Blaze Co., Ltd. Blaze Co., Ltd. Tokyo Showroom Opening Ceremony

Blaze Co., Ltd.
Braze Co., Ltd. Tokyo Showroom Opening Ceremony
-“Life EV Company” BLAZE Business Strategy Explanation-

Blaze Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Hideyuki Ichikawa, hereinafter Blaze) will open a Tokyo showroom in Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo as the first satellite base in its founding. We are pleased to inform you that the opening ceremony has been held.
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Since 2017, Blaze has been ahead of other companies in developing a lineup of EV products that are responsible for the last mile, mainly in the areas of life and hobbies.
Against the backdrop of the increasing demand for home delivery of various goods due to the corona disaster in recent years, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Prestige By collaborating with customers, we will build a support system at 1200 locations nationwide and provide customers with stability, security and safety.
With the opening of the Tokyo showroom, Blaze will make full-fledged efforts to expand into the business domain. As a result, our EV business will enter a new stage.
Blaze has announced a new “Life EV” (trademark pending) as an EV product brand concept.
From home to work or school to the station, to the nearest convenience store or supermarket, to the means of transportation between customers and stores in the rapidly expanding demand for home delivery, and even to transportation between facilities at resorts. Even in leisure, there is movement of a familiar distance (last one mile).
Blaze continues to provide a product lineup that responds to a variety of uses based on the concept of EVs that play a familiar role in people’s daily lives, that is, “life EVs,” and is expanding from the lifestyle and hobby fields to the business field. We will continue to expand our business. Also, with the opening of the Tokyo showroom, we will make a big leap forward and aim for business growth to achieve sales of 10 billion yen in the future.

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From the left side of the photo: Blaze Co., Ltd. President Hideyuki Ichikawa MTG Co., Ltd. Chairman Yoshihito Ota MTG Co., Ltd. President Tsuyoshi Matsushita MTG Co., Ltd. Director Yusuke Inoue
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Hideyuki Ichikawa, President and CEO of Blaze Co., Ltd., explaining the business strategy
Overview of Tokyo base
Name: Blaze Tokyo Showroom
Place: Iino Building 1F (left side of the front entrance) Tokyo Metro “Kasumigaseki” station Exit C4 directly connected
Address: 2-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Comments to all
Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi, Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party, Diet Affairs Committee Vice Chairman
The world of EV society will definitely start moving. That’s how I felt. In the past, there was skepticism and criticism of EVs. However, considering the global situation, the electrification of the Japanese automobile industry is indispensable, and I think it will move irreversibly.
Seeing various EV products that people can easily obtain, I have high expectations for Blaze’s growth. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more Blaze products around town in the future.
(In response to the question “Why don’t you try riding it?”) I wanted to go through the door from here and run on the public road. I was able to talk to you with a smile.
Mr. Hidehiro Mitani, Member of the House of Representatives, Executive Director of the Micromobility Project Team, MaaS Parliamentary League As I am the secretary general of the Maas Parliamentarians’ Union Micromobility Project Team for the revision of the Road Traffic Law that will be implemented in July this year, I have high hopes for new Blaze products that are suitable for the new Road Traffic Law in the future. increase.
Member of the House of Representatives (Kumamoto 2nd Ward) Mr. Daisuke Nishino President Ichikawa was very lively, and I had the impression that this company would continue to grow. We will support you as much as possible, so let’s do our best together.
Member of the House of Representatives (Saitama 10th Ward) Mr. Susumu Electric motorcycles are a new type of mobility, so I was not familiar with them yet, but my concept of vehicles changed when I came into contact with Blaze’s products, which were born out of Mr. Ichikawa’s passion.
We would like to do our best to support you.
Member of the House of Representatives (13 wards of Tokyo) Mr. Shin Tsuchida Blaze’s EV products were full of unconventional new vehicles. When you actually ride it, it tickles your sense of fun, and I think it’s a very good idea as the last mile. I think the world will be a happier place if these products become popular.
Mitsubishi Auto Lease Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Koichi Inoue
Thank you to everyone at Blaze Co., Ltd. for inviting us to the Tokyo Showroom Opening Ceremony.
In April 2022, our company, Mitsubishi Auto Lease, will establish a new Sustainability Promotion Office and Environmental Next-Generation Solutions Development Department.
The Sustainability Promotion Office has started initiatives for sustainability as a company, and the Environmental Next-Generation Solutions Development Department is working to strengthen the vehicles and peripheral services that we have cultivated so far, including electric vehicles. In particular, in our medium-term management plan, we aim to be No. 1 in the auto leasing industry for EVs. Under these circumstances, I would like to thank you for giving us many
opportunities to handle Blaze’s products and for gaining a reassuring business partner. I would appreciate it if you could continue to have a long-lasting relationship with us.
Once again, congratulations on opening a very splendid Tokyo showroom. Sakai Moving Center Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Minoru Narita
At Sakai Moving Center, we have been working on environmental conservation activities by introducing an environmental management system.
In addition to trucks for transporting customers’ valuable luggage, we own a large number of business vehicles. After considering a space-saving electric motorcycle, I came across Blaze’s EV Delivery. Since the purpose is to visit the customer’s house for an estimate or visit the real estate agent of the business partner, a motorcycle is selected instead of a car because there is only one person in the car and there is no need to carry large luggage. That’s why.
It’s quiet, so you don’t have to worry about driving in residential areas at night, and above all, employees say that riding in an environmentally friendly vehicle makes them feel proud and kind. I felt happy.
In the future, when we increase the number of vehicles, we would like to actively introduce electrified vehicles.
that’s all
Company Profile/Contact Information
Blaze Co., Ltd.
Our company is a group company of MTG-7806.
Nagoya head office
〒454-0971 4603 Senonji Hazama, Tomita-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Representative Director Hideyuki Ichikawa
[Corporate site]
[Product portal site]
[Next Camper Official Website]
TEL: 052-439-0277 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
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[Business description]
-EV Company-
Planning, manufacturing and sales of folding EV bike (Blaze Smart EV) Standing EV bike (Blaze EV scooter) planning, manufacturing and sales Planning, manufacturing, and sales of 3-wheel EV trikes (Blaze EV Trike/EV Delivery)
EV 4-wheel minicar (Next Cruiser EV, EV Classic) Planning,
manufacturing and sales
Light camping car (next camper) planning, manufacturing and sales Sales of sanitary products (e-3X, Dukirei)

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