bitFlyer Co., Ltd. Notice of the start of handling of the new crypto asset “flare (FLR)” ~Granting of FLR to eligible customers has been completed~

bitFlyer Inc.
Notice of the start of handling of the new crypto-asset “Flare (FLR)” ~FLR has been granted to eligible customers~

bitFlyer, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masaaki Seki; hereinafter referred to as bitFlyer) will start selling Flare (FLR) at bitFlyer altcoin sales outlets today (January 23, 2023). We have started handling. FLAIR will be the 19th crypto asset on bitFlyer.
In addition, as announced on December 12, 2022 and January 20, 2023, we have completed the granting of crypto asset flares (FLR) to eligible customers.
bitFlyer will continue to actively increase the number of new crypto-assets it handles, thereby increasing investment opportunities and asset allocation options for our customers.
■ About “Flare (FLR)”
● Currency name: Flare
●Ticker symbol: FLR
●Characteristics: Flare (FLR) is supported by Ripple, and
interoperates with various blockchains based on the philosophy of “connecting everything” with crypto assets for the purpose of implementing smart contracts on XRP ledger. is developed with the aim of By using the function called StateConnector, it is possible to safely obtain the state of various blockchains, and by using the function called FAssets, we provide an environment where smart contracts can be executed for cryptographic assets that do not have smart contracts. Or you can use a feature called LayerCake to improve security and speed when bridging between networks.
■Customers eligible for grants
Customers who had “Ripple (XRP)” in their bitFlyer account at the time of the snapshot (9:00 am on December 12, 2020) and can use their bitFlyer account as usual at the time bitFlyer makes a decision The customer is the subject of the grant.
■ Customers who are not eligible for grants
Customers who fall under any of the following may not be able to grant Flare (FLR). Please note that we will not individually inform customers who are not eligible for the grant.
● Customers who have not completed identity verification
Customers who have canceled their bitFlyer account
●Customers with a negative balance in the margin account
●Customers who have not completed the confirmation selection of the transaction purpose, etc.
●Customers whose bitFlyer account has been frozen
●Customers who cannot use the account as usual due to bitFlyer’s decision to restrict the functions of the bitFlyer account.
●Other customers that bitFlyer deems ineligible
■ About bitFlyer Inc.
Established in 2014 with the mission of “Making the world easier with blockchain”, bitFlyer, Inc. has developed a global cryptocurrency trading business together with its sister companies bitFlyer USA, Inc. and bitFlyer EUROPE S.A. It has been patronized by customers, such as becoming No. 1*. As a crypto-asset exchange service provider and a type-1 financial instruments business operator, we will continue to expand and improve our services, aiming to be a highly liquid crypto-asset exchange that satisfies as many customers as possible. ・ Official website:
・Registration number: Crypto asset exchange operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00003, financial instruments business operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 3294
・ Member Association: Japan Crypto Asset Trading Association *Survey overview: Market research on cryptocurrency exchange services for the period ending November 2022
Research agency: Japan Marketing Research Organization
Survey period: November 11, 2022 to November 25, 2022
bitFlyer is looking for people to work with.
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