CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. CAICA Technologies launches semi-order type NFT marketplace development service to support entry into Web3

CAICA Technologies launches semi-order type NFT marketplace
development service to support entry into Web3

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Our subsidiary CAICA Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shin Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as CAICA Technologies) has started selling a semi-order type NFT marketplace development service that supports Web3 entry. Please take advantage of this service by all means.
Features of this service
[Semi-order service that allows design changes]
[Package basic functions required for NFT marketplace]
[Intuitive and easy-to-use screen]
NFT utilization in the Web3 era
Two years have passed since the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) boom, and various ways to use it are being considered as a more essential “Web3 business detonator” from speculative purchasing behavior. Many companies, including content holders, are considering Web3 businesses that utilize NFTs, but there are some projects that cannot be commercialized due to technical and cost hurdles.
In order to solve the problem and support the entry of companies into the Web3 business, CAICA Technologies will start providing the “Semi-order type NFT marketplace development service”.
CAICA Group’s approach to Web3 business
The CAICA Group has many achievements in the Web3 business, such as the operation of the NFT launch pad “Zaif INO” specializing in blockchain games and the operation of the crypto asset exchange “Zaif”. The semi-order type NFT marketplace development service provided by CAICA Technologies utilizes these achievements and know-how to strongly support companies that are considering entering the Web3 business.
Outline of semi-order type NFT marketplace development service “I want to issue and distribute NFTs as a base for Web3 business” “I want to convert my company’s content into NFT”
“I want to build and operate my own brand NFT marketplace”
In order to solve these problems and requests, we have prepared the following menus.
[Marketplace function module (example)]
・Wallet linkage function
   ・NFT new issue function
   ・NFT sales/purchase function
   ・User management function
This service is a semi-order type, so it is the best service for those who want to launch an NFT marketplace quickly and inexpensively, but want to be particular about the design.
[Marketplace construction support service]
・Service design/planning support
  · Marketplace maintenance and operation
We have been working on business in the blockchain and NFT fields from early on, and we will support the launch of services quickly and inexpensively by leveraging our extensive know-how. In addition, we can provide end-to-end support from business concept creation to NFT issuance operations.
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■ About inquiries
Please apply from the following inquiry form on the CAICA Technologies website.
Or contact us by email at
■ A long-established blockchain company
CAICA Technologies has been working on blockchain technology since 2016 with a fintech strategy based on over 50 years of knowledge in system development for financial institutions. We will support your company’s Web3 / NFT business with a perfect system by utilizing our knowledge as “one of the leading long-established blockchain companies in Japan”.
(See the website below for the service lineup of CAICA Technologies.)
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-Inquiries regarding this matter-
CAICA Technologies Co., Ltd.
Sales Department TEL 03-5657-3010
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