CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. Zaif INO 4th INO decision! 100 limited NFTs of CryptoSpells will be sold at Zaif INO! !

[Zaif INO] 4th INO decision! 100 limited NFTs of CryptoSpells will be sold at Zaif INO! !

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Our subsidiary Caika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shin Suzuki) has decided to sell the 4th INO at Zaif INO.
The 4th INO will be the first collaboration project with CryptoGames Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kota Ozawa), which operates the blockchain game “CryptoSpells”, with which we recently signed a business alliance agreement. 100 CryptoSpells limited NFTs on TCG Verse will be on sale from January 27, 2023.
We will sell CryptoSpells NFTs at the GameFi specialized NFT marketplace “Zaif INO”. This NFT will be issued on the Oasys L2 chain “TCG Verse” and sold at $OAS.
Sales destination: Zaif INO
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■ Card details
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Fox Shrine Maiden Ukanomitama
Rarity : Gold
Issued number: 100
-Ability Details-
Civilization: Red
Race: Beast
Ability: Cost 3/Attack Power 2/Health 3 When summoned: 2 damage to a random opponent unit
-Sales Overview-
Period: 2023/1/27 21:00-2022/2/10 21:00 (UTC+09:00)
Price: $725 OAS
Number: 100 points
Chain: $OAS bridged over Oasys L2’s TCGVerse chain
How to purchase: *Precautions when purchasing
The sales chain this time will be the Oasys L2 chain “TCG Verse”. Before you actually purchase NFT, you need to bridge your $OAS from Hub Layer to TCG Verse in Oasys Hub’s My Assets.
■ About CryptoSpells
“Crypto Spells” is a blockchain card game that can be played without a wallet or crypto assets developed by TCG Verse of Oasys’ L2 chain. Officially released on June 25, 2019, cloud sales exceeded 900 ETH, becoming the largest in Japan at the time. In June 2020, the first TV commercial was held.
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[Overview of Zaif INO]
The “Zaif INO” launchpad (primary sales) is scheduled to collaborate with various Web3 companies. We will announce the game development companies that will exhibit NFTs as soon as they are decided.

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[Sales page]
We are always looking for projects and companies that want to sell NFT. If you are interested, please contact
For inquiries about sales, click here
■Zaif INO Official Twitter:
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