Brave group Co., Ltd. Next-generation Virtual eSports project “Buispo!” Launches “Buispo Research Student System”!

Brave Group Co., Ltd.
The Next Generation Virtual eSports Project “Buispo!” Launches the “Buispo Research Student System”!
We will provide a program to develop future “Buispop!” members by making use of our operational know-how!

Brave Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keito Noguchi, Reading: Brave Group, hereinafter referred to as “Brave group”) is a subsidiary of Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takayoshi Hoshi, hereinafter referred to as “virtual entertainment”), the VTuber group “Buispo!”, has set up the “Buispo research student system” in addition to the conventional selection frame to challenge more applicants. We are pleased to inform you that we have started an educational program to provide opportunities for
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“Buispo!” has expanded the recruitment flow so far, and the
conventional “effort frame” to work on skill improvement after passing the audition has been changed to the “Buispo research student system” to give more people the opportunity to take on challenges. We will provide.
[What is the trainee system]
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It is an educational program for human resources aiming to debut from “Buispo!” take advantage of It is a system that supports growth to realize the debut as a new member.
Period: All the time (additional program to the permanent audition) Location: Online only
*A new flow will be added to the permanent audition, and those who meet certain criteria will be proposed to work as research students through a separate route.
Permanent audition page
It is not disclosed to the public who is active as a research student. You will act as an individual distributor.
As an activity support, we will provide practical feedback based on our operational know-how. We also plan to lend PCs to applicants. Bus pop! We are waiting for those who want to work hard together in order to make their debut!
● Examples of support content
・PC lending to applicants
・Implementation of regular employment examinations
・Activity feedback from management
・Planning for game improvement
・ Proposal of delivery strategy
*The above support details are subject to change without notice. [Image 4d44525-164-bb4f44a8ef3e87714777-3.png&s3=44525-164-de33478f3ab68c2f910f567d4afc966b-1920x1080.png
About “Buispop!”
It is a next-generation Virtual eSports project where members who are serious about games gather and spread the goodness of esports. We are engaged in distribution activities as a VTuber, participation in esports competitions, and various media mixes.

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【Company Profile】
Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd.
・Established: March 2018
・Representative: Representative Director Takayoshi Hoshi
・ Location: Minato Ward, Tokyo
・ Business content: 1. VTuber business
2. esports business
3. esports education business
4. New development business
Brave group company profile
・Company name: Brave group Co., Ltd.
・Established: October 11, 2017
・Capital: 1,878,013,651 yen (including capital surplus)
・Representative name: Keito Noguchi, Representative Director ・Location: Otomo Building 2F-C, 2-17-9 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023 ・Business description: In the Metaverse area
1. IP business
2. Platform business
3. Incubation business
・ URL:
·group company
  Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd.
MateReal Co., Ltd.
Create Ring Co., Ltd.
MetaLab Co., Ltd.
  And Epoch Co., Ltd.
  Super Yellow Co., Ltd.
  Game & Co., Ltd.
  MetaBash Inc.
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