booost technologies Co., Ltd. booost technologies appoints Takeshi Oga, former Managing Executive Officer of SAP, as COO, and Manabu Shibata, former General Manager of Kao’s ESG Activities Promotion Department, as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)

boost technologies Inc.
Booost Technologies Appoints Takeshi Oga, Former Managing Executive Officer of SAP, as Director and COO, and Manabu Shibata, Former General Manager of Kao’s ESG Activity Promotion Department, as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
– NET-ZREO to strengthen organizational structure and expand business to promote ESG –

Carbon management platform “ENERGY X GREEN”
(, selected by “NET-ZERO leaders (*1)” who are leading the industry in advanced efforts to achieve NET-ZERO. boost technologies Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hironori Aoi, hereinafter referred to as our company) will be COO (Chief Operating Officer / Chief Operating Officer) from January 2023, former managing director of “SAP Japan Co., Ltd.” We are pleased to announce that Takeshi Oga, Executive Officer, and Manabu Shibata, former General Manager of the ESG Promotion Department of Kao Corporation, have been appointed as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer).
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■ Background of appointment
We are a technology partner that will take on the challenge of solving the greatest challenge in human history, “climate change,” and accelerate the decarbonization of NET-ZERO leaders / ESG leaders. In February 2022, we raised a total of 1.2 billion yen in series A, and have worked to strengthen our products and organization.
In order to further strengthen our organizational structure and expand our ESG-related business with a broader perspective overseas, we welcomed a new COO and CSO, and our mission is to “realize a more sustainable and net-zero future.” We will boost towards the
realization of ”.
COO Takeshi Oga has served as Chief Customer Officer and General Manager of the Digital Ecosystem Division at the Japanese subsidiary of SAP, one of the world’s largest B2B software companies, before becoming Managing Executive Officer and Chief Transformation Officer. served. Utilizing over 25 years of experience in corporate business at a global IT company and knowledge of new business development, we will promote the strengthening of our business side and sales system in particular.
Manabu Shibata, CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer), specializes in operations related to the general environment and human rights at Kao’s ESG division, and in the scoring of CDP, an international NGO that collects and discloses corporate climate change-related information. , and has been the only company in Japan to receive a “Triple A” rating for three consecutive years (only 12 companies globally). Going forward, as a professional, I will promote the expansion of our ESG-related business.
Taking advantage of the world-class experience and knowledge of both parties, our current initiative is to become Japan’s first global startup partner of the Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT), which is organized by WBCSD. We have been selected and engaged in the development of international methodology and technical requirements for exchanging emissions data between companies (*2), and we are expanding and expanding our business and networks beyond Japan. We will continue to aim to build the No. 1 decarbonization and sustainability platform as a technology partner of the NET-ZERO leader and sustainability leader in each industry.
*1 NET-ZERO Leaders: Individuals and companies that lead their respective industries by making progressive efforts to achieve NET-ZERO.
* NET-ZERO: After reducing the amount of CO2 emissions to the limit, the remainder is subtracted by the amount of absorption and removal to make the total zero.
*2 Reference press release: boost technologies selected as Japan’s first WBCSD-sponsored PACT global startup partner
■ Held seminars by the new COO and CSO
On January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), a seminar by the new COO Taiga, the new CSO Shibata, and the representative director Aoi “What is the way of sustainability practice?-Former Kao and former SAP SX promoters have practical experience. will be held online. In this seminar, we will explain the requirements and key points required for promoting sustainability in companies, and introduce the need to link these activities not only to risk management but also to improving corporate value.
Theme: What is the modus operandi of sustainability practices? – Former Kao and former SAP SX promoter tells based on practical experience –
Date and time: Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 13:30-14:30
Format: Free online seminar (pre-registration required / using Zoom Webinar) Capacity: 500 people
Recommended: · Those who consider and implement sustainability and SX initiatives
       · Managers, managers, and those involved in sustainability management         Persons from management planning, ESG, and CSR promotion departments Application/details:        ※If you are using a free email address, are in the same industry, or are unsure of your affiliation, please contact
We apologize for the inconvenience.
■ Profile and comments
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Takeshi Oga
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Joined boost technologies after working as Managing Executive Officer of SAP Japan
Joined Oracle Japan in 1997. After working as an IT consultant, he was in charge of corporate planning. After that, he participated in a consulting firm and engaged in corporate integration consulting through M&A.
In 2008, he joined SAP, one of the world’s largest B2B software companies. After serving as Chief Customer Officer and General Manager of Digital Ecosystem Division, he was appointed Managing Executive Officer and Chief Transformation Officer in 2020. Launched and supervised multiple new businesses such as co-creation business between large companies and startups, and sustainability solution business.
In January 2023, he became COO of booost technologies.
Throughout my career, I have consistently focused on corporate transformation, and have been involved in both transformation support for customers and implementation within my own company. Transforming to sustainability management, in which companies achieve a sustainable state in all aspects of “economy, society, and the environment,” is an urgent issue for Japanese companies.
booost technologies not only accelerates the decarbonization of companies, but also envisions a strategy to expand the business domain to non-financial information management of ESG in general in the future. have agreed to participate as COO this time. I am very excited about the possibility of helping companies realize true sustainability management and creating new industries in the sustainability field from Japan to the world.
CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
Manabu Shibata
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Participated in boost technologies after working as General Manager of Kao ESG Activity Promotion Department
Leading Japan’s only CDP “Triple A” for 3 consecutive years
Joined Kao in 1988. Affiliated to the research institute, where he experienced the development of production technology for various products and their implementation in factories. After that, I was transferred to the environmental management department of the head office. Promotes operations related to the general environment and human rights.
Specializing in general environmental fields such as energy/GHG management, renewable power, plastics, water management, and LCA evaluation, as well as human rights activities. . In addition, he is in charge of external investigations such as CDP and information disclosure. In addition to serving on multiple external committees in the fields of climate change, the circular economy, and plastics, he has also given many external lectures.
In January 2023, he was appointed CSO of booost technologies. 【comment】
We are very pleased to have joined boost technologies, a technology partner that accelerates the decarbonization of NET-ZERO leaders/ESG leaders. Solving “climate change” is an issue that more companies must tackle seriously. In addition to climate change, companies are beginning to be required to respond to multiple issues such as human resources and resource recycling. In order to leave a sustainable future for the next generation, we will use our experience so far so that many companies can boost through the use of our sustainability platform.
■ Representative Director Hironori Aoi Comment
Recently, the transformation to sustainability management is accelerating globally. Meanwhile, the introduction of our products to NET-ZERO leaders and ESG leaders is rapidly accelerating. In order to meet the growing needs of the world, we are strengthening our global response and developing products for sustainability in general. I am very happy. We are confident that by returning their wonderful experiences and achievements to our customers globally through our products and businesses, we will be able to lead boost technologies to further growth. We appreciate your continued support and
About boost technologies Co., Ltd.
In order to leave a sustainable future to the next generation, we aim to realize NET-ZERO with the power of technology.
“ENERGY X GREEN”, a carbon management platform selected by NET-ZERO leaders that enables visualization, management, offsetting, and reporting of CO2 emissions, and “ENERGY X GREEN”, an energy management platform that enables energy management such as procurement and supply of CO2-free electricity. We are a Climate Tech company that provides ENERGY X and aims to realize a carbon-free future.
Toward the realization of NET-ZERO, we will promote the
decarbonization of the world together with decarbonization leaders in each industry. We are collaborating with Mizuho Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, PwC Consulting, Cisco Systems, etc. on visualization by automatically calculating CO2 emissions, etc., decarbonization of each industry, as a technology partner of the sustainability leader, No.1 decarbonization , we aim to build a sustainability platform. -Company Profile-
Company name: boost technologies Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin-Osaki Industrial Building 10F, 1-6-4 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: April 15, 2015
Representative: Hironori Aoi, Representative Director
Capital: 1,460,650,000 yen (including capital reserve/as of March 31, 2022) Business description: Operation and development of ENERGY X
Operational development of ENERGY X GREEN
Corporate site:
ENERGY X service site:
ENERGY X GREEN service site:
Details about this release:


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