Brocante Co., Ltd. The 2023 edition of “Engineer Recruitment Service Chaos Map” has been released by doocy Job, a project site for freelance and sideline engineers!

Brocante Inc.
“Engineer Recruitment Service Chaos Map” 2023 version released by doocyJob, a project site for freelance and sideline engineers! -Free distribution of a list of recruitment services from all 58 companies-
Brocante Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kosuke Sone, hereinafter Brocante) has released the 2023 edition of “Engineer Recruitment Service Chaos Map”. In order to support the recruitment of engineers, which is still difficult for companies to hire even in the corona crisis, we have released a chaos map that classifies 64 types of job advertisement services that are strong in hiring engineers into 3 categories (regular employees / freelancers / side jobs).
As a result, we believe that company personnel who are considering hiring engineers will be able to check “which service should be introduced to solve the current problem” in a list.
[Image 1d38976-33-feb385816b645b94de9b-0.png&s3=38976-33-dcddcf43dbb96d2705e6815dab56285b-1510x790.png
*Regarding the posted logos and service names
Regarding the notation of logos and service names on this map, there are some that have not obtained prior permission from the companies that have posted them. If there is a problem with posting on this map, please contact “”.
▼ Click here to download the chaos map (high quality)
Commentary: Brocante doocyJob business manager Yohei Sakai
[Image 2d38976-33-778ba58b67ab0624775f-1.png&s3=38976-33-cc5039f4ed101f57bcf0be283ced73b6-384x376.png
I think that many recruiters are currently struggling to hire the desired engineers due to the shortage of engineers and the expansion of DX demand. At the same time, I feel that more and more engineers are requesting side jobs, freelance work, and flexible working styles. Under these circumstances, instead of limiting the recruiting method to the conventional media and agents, which are centered on full-time employees, companies are seeking to accept human resources regardless of employment type, and utilize recruitment methods that fit their companies. I feel that we are effectively recruiting.
On the other hand, we hear from recruiters that they can’t find good candidates, and it just takes a lot of man-hours and time. From that experience, I wanted to be of help to those in charge of hiring engineers, which led to the release of this chaos map. While combining each engineer recruitment service like a portfolio, in order to quickly build a stronger product development system, we would like all personnel involved in recruitment to use the chaos map of the engineer recruitment service announced this time. I’m happy.
DoocyJob, a job site for side jobs and freelance engineers Features [Image 3d38976-33-2a6a00bb60a73ade92ee-2.png&s3=38976-33-516a60fa5c9773de3e6c092694873a56-3900x2351.png
“doocyJob” is a job information site specializing in side jobs and freelance engineers.
・Direct contract with engineers
“doocyJob” can be contracted directly between companies and engineers. Since we can communicate directly even after the start of operation, there is no uncertainty about remuneration and conditions, and you can work for a long time with a sense of satisfaction for both parties. ・Achieved the formation of the largest population in Japan
By utilizing collaborative services, the average number of proposals within 3 business days from the start of posting is 15 or more. ・Matching is possible without spending man-hours
There is free agency support for creating company pages and job postings, so you can recruit without spending a lot of money or man-hours.
・Permanent employee promotion is also possible
Now is the time to hire online. First of all, outsourcing companies and engineers work together to confirm cultural fit and skills. After that, by promoting them as full-time employees, you can prevent mismatches after hiring.
Overview of Brocante Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kosuke Sone, Representative Director
Location: 25-6 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 11, 2017
Business description:
・ “doocyJob (”, a recruitment site for freelancers / sideline engineers
・Batch search site for freelance engineers “Freelance Start
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Brocante doocyJob Management Office
Phone: 050-1752-5630
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