Bring your ideas to life with Minecraft! At the “Minecraft Cup 2022 National Tournament”, we will introduce 39 finalists who will challenge the final screening on February 5th.

Minecraft Cup National Tournament Steering Committee
Bring your ideas to life with Minecraft! At the “Minecraft Cup 2022 National Tournament”, we will introduce 39 finalists who will challenge the final screening on February 5th.
The concept is “a place where each person can challenge the possibilities”
39 finalists of the “Minecraft Cup 2022 National Convention”, a work contest using educational version Minecraft, have been decided. The final judging will be held in Tokyo, and each award will be decided. The jury will be held as a hybrid of online and offline. The award ceremony will be held in the Minecraft world. The state of the day will be distributed on the official YouTube, and audience voting will also be held by tournament participants and members.
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What is the Minecraft Cup National Tournament?
Based on the concept of “a place where each person can challenge their own possibilities”, we are holding a contest of works using the educational version of Minecraft. The target audience is children under the age of 18.
A total of 6,019 entries were received for this fourth tournament. A total of 426 works were collected from teams of 1 to 22 people. The award ceremony for this tournament will be held in the Minecraft world, just like last year.
(Last year’s awards ceremony)
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39 finalists
From left to right, junior division, young division, and middle division are lined up for each district block. Please take a look at it together with your enthusiasm for the final screening.
・Hokkaido Overseas Block
[Image 3

・Tohoku Block
[Image 4

・Northern Kanto Shinshu Block
[Image 5

・South Kanto Block
[Image 6

・Tokyo block
[Image 7

・Hokuriku Block
[Image 8

・Tokai Block
[Image 9

・Kinki Block
[Image 10

・Chinese block
[Image 11

・Kitakyushu Block
[Image 13

・Minami Kyushu Block
[Image 14

・Okinawa block
[Image 15

Final Judging / Awards Ceremony Overview
At the final judging committee, 39 works that have won 426 works in 13 district blocks nationwide will be judged and each award will be decided.
Date: February 5 (Sun) 9:30-16:10
Location: Sekisui House SUMUFUMU TERRACE Shinjuku
(3-6-11 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 1st and 2nd floor Nishi-Shinjuku KS Building)
Minecraft Cup Official YouTube Channel -timetable-
[Table 7: ]
-Announcement order-
・Junior Division 9:42~
[Image 16

・ Middle section 10:57~
[Image 17

・Young Division 12:12~
[Image 18

Announcement of participants and examination
-Subject to judging- Participants will make presentations online.
[Table 8: ]
In the final judging, 8 experts including educators and architects, including Japan’s first professional mine crafter Mr. Shuichi Tatsunami and video creator Mr. Kazu who are the chairman of the judging committee, will judge.
[Image 19

From top left,
・Tatsunami Shuichi (Chairman of the Judging
Committee/Prominecrafter/Microsoft Innovative Educator FELLOW) ・Misuzu Asari (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)
・Kazu (video creator)
・Rieko Komiyama (Director, Research Sapuri Educational AI Research Institute / Associate Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University Graduate School)
・ Hidekazu Masato (Teacher at Ritsumeikan Elementary School / Representative of Edutainment Education Co., Ltd.)
・Masaharu Takasaki (Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects)
・ Sara Hata (Micro:bit Educational Foundation Japan Community Lead) ・Yosuke Horiuchi (Representative Director, Vice Chairman Executive Officer, Finance & ESG Division, TKC Business, Sekisui House Co., Ltd., General Manager of ESG Management Promotion Headquarters) The judges gather at the venue, discuss face-to-face, and select each award. (Last year’s examination)
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audience vote
As in the second screening, the final screening will also accept audience votes from tournament participants and members. Anyone can vote after registering as a member on the official website of the tournament. Membership registration is free and is accepted at any time from the following URL.
▼Click here to register as a member
At the final judging, the participants will be presented with the following various awards.
-Overall Award- Award given to excellent works
[Table 9: ]
-Judge’s Special Award- Award given by each of the 8 judges
[Table 10: ]
-Partner Special Award- Award given by tournament partner companies and organizations
[Table 11: ]
Along with the trophies, the awards will include Minecraft Cup original goods and special supplementary prizes from each partner. In addition, the three teams that won the Grand Prize (one team each for the junior, middle, and young divisions) will be invited to Tokyo during the spring break to hold a tour of the facilities of the competition partner companies.
For other information about the Minecraft Cup 2022 National
Tournament, please see the official website.
Minecraft Cup National Tournament Steering Committee
Constituent organizations: Public Interest Incorporated Association Universal Shien Center, General Incorporated Association ICT CONNECT 21
Steering Committee Chair: Hiroshi Suzuki
Vice Chairperson of the Steering Committee: Kanji Akahori
Executive Director: Shugo Ikemoto
Auditor: Tadashi Okamoto
Director: Takashi Doi
Minecraft Cup National Tournament Steering Committee Secretariat (inside the Universal Shien Center)
[Tournament partner/cooperation/sponsor]
[Table 12: ]

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