Buy one branded pig and offer plant-based sweets New business format “front village diner Ikegami store” NEW OPEN

Fun and Pride Co., Ltd.
Buy one branded pig and offer plant-based sweets New business format “front village diner Ikegami store” NEW OPEN
Community-based Cafe & Diner x Apparel x VR (Virtual Restaurant)
Fun and Pride Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yoshitsuki Maemura), which provides comprehensive production and consulting for restaurants, will open a community-based Cafe & Diner front village diner as a real store in Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo in 2023. It will open in May and provide regional gourmet food with new added value to the area.

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The segment is “pork” We offer a wide range of pork dishes regardless of Japanese, Western, or Chinese
At the front village dinar Ikegami store, we wanted to provide delicious and safe ingredients, so we purchased one of Chiba’s branded pork “Hayashi SPF” to offer delicious food at a reasonable price.There are many producers. Among them, we purchase from Tsunashima Pig Farm, where pigs are raised freely in the land of Kuwabara, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, where rich nature spreads, such as Nomizo Taki and Kameyama Dam.
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What is Hayashi SPF Pork?
We want to eliminate stressful factors for pigs and deliver healthy and delicious pigs to everyone! “Hayashi SPF Pork” is a brand of pork produced by a group of pig farms in Chiba Prefecture with such a strong desire. It is a healthy pig that has been freed from five specific pathogenic bacteria that ordinary pigs carry by giving birth by caesarean section. Raising pigs with antibiotic-reduced feed exclusively for SPF pigs according to their growth stage makes it possible to produce safe and delicious pork.
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Enjoy original bacon and sausage

“Ikegami Nikuman”, a new regional gourmet dish
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Recognition Appeal with Banners
Developed “Ikegami Nikuman”, which uses 100% domestically produced pork, as a new local souvenir and eating while walking gourmet. Since its opening, it has been very popular and some customers buy more than 10 per person. In the future, we will continue to brush up in order to take root in the region and grow into a new purpose gourmet.

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New area specialty “Ikegami meat bun”

All-you-can-drink 30 kinds of vegan certified syrup. Reservation recommended “Slow lunch”
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The world’s most popular natural syrup
“Slow lunch” is available only during lunchtime on the 2nd floor. You can enjoy a syrup bar where you can enjoy 30 different flavors. All syrups are made with French natural syrup 1883 syrup. 1883 Maison Routin Syrup is made with clear, high-quality natural water from the French Alps. 1883 uses cane sugar instead of refined sugar, so it’s natural and not too sweet. It does not become too sweet even if it is mixed with alcohol, coffee, or sweetened beverages such as juice. The production method and ingredients that are particular about natural ingredients are so vegan and halal certified. Vegans can also enjoy it with confidence.
The food is served on an original plate designed to look like a surfboard, making you want to take pictures. It is a popular lunch that must be satisfied not only with the impact when it is delivered, but also with the dishes that use branded pork.
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Limited cabbage rolls that require reservations
It is very filling and comes with a vegan syrup bar, starting at 1,800 yen, so the repeat rate is very high.
Take-out products are also available. We support meals for everyone in the area. At the front village diner Ikegami store, you can take out from lunch boxes to sausages and side dishes under the motto of “helping local people eat”.
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Appeal to takeout needs with catchy icons
All sweets are developed on a plant basis
Our sweets are developed with a commitment to not using any animal protein such as eggs or milk. Since the opening of the store, the popular soft serve ice cream and donuts have been enjoyed by customers with children who have allergies and people who have vegan ideas, and we will continue to develop new products in the future.
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Egg- and dairy-free soft ice cream
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