Business tie-up with “URBANBASE”, which provides a 3D space platform, and “Izan”, a media technology company from Kyoto.

Business tie-up with “URBANBASE”, which provides a 3D space platform, and “Izan”, a media technology company from Kyoto.
From solving the problem of Kyomachiya and vacant houses to promoting tourism DX, we have greatly expanded the support area, mainly in the Kansai region.

URBANBASE Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Ohno,
hereinafter: URBANBASE), which provides a “3D spatial data platform” for the real estate and interior industries, is Izan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, CEO: Inoue Koji (hereafter referred to as Izan) has concluded a partner agreement including sales agency. As a result, URBANBASE’s service area, which was previously centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area, will be greatly expanded, centered on the Kansai region, and the promotion of DX and business reforms that will solve problems unique to regions such as the real estate and tourism industries will be further accelerated. I will come. [Image 1

Business partnership with URBANBASE and Izan
Izan is a media technology company that specializes in supporting the shooting, production, and utilization of VR/3D/360° panorama tours. We have a wealth of experience throughout Japan, including real estate properties, large halls, factories, famous hotels, and cultural properties.
Through this partnership, we will provide solutions such as
URBANBASE’s 3D spatial data platform (3DCG interior simulator, EC linkage, etc.) and “applications” that utilize VR/AR/AI to client companies in a wide range of industries supported by Izan. To do. URBANBASE will continue to contribute to the real estate and interior industry by providing “easy to operate by anyone (regardless of IT literacy level)” and “low price” to companies that are considering using 3D spatial solutions. We will support the use of IT to solve problems unique to local areas, such as promoting DX, improving convenience for travelers, improving operational efficiency in the tourism industry, and utilizing and renovating Kyoto townhouses and vacant houses.
Comment from Koji Inoue, Representative Director of Izan
When I touched the URBANBASE screen for the first time, I was surprised by its ease of use and lightness of operation, and I was convinced that it would become a platform that many people would use. URBANBASE’s service philosophy is similar to Izan’s philosophy, and I am very excited about this partnership.
About Izan Co., Ltd.
With the media technology business at its core, we provide a one-stop service for filming, production, and utilization of virtual tours that are suitable for solving the problems of client companies. We support DX and business transformation in various industries such as tourism, MICE, education, welfare, and real estate.
About URBANBASE Co., Ltd.
An IT company that focuses on 3D space, it has a unique patented technology that instantly converts 2D drawing images into 3D, and provides a “3D space data platform” for the interior and real estate industries.
We also have a track record of many adoptions by furniture and home appliance retailers in the development of applications that utilize VR/AR/AI.
■ URBANBASE partnership system
 URBANBASE is looking for sales (distribution/resale/OEM) partners for the 3D interior simulation service “Urbanbase Studio” and the interior AR application “Urbanbase AR”, as well as technical tie-up partners from Japan and overseas. Please contact us for details.
Partner Alliance Manager: Taka
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Company name: URBANBASE Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 3F, 1-9-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2019
Representative: Masahiro Ohno, Representative Director and CEO URL:
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Public Relations Manager, URBANBASE Co., Ltd.
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