Brilliage Co., Ltd. New release of concealer that eliminates worries and provides skin care! Confident skin with a concealer that specializes in “skin troubles that adults care about” such as dark circles under the eyes and worrisome blemishes.

Brilliage Co., Ltd.
New release of concealer that eliminates worries and cares for your skin! Confident skin with a concealer that specializes in “skin troubles that adults care about” such as dark circles under the eyes and worrisome blemishes.
Wipe out dark circles and blemishes with colors carefully selected by professional makeup artists! Naturally covers areas of concern for health.

From Briliage, a popular base makeup item, a new concealer made by make-up artist/Brilliage brand producer Chiaki Shimada has been released!
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The first item is the Palette Concealer, a popular item that has been loved by repeat customers since its release in 2010, and will be reborn as a “Longwear Fitting Concealer”.
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New release on Wednesday, January 18
Long wear fitting concealer ¥ 4,950 (tax included)
Chiaki Shimada thinks that “base makeup should continue to be updated in line with the times.”
And in order to bring out the natural beauty of a person, a concealer that can naturally cover pinpoint skin problems such as blemishes and dark circles is essential.
The new palette includes two colors carefully selected by Chiaki Shimada: almond that casually erases blemishes and freckles, and apricot that hides dark circles and brightens the eyes. It is an exquisite color that matches Japanese skin, and not only can you hide blemishes and dark circles with a single color, but it also makes your skin look beautiful.
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It spreads well and is moist, but the finish is not sticky. It contains plenty of beauty ingredients such as retinol, and realizes both skin care and elimination of skin problems.
It is a confident product that is indispensable for “makeup of the future”, with attention to detail in color, finish, texture, and ingredients.
-Point 1-
Exquisite color that eliminates skin troubles
Focus on spots, freckles, and dark circles, which are the top skin concerns. We have set the best two colors to cover each.
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-Point 2-
Moisturizes all night and does not fall apart
Due to the effects of the two types of oils in the formula, it is smooth and adheres perfectly to the skin. It has moisturizing and high coverage.
-Point 3-
Plenty of skin care ingredients including retinol
◎ Argania spinosa kernel oil: moisturizing and antioxidant
◎ Oat Grain Extract: Moisturizing, barrier function, firmness ◎ Retinol: Improves wrinkles and sagging, promotes turnover
◎ Assembly extract: promotes blood circulation
-Point 4-
Comes with a special brush that enhances the finish
Two types of brushes are included: a flat brush for dark circles that fits perfectly under the eyes, and a slightly sharpened brush for blemishes and freckles. All of them are designed to cover your troubles without any technique.
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The second concealer that dramatically improves the finish of the skin is a new color added to the designing concealer that was released last year.
In addition to the conventional 01 and 02 colors, a new ivory color with a highlight effect: 00 is now on sale. The ivory color is brighter than 01, so it is recommended for those with bright skin tones and those who want to add a highlight effect.
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New release on Wednesday, January 18
Designing concealer 3,850 yen (tax included)
Designing Concealer is characterized by the fact that it can be used over a wide area without worrying about the dryness peculiar to concealers, and that the surface can be smoothed.
This concealer has a creamy texture that can be used not only for areas such as under the eyes and the bridge of the nose, but also for the face.
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-Introducing makeup using long wear fitting concealer-
Concern (1) Dark circles around the eyes
Take a small amount of “apricot” with a flat brush and put it thinly on the bear. The point to finish well is to lay down the brush and apply it.
If you want a little more coverage, apply a small amount of concealer to the brush and repeat.
The point is to make up with the image of layering a small amount like a mille-feuille.
Concern (2) Blemishes and freckles
Take a small amount of “almond” on the brush with the sharp tip and place it on the stains and freckles.
At this time, hold the brush upright and lightly apply it to the areas of concern.
* You can mix apricot color and almond color according to your skin color and use it while adjusting the color!
[Video 3:] Not only can it be applied with a brush, but if you want to make it adhere to your skin more and have a natural finish, use a “technical blender”.
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Technical blender 2,750 yen (tax included)
By soaking in water, it changes to an elastic and fluffy feel, so it can be adhered to the skin.
It does not ruin your base makeup and gives you a natural glossy finish.
[Video 4:] A new concealer that was born to make your skin look natural and easily achieve your own healthy beauty.
A high-performance concealer is the key to base makeup in order to create a more bare-skinned beauty.
Enjoy the ultimate base makeup with this brillage concealer that does not feel thick or dry.

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