Broadmind introduces “Premium Benefit Club”

Broadmind Co., Ltd.
Broadmind introduces “Premium Benefit Club”

Broadmind Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo) supports the realization of people’s life plans by handling multiple financial products such as insurance, securities, and mortgages as a single company with the purpose of “unleashing the power of finance.” Ward, President: Kiyoshi Ito, Securities Code: 7343, hereinafter “our company”) is Wills Co., Ltd., an IR support company that connects investors and listed companies (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuo Sugimoto) , hereinafter referred to as “Wills”) will introduce the “Broadmind Premium Benefit Club,” which combines the point-based shareholder benefits and shareholder information digitization services.
▶︎Overview page:
Eligible shareholders are those who hold 400 or more Broadmind shares listed or recorded in the shareholder register as of the end of March each year, starting with shareholders as of the end of March 2023. We will apply.

Purpose of introduction of the shareholder benefit program
In addition to thanking our shareholders for their ongoing support, we have established a shareholder benefit program with the aim of further enhancing the attractiveness of investing in our shares and increasing the number of shareholders who will hold our shares over the medium to long term. We have decided to introduce the system “Broadmind Premium Benefit Club”. In addition, with this introduction, we will actively utilize the shareholder database obtained by registering as a member of the “Broadmind Premium Benefit Club” and work to strengthen dialogue with shareholders.
Contents and timing of shareholder benefit program
We have been conducting various discussions to encourage more shareholders to hold our shares over the medium to long term. Among them, you can use a system such as product exchange from more than 5,000 types using points and point exchange for common shareholder benefit coin “WILLsCoin”, and also work on promoting DX of shareholder management. We will establish a new stock benefit program, “Broadmind Premium Benefit Club”. In addition, we plan to open a special website “Broadmind Premium Privilege Club” exclusively for our shareholders in mid-May 2023.
Please refer to the following page for an overview of the details of shareholder benefits and the start date for accepting applications for shareholder benefits.
▶︎Overview page:
You can check the exchanged “WILLsCoin” at “Premium Benefit Club PORTAL”. [Shareholder benefit point table]
[Table 2: ]
(1 point ≒ 1 yen)
Presentation period: Mid-May
Award condition: From 2023, be listed as a shareholder who owns 4 units (400 shares) or more in the shareholder register at the end of March every year.
Carry-over conditions: By the end of March of the following year, shares can be carried forward only if the same shareholder number is listed on the shareholder register twice or more consecutively and 400 or more shares are continuously held (maximum of 1 time). Please note that if the shareholder number is changed due to sale, name change to someone other than the owner, inheritance, etc., the points will expire and cannot be carried over before the rights are confirmed on the last day of March.
If there are any changes to the content of the shareholder benefit plan, we will promptly disclose and notify you.
-About Wills Co., Ltd.-
Wills Inc. (English name: WILLs Inc.) provides a marketing platform for domestic and foreign institutional investors and individual investors to more than 600 listed companies in Japan.
Our core service, the Premium Privilege Club
(, provides financial services through shareholder benefit common coin (WILLsCoin) and electronic voting platform (WILLsVote) that utilize blockchain technology. We aim to maximize the corporate value of our client companies by promoting dialogue between the market and listed companies.
For details of the business, please refer to the following website. (
-About Broadmind Co., Ltd.-
Broadmind, which handles insurance, securities, mortgages and multiple financial products as a single company, is a financial service development company that supports people’s life plans with the purpose of “unleashing the power of finance”. Developing and providing services that are not constrained by existing financial industry preconceived notions, such as one-stop financial consulting “Manepro” and financial education program “Blockori” that supports the realization of financial well-being. doing.
As a financial partner, we will continue to ask ourselves, “For whom is finance for?” and aim to implement “the way finance should be” in society.
Company name: Broadmind Co., Ltd. ( Representative: Kiyoshi Ito, President and Representative Director Head office location: JR Ebisu Building 7F, 1-5-5 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Established: January 2002
Business description: Financial partner service business (financial consulting for individuals and corporations)
Main services:
・One-stop financial consulting “Moneypro” ・ Subscription-type asset management and management advice service “Advisory FP Service” ・ Life plan simulator “Manepass”
・BtoC specialized online business negotiation system “Broadtalk”
・Financial Wellbeing Program “Broccoli” inquiry
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Addressed to Public Relations (Tominaga and Shimura)
 tel: 03-6675-7748 (direct) / mail:
-For investors-
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