Bulldozer Co., Ltd. Thinking about the whole earth from Shibuya “What is the scope of your own goto? Exhibit ion” held on February 17th and 18th at Shibuya Cast Space

Bulldozer Co., Ltd.
Think about the whole earth from Shibuya “What is the scope of your self-made? Exhibition” held on February 17th and 18th at Shibuya Cast Space
~Collaboration between Art Thinking Pioneer Bulldozer and SDGs Cutting Edge Zoo Adventure World~

“Bulldozer Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Emika Owa, Reading: Bulldozer, hereinafter Bulldozer), which develops founder-thinking human resources based on art thinking, operates the adventure world of Nanki Shirahama. Ours Co., Ltd. (Location: Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Masashi Yamamoto) will be invited from Shibuya, the center of culture, to the whole earth from the perspective of “biodiversity” that is not usually touched. An exhibition and workshop that will broaden your horizons will be held at Shibuya Cast Space on February 17th and 18th. [Image 1d84339-11-0b55b28e72acb073cc7b-4.jpg&s3=84339-11-a297eccb8e7355708a8c544b7c845ebb-2670x1538.jpg

■ Background of the exhibition
“Wouldn’t it be possible to create a better world by making the earth your own from a slightly reduced point of view?”
In addition to the “VUCA era”, the never-ending global spread of the coronavirus and the protracted war… As the future becomes more and more uncertain, we become more desperate for what’s in front of us. But isn’t it also necessary to step outside the whirlpool to determine your own direction?
As the saying goes, “bird’s eye, insect’s eye, fish’s eye”, switching perspectives brings many discoveries. should be If the “range of self-goto” expands, what you think and what you can do will change. It is this exhibition that I would like you to create such an
opportunity. Let’s take a peek into the world from Shibuya, the center of culture!
■ Exhibit contents and experiences
・Exhibition area (always during the exhibition)
The exhibition is divided into the following three zones.
 Zone 1: Shibuya’s diversity, Japan’s diversity, global diversity  Zone 2: The diversity of animals you don’t know (maybe you can meet things you can’t usually meet!?)
“Zone 3: What is the scope of your personalization?”
  We will present a worksheet to those who wish to check their range while going around the exhibition.
In addition, we will also hold a workshop to visualize the “scope of self-goto” by advance reservation system.
・Workshop (5 times during the event, advance reservation required from the link below, capacity of 10 people each time, 1 hour)
February 17 (Friday)
1.14:00-15:00 (https://forms.gle/4g4DaZGt3vGL7uzL8)
2.17:30-18:30 (https://forms.gle/UAuJfDUwy1seDYCGA)
 3.19:30-20:30 (https://forms.gle/DJSEx5q2gPGAKzE87)
Saturday, February 18th
4.11:30-12:30 (https://forms.gle/vFEJbqWMZUhC3UQ86)
5.16:00-17:00 (https://forms.gle/LSEAVkW3sBUuG8As9)
■ Event overview
Location: Shibuya Cast Space (https://shibuyacast.jp/floor/) Date: February 17 (Fri) 13:00-21:00 / February 18 (Sat) 12:00-17:00 * Free admission to the exhibition and participation in the workshop Cooperation: Shibuya Cast
■ Overview of Adventure World
[Image 2d84339-11-80054e2ea4e57de142c6-2.png&s3=84339-11-837ed52b6d085d9da44e9d04e96d763b-816x266.png
Located in Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture on the warm Kii Peninsula, this is a theme park with the theme of “Kokoro ni Smile Future Creation Park” where 1,400 animals of 140 species from land, sea and sky live. Through humans (humans), animals, and nature, we hope to create opportunities for each and every person who visits the park to become positive and have a positive impact on the future of their lives. We also aim to contribute to the realization of a bright and prosperous society full of smiles, and to be a park that will always be needed. In addition, we have succeeded in breeding rare animals such as giant pandas, and are working to protect and research them.
Location: Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture
 Official website: https://www.aws-s.com/
 Operating company: Ours Co., Ltd.
Area: 800,000 square meters
Opened: April 22, 1978
 Twitter: https://twitter.com/aws_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adventureworld.official
 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventureworld_official/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureworld_official
 TikTok  :https://www.tiktok.com/@adventureworldofficial
[Image 3d84339-11-a4174a25cdfe12f65db0-3.png&s3=84339-11-162c542b6347c49e9b15fb917715577b-1288x658.png
■Overview of Bulldozer Inc.
[Image 4d84339-11-6038c822e26e94cd616a-5.jpg&s3=84339-11-109c91cd974870f91afb9d5b0301fcca-2401x1042.jpg
An art farm founded in September 2018 by CEO Emika Owa, with the corporate message of “creating value that will last 1,000 years”. We will explore solutions in a workshop format to various concerns such as new business development, human resource development (human capital management), purpose management, etc. We have gained a lot of support from leading companies in the industry, including Daikin Industries, Ltd. Nihon Keizai Shimbun has also been featured as a pioneer of art thinking as a hint for innovation.
[Image 5d84339-11-a1a995cf07b95be76814-6.jpg&s3=84339-11-fb02fa63f0b5403916f6f2f1152d6bef-3508x2480.jpg
■ Inquiries regarding this press release and coverage
Bulldozer Co., Ltd. Representative Director Emika Owa
Email: info@bulldozer.co.jp
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