Brain scientist Kenichiro Motegi enthusiastically presents recommended convenience store products!

CAM Co., Ltd.
Brain scientist Kenichiro Motegi enthusiastically presents recommended convenience store products!
New R25 original new program will be distributed on FamilyMart’s large-screen digital signage

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CAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunkai Suda), which operates the business variety media “New R25″, is a digital signage media ” FamilyMartVision” has started offering a new original program “Presenter in front of cash register”.
We hired brain scientist Kenichiro Motegi to give a passionate presentation on products such as the convenience store product “SPAM (R) Musubi Tuna Mayonnaise” that Mr. Motegi usually buys.
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■ Expand contact points with business people with “FamilyMartVision” So far, the “New R25” is based on the concept of “Let’s enjoy both work and life more.” We are expanding our content.
In recent years, in order to strengthen contact points with business people, we have expanded our content touchpoints in many ways, not limited to our own media. As one of them, we have started offering original programs on “FamilyMartVision”.
At the same time, we also provide corporate tie-up programs, which are joint products of Gate One Co., Ltd., which operates
“FamilyMartVision”, and “New R25”. By publishing the created content on the official website of “New R25” at the same time, it is possible to aim for further reach expansion. “New R25” will continue to deliver information to enjoy work and life.
■ Content example introduction
“Presenter in front of cash register”
A well-known business person presents the recommended products of the convenience store. From the point of view of a business person, you will be introduced to recommended products in an attractive way. Famimaru SPAM(R) Musubi Tuna Mayonnaise
*It may not be delivered depending on the area.
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Famimaru Temaki Sushi Natto
*It may not be delivered depending on the area.
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Famimaru Super sweet corn that can be used as is
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“Body light technique” (distribution at stores is over)
Tie-up content with Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. The second-generation Bachelorette, Miki Ozaki, has been appointed as a product that will help you get through the busy year-end and New Year holidays in a light mood. ” is introduced.
Ezaki Glico BifiX Yogurt Slightly Sweet Fat Free
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“New R25 scoop! 』
The new R25 editorial department hits the person in charge of products and services directly and scoops “information that users really want to know”. We will deliver “only here stories” that have not been fully conveyed to users.
Famimaru KITCHEN PREMIUM Special two-stage beef curry
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In addition to the above, we plan to distribute original programs and tie-up content that provide new knowledge to business people. We will deliver the appeal of companies, products and services to many business people according to various purposes.
■ Inquiries about advertising content related to “New R25 x FamilyMartVision” Contact form:
■ About the new R25
“New R25” is a “business variety media” that attracts attention business people now. Based on the concept of “Let’s enjoy both work and life more”, we distribute content that pushes the back of R25 generation users on various media.
New R25
New R25 channel (YouTube)
New R25 News (YouTube)
New R25 premium course
iOS app
Android app
■ About “FamilyMartVision”
Customers visiting the store will be able to view seasonal
entertainment information, art, news, local information, etc. based on the concept of “Experiencing Mitai in everyday life” on a large screen that connects three monitors above the cash register at FamilyMart stores. It is a digital signage that delivers a variety of attractive video content to customers.
At present, we are proceeding with installations nationwide, starting with metropolitan areas, and aim to expand to all stores where installation is possible in the future.
*For stores with “FamilyMartVision”, please check the following site.
■ CAM Co., Ltd.
Company name: CAM Co., Ltd.
Location: 40-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established May 31, 2000
Capital: 101 million yen (as of March 25, 2019)
Representative: Shunkai Suda, President and CEO
Employees: 240 (as of the end of September 2022)
Business description Entertainment business, media business
* Company names and product names mentioned in the text are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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CAM Co., Ltd. Corporate Relations Office

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