Bowers & Wilkins New Product Fully Wireless Headphones Pi5 S2 & Pi7 S2

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[Bowers & Wilkins New Product] Fully Wireless Headphones Pi5 S2 & Pi7 S2 High-end speaker brand Bowers & Wilkins, leading the modern audio scene. Completely wireless headphones with the highest sound quality.
Bowers & Wilkins will launch new models of true wireless headphones “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2” with category-leading sound quality in early February 2023.
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Bowers & Wilkins will launch new models of true wireless headphones “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2” with category-leading sound quality in early February 2023. Despite its compact body size, the Pi5 S2 is equipped with a large-diameter 9.2mm custom dynamic driver that delivers deep bass, high-resolution mids and highs, and a highly transparent stereo image. The flagship model, the Pi7 S2, uses the same 9.2mm dynamic driver as the Pi5 S2 with a 2-way driver configuration that adds a balanced armature tweeter dedicated to high frequency reproduction for even higher resolution and true-to-life sound. By combining a high-performance DSP with 24-bit processing and a bi-amp drive that drives all four drivers individually, it reveals all the details of the music and delivers true sound that goes beyond the common sense of true wireless earphones. .
True Wireless sound, redefined
In June 2021, Bowers & Wilkins entered the true wireless earphone market with the launch of the original “PI5” and “PI7”. The PI5 and PI7 achieve exceptional sound quality thanks to their proprietary drive unit, amplifier, DSP, and sound tuning by the engineer responsible for the high-end speaker “800 Series Diamond”, making them the best choice in the wireless earphone category. Redefining the upper bound of performance in In terms of design, the minimalist and creative style that makes Bowers & Wilkins instantly recognizable was highly praised.
And this time, we will release the “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2”, which are further brushed up masterpieces that established Bowers & Wilkins’ reputation in this category, the first PI5 and PI7. These two models inherit the outstanding acoustic performance of the first model and the aesthetic design unique to Bowers & Wilkins, while realizing a more stable connection, longer battery life, and a more sophisticated user experience. It has evolved into a product with a higher degree of perfection.
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Pi7 S2
The best just got better
Based on user feedback, the Pi5 S2 and Pi7 S2 have improved connection stability, battery performance, and user experience, while maintaining the amazing resolution and clarity of their sound, as well as the extra spaciousness of earphones. We have made further upgrades. For both the Pi5 S2 and Pi7 S2, the antenna design has been
drastically revised to improve connection stability and reduce the occurrence of sound interruptions in crowded places such as station ticket gates. In an environment with little radio interference, the communication distance has been improved to a maximum of 25m, realizing a high-quality listening experience with more stable communication conditions.
In addition, both models have improved the battery capacity of the earphone itself, enabling up to 5 hours of listening on a single charge. Also, by using the included charging case, you can extend the playback time of Pi7 S2 to 16 hours and Pi5 S2 to 19 hours. And it is still equipped with a quick charge function and a wireless charging function that allow 2 hours of continuous playback with 15 minutes of charging.
The Pi5 S2 and Pi7 S2 now support the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, as do the Px7 S2 and Px8. From initial settings to various settings and music playback, a single app provides a seamless user experience. [Image 3

Pi5 S2
Pi5 S2 – Class-leading, True Wireless sound
The new Pi5 S2 continues to offer class-leading sound quality. True Wireless Stereo technology ensures stable, high-quality
earbud-to-earbud synchronization, and a 9.2mm custom drive unit in each earbud delivers outstanding audio performance. The Pi5 S2 can play music in CD quality by receiving music from aptX-compatible mobile devices with high-quality aptX. And the Pi5 S2 offers seamless user-adjustable noise cancellation and ambient passthrough mode, as well as four built-in left and right microphones and advanced DSP processing for high-quality calls.
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Pi7 S2
Pi7 S2 – True Wireless sound, redefined
Pi7 S2, the flagship model of completely wireless earphones, continues to support Qualcomm (R) aptX (TM) Adaptive, and is one of the few products that can deliver high-quality sound sources to your ears with 48kHz / 24it quality. has become one. In addition, the Pi7 S2 is equipped with a 2-way drive unit that combines a 9.2mm custom drive unit specially developed by Bowers & Wilkins with a balanced armature driver for high frequencies. By using a bi-amp drive in which each of these four left and right drive units is driven by a dedicated amplifier, interference between high and low frequencies is
suppressed, and accurate, transparent, and wide-range sound is achieved.
The Pi7 S2 has Adaptive Noise Cancellation that automatically analyzes the noise around you and adapts the noise cancellation to your environment for the best uninterrupted, immersive listening
experience. It has a noise canceling function. The optimal level of noise cancellation is automatically applied with minimal impact on the playback sound, without the need for the user to switch modes. It also has an ambient pass-through function that can be turned on and off independently of the noise canceling function. The Pi7 S2 features six built-in microphones on the left and right sides for adaptive noise cancellation, ambient passthrough, and noiseless calls.
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Pi5 S2
Seamless user experience from the Music App
The Pi5 S2 and Pi7 S2 are the latest headphones fully integrated with the Bowers & Wilkins Music app. Offering a seamless user experience to set up, manage your plug-ins, toggle noise-cancelling modes, configure wearable sensors, and more, the Music app delivers high-definition audio directly from your mobile device to your earbuds through subscription services like Deezer. It also supports the ability to stream music.
*Separate registration/contract and fees may be required to use the streaming service.
Both models can be operated with a simple user interface using a touch sensor on the main unit, and also support calling Siri or Google Assistant.
Smart, intuitive features
The Pi7 S2 continues to feature Bluetooth transmitter functionality with the included smart charging case, just like the original model. Connect to an external audio source, such as a computer or an in-flight entertainment system via USB-C or a 3.5mm stereo mini plug, and wirelessly retransmit the sound to your Pi7 S2 earbuds via the smart charging case for superior sound quality can do. The signal from this transmitter function can also be played on other Bowers & Wilkins headphones such as the Px7 S2 and Px8.
Premium design, new finishes
The Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 have expanded color variations while maintaining the premium design that is unique to Bowers & Wilkins. The Pi7 S2 is available in three new colors: Satin Black, Canvas White and Midnight Blue. The Pi5 S2 comes in three colors: Storm Grey, Cloud Grey, and a vibrant new color, Spring Lilac.
Pi5 S2
True wireless noise canceling in-ear headphones
Scheduled to be released in early February 2023
Colors: Storm Grey, Cloud Grey, Spring Lilac
Open price
JAN Code: 4951035077764 (Storm Gray)
4951035077795 (Cloud Gray)
4951035077788 (spring lilac) Pi7 S2
True wireless noise canceling in-ear headphones
Scheduled to be released in early February 2023
Colors: Satin Black, Canvas White, Midnight Blue
Open price
JAN code: 4951035077733 (satin black)
4951035077740 (canvas white)
4951035077726 (midnight blue) [Image 6d3601-325-f5029efee7a86029edc3-3.jpg&s3=3601-325-ce076e13d0743e060af2a16ab0c171c3-3900x2194.jpg
Pi5 S2
About Bowers & Wilkins
Founded in England in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins has been an industry leader at the forefront of high performance audio technology for over 50 years. Bowers & Wilkins has won countless awards and recognition from the world’s leading recording studios and musicians by designing and manufacturing home speakers, headphones, custom installed products and car audio products that set new standards of innovation and sound quality. I’ve received accolades. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of superior sound and an unparalleled listening experience. Bowers & Wilkins joins the Sound United LLC family of brands in 2020.

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