person Co., Ltd.
Released “CARESAKU”, a platform specializing in care tech services
Best Person Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masahiko Tanaka) is pleased to announce the release of “CARESAKU”, a platform specializing in care tech services, on January 13, 2023. . We will solve the problems of facilities and offices that “want to introduce nursing care robots” and “want to promote scientific nursing care.”

Service site:
■ Background of service release
In Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging rapidly, the shortage of human resources in the nursing care industry is becoming more serious year by year. Due to the shortage of human resources, the workload of the staff at the nursing care site has increased, and problems such as increased physical burden and mental stress are occurring.
In order to solve this situation, the following efforts are being made in the nursing care industry in recent years.
Improving operational efficiency and productivity by promoting digitalization Reducing the physical burden on on-site staff by introducing nursing care robots Scientific nursing practice to provide efficient and high-quality nursing care services
On the other hand, in promoting the above efforts, there are many problems such as “I don’t know what kind of product to introduce”, “I don’t know how to collect product information”, There are many nursing care providers who have problems such as
We decided to release CARESAKU in order to solve these problems, find the optimal product for nursing care providers, and eliminate the failure of introduction and operation.
■ Service features
You can search by product category and problem you want to solve Detailed product information enables efficient information collection and comparison studies
You can download the materials of the service you are interested in all at once. ■ Advantages of using the service
[Benefits for nursing care providers]
You can also search for products based on the problem you want to solve You can complete everything from information gathering to comparison studies and document downloads within CARESAKU
Discover new products you never knew before
[Advantages for manufacturers]
Since it is specialized for nursing care providers, you can
effectively promote your own products.
There are many users that can be reached because we send customers from our management site and media
Since it is a performance-based billing model, no extra advertising costs are incurred.
*If you are interested in posting, please feel free to contact us from the URL below.
■ Future prospects
At CAREASAKU, we will continue to expand useful content that nursing care providers will be happy to have when introducing the product. We also plan to update the latest information on subsidies and subsidies that can be used when introducing products.
If you are interested in listing your product on “CARESAKU” or are considering it, please feel free to contact us using the form below. Contact form:
■ About Best Person Co., Ltd.
Best Person Co., Ltd. is developing services in various fields related to nursing care with the vision of “I want to support the nursing care business that will support Japan in the future.”
◼️ Company Profile
[Company name] Best Person Co., Ltd.
[Location] VORT Hamamatsucho I 6F, 1-6-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Representative] Representative Director Masahiko Tanaka
[Management service]
Nursing Care Welfare Recruitment Site “e-Nursing Career Change”
Nurse recruitment website “e-Nurse Recruitment” Social Welfare Recruitment Site “Welfare Recruitment Plus”
Nursing care childcare dispatch job site “Nursing care childcare dispatch job”
Self-assessment public site “disability support net”
Long-term care insurance claim agency Kokuhoren transmission agency / general office agency
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