Boucheron Launches High Jewelery Collection “LIKE A QUEEN”

Boucheron Launches High Jewelery Collection “LIKE A QUEEN”

On January 23, 2023 (Monday), Boucheron announced the new 2023 high jewelry collection “LIKE A QUEEN”.
In 1944, when Princess Elizabeth (later Queen) turned 18, her family gave her a Boucheron aquamarine and diamond double clip brooch as a birthday gift. Elizabeth II is said to have worn this memorable piece of jewelry many times during her reign as Queen. In 2020, Creative Director Claire Chauine decided to create a new High Jewelery line inspired by this unique Art Deco style design. The 18-piece high jewelry collection “LIKE A QUEEN” is inspired by the double clip brooch, an iconic piece that has stood the test of time for centuries and decades.
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Memorable piece of jewelry
“Three years ago, when I saw Boucheron archives for the first time, I was captivated by the Art Deco style double clip brooch. I was fascinated by the harmonious combination of colors, and I was moved by the sentimental sentiments of this piece, worn by Queen Elizabeth during a key moment in her reign.” – Claire Chauanne
This jewelry was purchased by Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, the Duke of Kent, at the Boucheron boutique in London on July 31, 1937. Since then, it has been owned by the British royal family as a royal collection, but it was given to Princess Elizabeth (later Queen) seven years later by her family on her 18th birthday. The Queen wore this brooch on many occasions during her reign. It was also worn on June 5, 2012 at the “Diamond Jubilee” (a ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne), and on May 8, 2020, during the Victory in Europe speech. The speech was held on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II on the European front, 75 years after Queen Elizabeth’s father and former King George VI gave a radio address to the nation. It aired at exactly the same time. The Queen wore the brooch on many important occasions, including the 70th anniversary of her coronation on February 6, 2022.
Unleash your creativity
Drawing inspiration from the double-clip brooch that belonged to Britain’s most prestigious and beloved Queen, Queen Elizabeth, Claire Choine captures the essence of the jewelery of the Royal Collection, transcending all boundaries and definitions. I decided to bring it back to life as a transcendent high jewelry collection.
“In this collection, I was conscious of various ways of wearing and using colors so that jewelry can be worn genderless. 18 pieces of jewelery were born, adopting a unique design.In addition, I wanted to express not only the breadth of styles, but also the elegance of Art Deco at the same time.” – Claire Chauine
The pieces in this collection reflect the unique characteristics of the cerulean-coloured double-clip brooch that inspired it. “Based on the design of the motif, there are works that daringly disrupt or combine the geometrical Art Deco design, and make use of the colors of the gemstones to bring out even more charm.”
The “Like A Queen” high jewelery collection, including ruby
​​necklaces, pink tourmaline brooches, aquamarine cuff bracelets and emerald earrings, is highlighted by bright and vibrant colors. It evokes the colorful and colorful fashion style that was synonymous with the Queen.
Like a tale of 18 pieces, “Like A Queen” goes beyond the original idea of ​​building a High Jewelery collection from a single piece worn by a Queen, to a collection that combines the historical context and authenticity of its designs. finished in
Hypnotic Blue
[Image 2d48881-81-05290d7ca48dd900cd1c-0.jpg&s3=48881-81-0e8f117617188f9f2bf3a22b1538cef3-1600x1200.jpg
A ring with a 6-carat deep blue Sri Lankan sapphire set in the center. Round brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds surround the center stone, adorning the entire finger.
The cuff bracelet is lavishly set with cabochon-cut and baguette-cut aquamarines, accented with diamonds and lacquer lines. A strong echo of the design of Boucheron’s double clip brooch, which was purchased by the British royal family in 1937 and later owned by Queen Elizabeth II, the aquamarine accentuated with blue lacquer gives it a modern look.
Frosty White
[Image 3d48881-81-7d95e5601623ca555eb5-1.jpg&s3=48881-81-85d3e28a586f0327c2a601fedc892f56-1600x1200.jpg
Based on the tradition passed down by the Maison, this high jewelry collection allows one piece to be worn in a variety of ways. The necklace is set in white gold with diamonds and rock crystals and is a multi-wear piece that can be worn in six different ways. It is lavishly set with over 1,000 diamonds and features an Art Deco design on the side that symbolizes the Queen’s brooch. This motif can be removed and worn as a single or double clip brooch. Pendant earrings set with diamonds and rock crystals are also multi-wearable pieces. Like the brooches that belonged to the Queen, the diamond and rock crystal ring can be styled at will. Covering three fingers, this piece is set with a 3.08 carat Botswana emerald cut diamond (D FL TYPE IIA) in the center and can also be worn as a solitaire ring.
Green Garden
[Image 4d48881-81-32a760c204b054d24ce5-2.jpg&s3=48881-81-0d049801a7e6cc5253d2b1ad9047de57-1600x1200.jpg
A ring in which emeralds and pavé diamonds are set in platinum, capturing the design of the motif horizontally. The symmetrical Art Deco design is framed by delicate lines of green lacquer to accentuate the colored stones. This work can be worn in two ways: an oval design with diamonds surrounding the emerald, or a design with the parts removed. When the diamond part is removed, it transforms into a solitaire ring that highlights the brilliance of a 6.25 ct cushion-cut Zambian emerald. The earrings are set with approximately 4 carats of pear-shaped emeralds from Zambia. With a detachable emerald drop, this multi-wear piece can be worn as an earring or as an ear cuff. Color Block
[Image 5d48881-81-23fbf2916d7f39d6de57-8.jpg&s3=48881-81-5dd3e91a5be02f02326922d13fd88718-1200x1199.jpg
High jewelry with pop colors of lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, and turquoise blue. The creation, consisting of three earrings, truly embodies Boucheron’s cutting-edge innovation in High Jewelery production. A colorful lineup of vivid multicolored sapphires set with diamonds evokes the wardrobe of a queen. Earpieces that allow you to enjoy coordinating freely with color blocks that combine colored stones with an Art Deco design. You can wear it alone or wear multiple ear cuffs around your ears.
Rolling Red
[Image 6d48881-81-f976aeee6a7fe41c0807-3.jpg&s3=48881-81-1e49b3ad5ef73daf3e473b71589123c8-1600x1200.jpg
A set of necklace, earrings and ring set with 34 Mozambique rubies and approximately 1,300 round and baguette diamonds. The Queen’s brooch design has been reinterpreted and set with gorgeous gemstones. With a modern approach typical of Boucheron, the bold design emphasizes flowing vertical lines and expresses contemporary elegance. With its beautiful flowing form, this necklace is a multi-wear piece of jewelry that can be worn as a brooch by removing the central ornament. It also transforms into a diamond choker. The diversity expressed through high jewelry pieces in this way is the next generation of high jewelry that has been reconstructed in a modern way while preserving the design of past works.
Lemon Slice
[Image 7d48881-81-2b8d7db4a863f0f65a82-4.jpg&s3=48881-81-51a7764b0f2e93fda43748eeff6964a3-1600x1200.jpg
A simple and magnificent motif expressed in a single white color with diamonds on a white gold base. While retaining the charm of the design of the brooch owned by the Queen, it has been transformed into a sophisticated piece that can be worn as a barrette or a brooch. In addition, it is possible to arrange it into a choker or bracelet by setting it on a leather ribbon of six colors such as neon yellow. Taking advantage of the contrast of the material itself, we have updated it to a contemporary jewelry that transcends the framework of high jewelry.
Moon White
[Image 8d48881-81-a46693a9dca07effc6e9-5.jpg&s3=48881-81-f24184c30a3a1159ef90480b14ecf355-1600x1200.jpg
Multi-wear jewelry that combines delicacy and strength by combining the soft iridescence of Akoya pearls and the strong brilliance of diamonds. A three-strand necklace with 175 Akoya pearls accented with an Art Deco clasp. The clasp motif is paved with baguette-cut and round-brilliant-cut diamonds, and features a neat and transparent design. This detachable clasp makes an elegant statement when worn as a brooch on a tuxedo lapel or turtleneck.
Claire Choine took a similar approach with her Akoya pearl earrings. It is a work that can be worn as a motif only stud earring by removing the Akoya pearl. The set also includes a modern ring inspired by the Queen’s double clip brooch. The Art Deco motif in white gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds is the ultimate streamline. A pure white high jewelry piece that leaves a strong impression.
Mega Pink
[Image 9d48881-81-025a2b6aa4504dc9fd2b-6.jpg&s3=48881-81-2a2c705094c63274fa16b0c968a14c3d-1600x1200.jpg
A brooch consisting of two parts can be worn single or double. You can enjoy arranging them freely by arranging them vertically or setting them horizontally around the collar. Vibrant pink cabochon and baguette-cut tourmalines are highlighted by channel-set diamonds and enhanced by pink lacquer. Genderless jewelry with a bold and powerful design.
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-About Boucheron-
Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, Boucheron has inherited a free spirit and style. As the first high jeweler to set up a boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris, Boucheron has established itself as a Maison in the fields of jewelry and watches. A free and bold spirit, Boucheron’s unique style has been handed down from generation to generation and boasts a history of more than 160 years. Today, Boucheron operates more than 73 boutiques around the world and is part of the international luxury group Kering.
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