Birth from user feedback No need for a secondary bag, TAO M25 cross bag with outstanding capacity is now available on Makuake

Yabetsu Japan Co., Ltd.
[Birth from user feedback] No need for a secondary bag, [TAO M25 cross bag] with outstanding capacity is now available on Makuake
I am very satisfied with this one bag!

Yabetsu Japan Co., Ltd. will launch the [TAO M25 cross bag] project, which has a sufficient size without a sub-bag, from the popular Korean bag brand [MATHEMATIK] on the crowdfunding site Makuake in 2023 on the crowdfunding site Makuake. Running until the 13th of the month. Delivery is scheduled for the end of April 2023.
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A feeling of large size born from the opinion that there should be more size and capacity.
If you have this, you don’t need a sub bag. Also includes a laptop! There is no inferiority as a travel bag from everyday use!
Outstanding storage capacity + life waterproof + lightweight + durable material + notebook PC pocket = Masmatic’s commitment
The [TAO M series] is loved by many users, but we received valuable feedback such as, “I wish there was a slightly larger size.” Introducing the TAO M25 with increased storage capacity.
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Check out the features of the TAO M25 crossbag
Storage capacity up to 7.5 L
Wallets, smartphones, chargers, mobile batteries, tumblers, notebook PCs, etc., etc., etc., can be stored sufficiently, while the design that tapers downwards makes the most of the attractive slimness of the TAO M series.
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Accommodates up to a 14-inch laptop
No problem on days with little luggage or days with lots of luggage! Designed with a large capacity among the TAO M series, it can store up to a 14-inch laptop.
[Image 5:] 440g lighter than a cup of coffee
I have a lot of belongings, but I want you to forgive me for having a heavy bag! ! !
It’s perfect for those who are like that. It’s lighter than a cup of coffee and less stress on your body.
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In addition, there are various separate pockets that make it easy to organize your luggage, and the external zipper is also equipped with a waterproof function that can handle sudden weather changes. In addition, the suitcase holder is designed, so it is convenient for long trips.
[Image 7:] ■ Product specifications
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■ Return contents
[Super early bird discount / 20% off] Limited to 50 people / TAO M25 cloth bag 1 piece 9,600 yen
[Early bird discount / 15% off] Limited to 100 people / TAO M25 cloth bag 1 piece 10,200 yen
[Makuake special price/10% off] TAO M25 cloth bag 1 piece 10,800 yen ■ Outline of crowdfunding implementation
Organizer: Yabetsu Japan Co., Ltd.
Period: January 12, 202 (Thursday) to February 13, 2023 (Monday) Scheduled shipping date: Scheduled for the end of April 2023 ■Company profile
Trade name: Yabetsu Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Jae Sung Lee, CEO
Location: Ark Building 5F, 2-6-2 Teradacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0045 Established: September 2014
Business description: Import and sale of sports and healthcare equipment Import and sale of miscellaneous goods and toys
Consulting for overseas companies

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