Branding Engineer Announces First Quarter Financial Results for Fiscal Year Ending August 2023 Sales and Gross P rofit Achieved Highest Values ​​for Ninth Consecutive Quarter

Branding Engineer Co., Ltd.
Branding Engineer Announces First Quarter Financial Results for Fiscal Year Ending August 2023 Sales and Gross Profit Achieved Highest Values ​​for Ninth Consecutive Quarter

Branding Engineer Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasushi Kawabata, COO: Katsuya Takahara, Securities Code: 7352, hereinafter referred to as Branding Engineer) today, January 13, 2023, the term ending August 2023. We have announced the financial results for the first quarter.
■Fiscal Year Ending August 2023 First Quarter Results Summary ・First Quarter Results
Quarterly sales reached 2.24 billion yen (up 61.2% year-on-year), and both sales and gross profit reached their highest figures for the ninth consecutive quarter. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, we made aggressive investment in recruitment and advertising, which is the largest ever, from the first quarter as planned. In particular, we focused on investment in recruitment, which increased significantly by 132.8% compared to the previous year. SG&A expenses increased by 145 million yen (up 36.4% year-on-year) as a result of active recruitment investment, but operating income finished at 49 million yen, significantly exceeding the previous year.
[Image 1d15060-142-253e04a3fc389194fa14-0.png&s3=15060-142-c45504bd2b359c3f677c1804bb5fed3b-1200x630.png
・From the second quarter of the fiscal year ending August 2023 onwards From the second quarter onwards, we will continue to make various investments with a view to medium- to long-term growth.
In particular, we will actively invest in recruitment, positioning the fiscal year ending August 31, 2023 as a strategic investment period to strengthen our organization. By making effective investments together with advertising expenses, we will continue to achieve dramatic business growth and aim for a market capitalization of 100 billion yen in the shortest possible time.
We anticipate steady growth in business performance by leveraging the strengths of our stock-type business due to an increase in the number of engineers working.
Regarding M&A, we regard the fact that sales and profit budgets for the current fiscal year are not included as a positive factor. By combining steady growth of existing businesses with non-continuous growth through M&A, we will conduct management activities with an awareness of dramatic growth and maximization of corporate value. [Image 2d15060-142-1353a5cacf569c4fbb8e-1.png&s3=15060-142-93a42e50aa94155da75673a364408766-1200x630.png
■ Performance overview
・Year-on-year comparison of financial figures
Quarterly sales grew 61.2% year-on-year and gross profit grew 41.4%. [Image 3d15060-142-a50fa9698ee0d5f39622-2.png&s3=15060-142-7c10f2146e07ed7916fe8710707b103c-1200x630.png
・Progress rate against full-year earnings forecast
In terms of progress in the first quarter, both sales and profits ended up exceeding the initial forecasts.
From the second quarter onwards, we will continue to expand our business by increasing investment in advertising and hiring to secure human resources.
[Image 4d15060-142-5dbcc14cece3f68239ff-3.png&s3=15060-142-adbbefe2e3a4ae768431d595aad84b37-1200x630.png
・Quarterly results
Quarterly sales exceeded 2.2 billion yen. Both sales and gross profit have set record highs for nine consecutive quarters.
[Image 5d15060-142-73c84ef69d07f69a132d-4.png&s3=15060-142-a2965090bb9d4c5e0ac07ed6da393999-1200x630.png
■ Focus points for the fiscal year ending August 2023
In the fiscal year ending August 2023, we will focus on three points: execution of organizational restructuring, continuation of growth investment, and consideration of new businesses and M&A.
As for the progress in the first quarter, first of all, regarding the “execution of organizational restructuring,” preparations for the transition to the holding company structure scheduled for June 1, 2023, such as merging two subsidiaries on January 1, 2023, have not progressed. We are progressing smoothly.
Next, in terms of “continuing growth investment,” as mentioned in the first quarter results, we have made the largest investment in growth to lead to dramatic growth from the next fiscal year onwards. Lastly, regarding M&A consideration, we carried out M&A of DeProp Co., Ltd. We will continue to actively consider strategic M&A from the second quarter onward.
[Image 6d15060-142-051e149de1245fd6ef0b-5.png&s3=15060-142-104abcbcb098e76805423459cead019e-1200x630.png
■ Detailed information
▼For details, please check the materials posted on our IR page.
▼Today, we will hold a financial results briefing for the first quarter. ・Summary: Financial results briefing for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending August 2023
・ Date: January 13, 2023 (Friday) 19:30-
・Speaker: Yasushi Kawabata, Representative Director and CEO
・ Application page: Branding Engineer will continue to uphold “Break The Common Sense”, which means “questioning irrational common sense and creating new rational common sense”. We will contribute to solving social issues that are caught in common sense.
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