BOLDLY Co., Ltd. Started public road testing in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture, with an eye on regular operation of self-driving buses

Public road test started in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture, with an eye on regular operation of self-driving buses
~ Autonomous Driving Implementation Consortium Aims to Start Regular Operation at Autonomous Driving Level 4 in 2024 ~

Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture (Mayor: Hiroki Kondo) has established a self-driving bus “BOLDLY” in cooperation with BOLDLY Inc. (Boldly, President and CEO: Yuki Saji, hereinafter “BOLDLY”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. Introduced one NAVYA ARMA (manufactured by Navya of France), and from January 26th to February 28th, 2023, we will carry out actual driving tests (this demonstration) on public roads in anticipation of regular operation. increase. This demonstration will be conducted in collaboration with six parties (Nisshin City, BOLDLY, Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd., Senek Co., Ltd., Macnica Co., Ltd., Meijo University) of the Industry-Government-Academia Autonomous Driving Implementation Consortium* established in December 2022. We will operate an autonomous driving bus at autonomous driving level 2 as phase 1. From fiscal 2023 onwards, as phase 2, we will verify signal coordination, in which traffic lights and autonomous driving buses are linked by communication, and prepare for the transition to autonomous driving level 4. In 2024, Nisshin City’s existing community bus “Kururin Bus” will be completely revised to build a route diagram for an autonomous driving bus, aiming to realize an autonomous driving bus.
Despite being a decentralized commuter town without a central core, Nisshin City, which continues to grow in population, has introduced self-driving buses that enable seamless movement by combining the existing means of transportation of railway community buses and self-driving buses. We aim to create a new public transportation system with the best mix of public transportation networks and self-driving buses, and to realize a city where residents can move freely regardless of age or place of residence, and where they can continue to live with peace of mind into the future.
In this demonstration, Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd., a local transportation operator that operates the Kururin Bus, is in charge of operating the self-driving bus, and Senek Co., Ltd. uses BOLDLY’s operation management platform “Dispatcher” to operate the Ibaraki Prefecture border. Remote monitoring will be carried out at a total of two locations: the town headquarters office (remote monitoring center) and a facility in Nisshin City. As a result, we will build a redundant monitoring system in anticipation of operation at Autonomous Driving Level 4. In addition, in order to realize a sustainable profit model that does not rely on fares, we will consider plans such as paid inspection tours and vehicle advertisements related to self-driving buses, and promote efforts toward regular operation. Nisshin City will cooperate with BOLDLY and others to work on this project throughout the city through industry-government-academia collaboration. * Established in April 2022 to realize the “Nisshin City Regional Public Transportation Plan” formulated by Nisshin City. Please see
here ( for details including the roles of each person.
1. Service route (round trip about 5.7km)
[Image 1d84523-39-e5643ca4f84084585992-1.jpg&s3=84523-39-8bb517ae90b0fd57249b864a81096820-1589x1554.jpg

2. Demonstration experiment period and participation method
Thursday, January 26, 2023 to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 *No service on Saturdays and Sundays in January, and no service on Sundays and Mondays in February
・Anyone can ride freely without reservation during the period. ・Passenger capacity is 10 people.
・When boarding, please cooperate with measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus infection.
Service schedule table
[Image 2d84523-39-3d5fff8a9f19ebd355d8-3.jpg&s3=84523-39-4604aee593518d7fe6d170ad79c61c9c-1754x1241.jpg

■ Self-driving bus “NAVYA ARMA” (taken in front of Nisshin City Hall) [Image 3d84523-39-4b1d752091ff58d0aea4-0.jpg&s3=84523-39-754e149f888fc152998632639bbc6976-3900x2925.jpg
■ Screen image of BOLDLY’s “Dispatcher”
[Image 4d84523-39-2240d573ddfa980f3a27-5.jpg&s3=84523-39-42d01b7fbd4f044c5efe118445187de2-1754x1241.jpg
■ Screen image of LINE official account “Nisshin Alma”
[Image 5d84523-39-f38d257496d38c5695b6-2.png&s3=84523-39-b85400f9bf3f9556916d089dabc3efed-1920x1167.png

You can check the operation status and schedule of the self-driving bus on the LINE official account “Nisshin Alma”. Please register as a friend from the QR code below.
[Image 6d84523-39-09eefc0809b02e2f132a-4.jpg&s3=84523-39-5d19871114c9db3ecbe2ed8196661e1a-1754x1241.jpg
Nisshin City plans to plan inspection tours and vehicle advertisements using self-driving buses (currently in preparation, start date undecided). If you are interested, please contact us using the inquiry form below. Those who contact us will be given priority when we start recruiting.
◯ About the inspection tour
We are planning to conduct an inspection tour on self-driving buses. ◯ About car body advertisements and sponsors
We are planning to plan advertisements such as company logos and product names to be posted on the vehicle of the self-driving bus. In addition, we plan to plan sponsorships and corporate collaborations from time to time. ● Company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
● The contents, product/service prices, specifications, contact information and other information described in this press release are current as of the date of the announcement. These information are subject to change without notice.
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