Billing management robot, Subsquare Pay, won the highest ranking “Leader” at the “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter” at the same time

Billing management robot, Subsquare Pay, won the highest ranking “Leader” at the “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter” at the same time Subsquare Pay won the first entry! Acquired “High Performer”, which is particularly satisfying in the small and medium-sized enterprise category

ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenya Kiyohisa, hereinafter referred to as ROBOT PAYMENT) is an IT for B2B operated by IT Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Genta Kurono). We are pleased to announce that both our “Billing Management Robo” and “Subscription Pay” have been selected as “Leader” at the “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter” held on the product/SaaS review platform “ITreview”. .
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About “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”
The “ITreview Grid Award” is an award that recognizes products that are supported by users once a quarter, based on reviews posted on the B2B IT product / SaaS review platform “ITreview”. Based on the ITreview Grid that maps the collected review data, products with high satisfaction and recognition are awarded as “Leader”, and products with high satisfaction are awarded as “High Performer”.
Based on the 103,000 reviews posted by December 2022, approximately 1,420 products in approximately 310 categories have been given the “Leader” and “High Performer” badges.
▶ Please see below for details of the “Invoice Creation / Estimate Creation Department” of “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”.
Billing management robot, the background of the acquisition of the subscription pay “Leader”
Recently, an increasing number of companies are promoting the digitization of forms and the review of settlement work flows, and the conversion of back offices to DX is attracting attention. In the field of invoices, we are approaching a time of change with the introduction of the invoice system and digital invoices, which will come into effect in October.
In addition, the number of businesses starting subscription businesses is increasing, and attention is focused on systems that not only automate monthly payment processing, but also centrally manage customer management and analysis of purchasing behavior. At ITreview, we have received many real evaluations from companies that have actually introduced our products.
Billing Management Robo has been highly evaluated for various reasons, such as [thorough customer support], [improved operational efficiency and productivity], and [wide range of support areas covering billing, settlement, and reconciliation].
In addition, for subscription payments, we are contributing to the efficiency of payment operations, such as [automating recurring billing with simple operations], [expanding functions through API linkage], and [essential tools for subscription business].
(Partial excerpt from the review)
They flexibly respond to various irregularities unique to the company, and support before and after introduction is substantial.
Since data can be shared with sales and accounting, the time required to respond to inquiries from within the company regarding billing and payment has been greatly reduced.
Invoicing operations have improved dramatically, as it supports not only invoice creation but also reconciliation and journal output. Reminders can also be sent from the system, which is very helpful. See below for reviews of each service.
Billing management robot:
Subscription Pay: We will continue to treat our customers with sincerity and work hard to realize the growth of both our customers and our company. If you want to subscribe, use Robopay
[Image 2d1047-250-83b80bf418f3929fd5e1-0.png&s3=1047-250-6ac1c4dce12a84c140fc12e656149112-1950x533.png
ROBOT PAYMENT offers the following three services to solve the financial problems of subscription businesses.
■ Automatic recurring billing system “Subscribe Pay”
■ Billing/Credit Management Cloud “Billing Management Robo”
■ Inter-company billing agency service “Billing Marunage Robo” List of services
Comprehensive solutions to the problems that subscription providers tend to face, such as “complicated management of contracts and billing for each customer,” “rising personnel costs due to increased billing operations,” and “increase in mistakes due to diversification of payment methods.” We provide a service to
All of them have been consistent services for subscription companies since their founding, and have contributed to the businesses of many customers, such as sales improvement, back office efficiency, and business growth.
ROBOT PAYMENT has a brand identity of “solving the world’s problems with payment ‘+α'”, and as the saying “If you want to subscribe, use Robopay”, you can recognize it as an indispensable service for subscription operators. We will continue to enhance our services and contribute to the growth of our customers’ businesses.
Company Profile
[Image 3d1047-250-6de51fa383705a86d41b-1.png&s3=1047-250-0ee8e93cc4ea53c9726eba062d459867-1833x1031.png
Company name: ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 4374)
Location: 4F, ​​15th Arai Building, 6-19-20 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2000
Representative: Kenya Kiyohisa, Representative Director
Billing management robot: Billing Marunage Robot: Subscription Pay: Details about this release:


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