C-RISE Cloud BOT supports file transfer with Power Automate Cloud-based RPA

Cloud BOT supports file transfer with Power Automate [Cloud-based RPA] It is now possible to transfer files between various applications supported by Power Automate and cloud bots.

C-RISE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, CEO: Murai) has strengthened the connector for Power Automate of the cloud-type RPA service “Cloud BOT (R)” to support file transfer. [Image 1

Overview of Power Automate connector “Cloud BOT”
It is a connector for Power Automate that can call a BOT that automates browser operations as a workflow action, and can execute a workflow with the execution result of the BOT as a trigger.
With this connector enhancement, it is now possible to pass files with actions and trigger functions. As a result, it is now possible to hand over files from workflows to BOTs and upload them to any site, or execute workflows using files downloaded by BOTs from any site as a trigger.
What is Cloud BOT?
Cloud BOT(R) is a cloud-type RPA service that allows you to create BOTs (robots) that automatically operate web browsers with no code. From simple data entry work to data linkage between web applications, various operations performed on web browsers can be automated on the cloud.
This service is provided as a freemium cloud-based RPA service, and full-scale automation of operations can be achieved at a low cost, with a paid plan starting at 3,000 yen per month. In addition, by utilizing the latest serverless technology, the robot can be executed stably, and it is possible to create a high-quality robot at a low price.
What is Power Automate
Power Automate is a service that automates workflows between various applications, mainly Microsoft products. It enables cooperation between more than 600 types of web services and applications (as of January 2023).
In addition to Microsoft services such as Office365, it is possible to link with various business cloud services such as Gmail, Slack, and Salesforce, and is attracting attention in Japan.
Power Automate connector “Cloud BOT” update contents
Added actions for file linkage
“File upload” and “File download” have been newly added as cooperative actions with cloud BOT.
About the File Upload Action
You can upload files on the cloud BOT server. By using this action, the bot can handle files uploaded from Power Automate when automating web pages.
The following collaborations are possible.
[Image 2

Download a file stored on Google Drive and upload it to a website using a cloud BOT.
About the File Download Action
Power Automate can receive files obtained by BOT during automatic operation. The following collaborations are possible.
[Image 3

Cloud BOT uploads files downloaded from websites to Google Drive. Added support for data types on the cloud BOT side
Regarding data linkage between Power Automate and Cloud BOT, in addition to the previously supported “text type”, it now supports “file type” and “multiple text types” data types.
It supports all data types that can be set in the cloud BOT, enabling flexible data linkage.
Click here for documents and case studies related to Power Automate integration https://docs.c-bot.pro/connect/powerautomate/
Click here for Power Automate connector “Cloud BOT”
https://powerautomate.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/details/shared_cloudbot/cloud-bot/ We also offer free online consultations.
I will explain the following contents.
・What kind of service is Cloud BOT?
・In what industries and applications are they being introduced? ・I would like you to explain examples of iPaaS linkage and setting methods. Click here for details on Cloud BOT
[Image 4

[Cloud BOT (R) product overview]
Product overview: Cloud-based RPA
Price: Listed in the service site plan table (free plan available) Service site: https://c-bot.pro/
Promotional video: https://youtu.be/dNHUzMrU4xo
[Image 5

About C-RISE Co., Ltd.
C-RISE Co., Ltd. BOTs and automates various operations and ideas on the cloud We provide platform services.
【Company Profile】
Company name: C-RISE Co., Ltd.
Location: Room 2-101, Tanaka Building, 19 Kyoda, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture Representative: Masanori Murai
Established: July 2005 (Founded in April 1998)
URL: https://www.c-rise.co.jp/
Business: Web automation business, Web system development business, EMS business [Contact]
TEL: 076-213-5619 [9:30-17:00]
e-mail: info@c-rise.co.jp

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