BRUNO 10th Anniversary Certified by the Japan Anniversary Association! February 2nd is Hot Plate Rice Day

BRUNO Co., Ltd.
[BRUNO 10th Anniversary] Certified by the Japan Anniversary
Association! February 2nd is [Hot Plate Rice Day]
We are holding a “local hot plate rice campaign” to recruit local recipes made with hot plates!

BRUNO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Masato Mori), which plans, develops and sells interior goods and lifestyle products, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the lifestyle brand “BRUNO” that enjoys adults. To commemorate this, February 2 was established as “Hot Plate Rice Day” and was officially recognized. We will hold a “local hot plate rice campaign” as a plan to enjoy hot plates.
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Every February 2nd is decided as “Hot Plate Rice Day”!
We applied to the Japan Anniversary Association*, and February 2 was certified as “Hot Plate Rice Day”.
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* Japan Anniversary Association
-Background of enactment-
Since its birth in 2014, the BRUNO hot plate has been loved by many people. Cumulative sales have exceeded 3.15 million units*, and it has continued to play an active role as a staple item around the dining table.
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who enjoys eating at home on a daily basis. , With the desire to embody the joy of eating, we have established an anniversary as a day to enjoy hot plates on the 10th anniversary of the brand.
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*As of December 31, 2022
-Origin of date-
Surrounding the hot plate, do fu (2) fu (2) with the hot ingredients cooked, We want everyone to enjoy hot, freshly cooked food! From the thought, February 2th has been certified as a memorial day.
Buzzed on SNS! Introducing the top 3 popular hot plate rice! Introducing the most buzzed hot plate rice ever on BRUNO’s official Instagram! Popular No. 1: Hot grilled xiaolongbao

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No.2: Satisfying appearance and taste! Hot bibimbap

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No.3: Easy with a hot plate! pepper beef rice

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Arranged recipes that look gorgeous and overturn the concept of cooking on a hot plate are ranked in!
BRUNO will continue to explore and propose ways to enjoy hot plates. [Image 7

“Local hot plate rice campaign” will be held!
I want to know everyone’s love for hot plates! I want to discover more wonderful recipes!
With that in mind, we will hold a campaign to recruit local recipes made with a hot plate.
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-Campaign Overview-
Post photos of local recipes made with the BRUNO hot plate on Instagram! Winners will receive a popular BRUNO item that goes well with hot plate rice! 【Application period】
February 1 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023
BRUNO popular kitchen item set
【Application method】
For photos of dishes and dining tables made with the BRUNO hot plate Post it on Instagram with your local Bruno campaign!
Follow BRUNO official Instagram account (@bruno_enjoy)
With the hashtag #Gotochi Bruno campaign,
Post a photo of the local recipe made with the BRUNO hot plate on Instagram. Please include the following information in your post.
・Name of dish
・ Recipes and memorable episodes
[Examination Criteria]
1. Locality
Are the cooking methods, ingredients, and flavors unique to the region or home? It doesn’t matter how famous you are!
2. Pleasure
Is it fun to make, fun to look at, and fun to eat? Do you want to imitate and make it?
3. hot feelings
Recipes, memorable episodes, local love, BRUNO love are also welcome! [Notice of winning]
Friday, March 17, 2023
Winners will be notified via DM on Instagram from the official account. moreover! On the same day, we will deliver the results on Instagram Live. The winning recipe will be released on Thursday, April 27, 2023! Have fun! ▼ Click here for details on the campaign
* Scheduled to be released on Wednesday, February 1, 2023
May the BRUNO hot plate spread deliciousness and joy to dining tables all over Japan.
BRUNO 10th anniversary special project is being held!
With gratitude for the 10th anniversary, there are plenty of special projects! In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, we will deliver pleasant contents such as events and campaigns.
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● 10th anniversary special page & MOVIE release
10th anniversary special page: SPECIAL MOVIE:
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A lifestyle brand born from a gathering of adults who are good at having fun For example, turning the beachside into a workplace, turning the usual dining table into a party,
Choose interiors to enjoy fashion.
BRUNO has a lifestyle that emphasizes “enjoyment” and “changeable”. BRUNO We deliver a playful lifestyle to enjoy life.
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