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“Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 Grand Final” Results Breaking News! “Japan’s strongest team has finally been decided!”
The final battle “Street Fighter League: World Championship 2022” will be held on February 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) Japan time!

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Yesterday, January 21st (Saturday), we would like to inform you of the preliminary match report of “Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 Grand Final”.
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Semifinals: Playoff 1st place “Saihunkan Sol Kumamoto” vs Playoff 2nd place “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom”
In the “Grand Final”, the team that first scored 70 points wins, with the frontrunner, midfielder, and general battles as one round. You get 10 points in the vanguard/midfielder battle, and 20 points in the general battle.
The playoff first place team can take full advantage of the “home and away” rule and start the first round on the home side. And the home away will be replaced every time the general battle ends.
Semi-final 1st round: Home “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto” vs “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom” away
Semi-Final 1st Round Spearhead: YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) vs Umehara (Guile) The opening match of the Grand Final.
Umehara aggressively closed the gap against Dhalsim, who was suffering from the playoffs in this section, and quickly cornered him to the edge of the screen to take the lead in 1 BATTLE. In the 2nd BATTLE, he builds up attacks around crouching strong punches and kicks and attacks. Defeated YHC-mochi player Dhalsim at the edge of the screen. Against Dhalsim, who was suffering, Umehara showed the answer to Dhalsim’s countermeasures and won the vanguard match in a straight line.
■Semi-final 1st Round Midfielder: Nemo (Gill) vs Akira (Cammy) In the 1st BATTLE, Nemo responded well to Akira, who attacked from the air with jump attacks and “Cannon Strike”, and counterattacked to take damage and win. However, from the second BATTLE onwards, Akira’s Cammy, who changed into a game costume, overwhelmed Nemo with his signature lightning-fast attacks. Succeeded in reversing by winning 2 and 3 BATTLE in a row.
Semi-Final 1st Round Daisho: Shuto (Julian) vs. Fuudo (Poison) Shuto showed unparalleled strength in the playoffs from the second half of this section. On the other hand, Fuudo said that he had prepared well for the general match. In contrast to Shuto, who has a high degree of accuracy in counterattacks, Fuudo deliberately reduces Poison’s strong long-range attacks to create an attack. Fuudo, who continued to take the lead while adjusting the fighting distance and crushing Shuto’s strengths, won the Taisho match 3-1, and the away side “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom” earned 40 points.
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Round 2 of the semi-finals: Home “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom” vs “Saihunkan Sol Kumamoto” away
Semi-Final 2nd Round Spearhead Match: Fuudo (Poison) vs Nemo (Urian) Nemo, who participated as the vanguard of the away side, updated his fighting style with reference to the first round Taisho match, and assembled attacks centered on “Quoral Kick” and “Metallic Sphere”. However, Fuudo responds with a walking guard and an EX “Love Me Tender” bullet escape. The back-and-forth frontrunner match became a full round and full set.
At the end, Fuudo won the vanguard match with Yomiwachi. He brought home his 50th point for the team.
■Semi-final 2nd Round Midfielder: Higuchi (Guile) vs Akira (Cammy) Akira won the first round against Higuchi, who was the first match of the day. In the first BATTLE, Akira’s lightning-fast attack exploded, and he won in no time. However, Higuchi grabbed a chance with his invincible technique EX “Somersalt Kick” and regained the 2nd BATTLE, and he calmly responded to Akira’s attack in the 3rd BATTLE and succeeded in winning in a row. Scored 10 crucial points to save the team from a pinch.
■Semi-final 2nd Round Daisho: Shuto (Julian) vs Umehara (Guile) The fate of the team was entrusted to the ace of both teams. Against Umehara, who is burning with revenge for the playoffs, Shuto calmly moves around, effectively using Julian’s V-Trigger I “Aegis Reflector” to take the first BATTLE. In the 2nd BATTLE that followed, Guile’s “Sonic Boom” skillfully meshed with the jump and grabbed victory. Even in the 3rd battle, which was a last-minute battle, he defeated Umehara and won the Taisho match in a straight line. In a situation where the team would be eliminated if they lost, the pressure was on, and Shuto, who showed his competitiveness, advanced to the third round of the semi-finals.
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Round 3 of the semi-finals: Home “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto” vs. “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom” away
Semi-Final 3rd Round Spearhead Match: YHC-Mochi player (Dhalsim) vs Umehara player (Guile)
Umehara seemed to be conscious of his strong punches and kicks with returns, and his aim was to pass the front step, but YHC-Mochi engaged Dhalsim’s standing strong kicks there. Furthermore, YHC-Mochi, who was able to handle the attacks of Umehara, who wanted to corner Dhalsim on the edge of the screen, and kept the lead in the fighting, took advantage of the loss in the first round and won the victory. ■Semi-final 3rd Round Midfielder: Higuchi (Guile) vs Akira (Cammy) A mid-level battle that was the same combination as the second round. As in the previous match, Akira uses a lot of attacks from the air to attack Higuchi. In the first battle, Higuchi was unable to react in time, but in the second battle, he showed a calm response and the match count was 1-1. In the 3rd battle, Higuchi had the upper hand and the match progressed, but Akira succeeded in making a big comeback due to his low physical strength. I succeeded in the previous revenge. ■Semi-final 3rd Round Daisho: Shuto (Urian) vs Fuudo (Poison) Ace Shuto who appeared in the important scene of the 4th round if he wins and the elimination if he loses. The first round match between the two players, and even in this match, the countermeasures were complicated, and high-level offense and defense unfolded. The final BATTLE of the General Battle, which became a full set, alternately scrambled for 1 BATTLE. Shuto, who won the first round at once, launched a fierce attack in the second round. At the end, Fuudo was defeated with a combo from Julian’s V-Trigger I “Aegis Reflector” to the Critical Arts “Dominant Crash”. Raise a roar and hold on to hopes of advancing to the finals.
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Round 4 of the semi-finals: Home “Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Mildom” vs “Saihunkan Sol Kumamoto” away
Semifinal 1st Round Pioneer Match: Umehara (Guile) vs Shuto (Julian) The final battle, where the team’s fate depends on advancing to the final, was the same combination as the second round general match. Shuto, who is gaining momentum, demonstrates Julian’s high firepower and overwhelms Umehara in the first battle. Shuto, who held the match point as it was, broke down Umehara’s solid defense with his V-Trigger I “Aegis Reflector”, and won the victory in one fell swoop.
Shuto won 50 points in the semi-finals and miraculously pulled out of a cornered situation.
“Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto” bounced back from adversity and advanced to the finals.
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Finals: League main section 1st place “Good 8 Squad” vs Playoff 1st place “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto”
As with the semi-finals, the finals consisted of a frontrunner, midfielder, and general match, with the first team to score 70 points to win.
You get 10 points in the vanguard/midfielder battle, and 20 points in the general battle.
In the finals, the league’s 1st place “Good 8 Squad” can start the first round on the home side. And the home away will be replaced every time the general battle ends.
Round 1 of the finals: Home “Good 8 Squad” vs “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto” away ■Final Round 1st Pioneer: Gachikun (Rashid) vs YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) Gachi-kun, who uses Rashid, who is said to be able to take advantage of Dhalsim, appears in the vanguard match.
However, once the match started, YHC-Mochi would go on the offensive against Rashid. The final round was a full set and full round with each other sharing 1 BATTLE. YHC-Mochi defeated Gachi-kun’s fierce attack even though he was in a difficult situation at the edge of the screen and won the vanguard match.
■Final round 1 midfielder: Pugera (Bison) vs Higuchi (Guile) In the 1st BATTLE, Higuchi was able to win the round, but in terms of fighting, Pugera took advantage of Bison’s standing punches and succeeded in taking the lead. In the 2nd BATTLE, Pugera continued his tactics just before the time was up, continued his powerful offense at the edge of the screen, and won the middle-ranked match in a straight line.
■Final Round 1 General Match: Kawano (Luke) vs Shuto (Julian) When leader Gachi-kun announced the participating players, Kawano’s Luke, who caused a stir at the tournament venue, appeared in the general match. Attention was focused on what kind of play Kawano would finish.
In the 1st BATTLE, Shuto successfully matched his attacks and won, but from the 2nd BATTLE, Kawano showed his true potential. He overwhelmed Shuto with highly accurate hit confirmation, anti-aircraft attacks, and Luke’s specialty of attacking at the edge of the screen. Against Julian’s V-Trigger I “Aegis Reflector”, he showed EX “Rising Upper” countermeasures, and won 3 battles in a row to defeat Shuto who was in great shape.
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Round 2 Finals: Home Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto vs Good 8 Squad Away ■Final Round 2 Spearhead: Dogura (Vega) vs YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) Dogura’s Vega, who will be the first match of the day, appears. In the pre-match interview, he puts pressure on YHC-Mochi, saying, “Dhalsim is fine…”. In the 1st BATTLE, YHC-Mochi wins a close battle centered on Dhalsim’s V-Skill I “Yoga Float” attack, but in the 2nd and 3rd BATTLE, Dogura shows a good response to Dhalsim and succeeds in turning the tables. bottom.
■Final Round 2 Midfielder: Gachikun (Rashid) vs Higuchi (Guile) Gachikun succeeded in becoming the first player in the 1st BATTLE, taking advantage of the bargaining in close-range battles. However, in the second BATTLE, Higuchi, who responded with Guile’s “Sonic Boom” as a starting point, took it back. The battle between the two players, which continued to develop at the last minute, turned into a full set and full round as planned. At the end, Higuchi succeeded in perfectly reading Gachikun’s escape from the edge of the screen and won the close battle.
■Final Round 2 Taisho: Pugera (Bison) vs Shuto (Julian)
Against Pugera’s bison, Shuto, who has participated in the general match in all the “Grand Finals” games so far, appeared again in the general match to save the team from a pinch. In the first BATTLE, Pugera used Bison’s “Dash Straight” to take the lead. In the 2nd BATTLE, Shuto succeeded in a combo attack that perfectly managed the EX gauge from the state of physical strength dots and regained it. The battle continued as it was, and it became a full-set, full-round battle here as well, but Pugera overcame Shuto’s attack and won the Taisho match.
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Round 3 Finals: Home “Good 8 Squad” vs “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto” Away ■Final Round 3 Spearhead: Dogura (Vega) vs Higuchi (Guile)
Higuchi appeared in “Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto”, which had no end, and entrusted fate to Dogura to overturn the situation that had the same development as the “Good 8 Squad” 2021 “Grand Final”.
Higuchi succeeded in retrieving victory with a strong attack that did not seem to be cornered. In the second BATTLE, he created a chance with a jump attack, and in the end he won with Guile’s Critical Arts “Sonic Hurricane”, entrusting the team with the baton of hope for victory.
■Final Round 3 Midfielder: Pugera (Bison) vs Nemo (Urian)
Leader Nemo appears to save the team. On the other hand, Pugera, who is determined to win the championship here.
In the 1st BATTLE, which was a close match where the tension was rising and the feelings of each other collided, Pugera, who was calmer at the end, took the lead. However, in the second BATTLE, Nemo skillfully engaged punches while standing to advance the match, and at the end, he avoided the pressure and completed the combo attack to regain the BATTLE.
And in the final BATTLE of fate, both players fully demonstrated their strengths and entered the final round.
In the final round, the back-and-forth battle was repeated, and it was a situation where either side could have won, but it was Pugera who won in the end. He avenged last year’s disappointment with his own hands and led the “Good 8 Squad” to victory.
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“Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2023” will be held in the latest series “Street Fighter 6”!
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