Capcom Co., Ltd. Enjoy various event quests in 2023. From “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, “Gorgeous Flames Calling Ancient Dragons” and “Blast, Get Out of Trouble” are now available.

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Let’s enjoy 2023 with various event quests. From “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, “Gorgeous Flames Calling Ancient Dragons” and “Blast, Get Out of Trouble” are now available.

In the super-large expansion content “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” (Nintendo Switch (TM) / Steam (R)) of “Monster Hunter Rise”, which is now on sale, the event quests “Gorgeous Flame Calling the Ancient Dragon” and “Blast, pay off the evil! Tamae” has started distribution. Distribution starts on Thursday, January 5, 2023
Event Quest “Great Flame Calling the Ancient Dragon”
[Image 1

Purpose: Hunt 1 Rioleus and 1 Yatsukadaki subspecies, and subjugate 1 Theo Tescatl
Destination: Lava Tube
Participation/order conditions: MR1 or higher
clear this quest
Get the special gestures “Fear” and “Pat your chest”!
[Image 2

Event Quest “Blast, get rid of the bad luck”
[Image 3

Purpose: Hunting one Crimson Bazelgeuse
Destination: Gokusenkyo
Participation/order conditions: MR10 or higher
Challenge special-sized monsters and update your hunting record! *The game screen is from the Nintendo Switch version.
Check the event quest information being distributed on the official website After downloading the event quest, you can play offline indefinitely! Each event quest can be received from the “Event Quest” at the meeting place quest counter or the observation base counter by receiving it from the menu “Additional Content” in the “Postman” in Kamura Village and Observation Base Elgado.
* Internet connection is required to receive. Downloaded quests can be played offline indefinitely.
*Some event quests have order and participation conditions.
*It is necessary to update to the latest version to use download content and play online.
Product information
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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Now on sale [Thursday, June 30, 2022]
Platform: Nintendo Switch(TM), Steam(R)
Genre: Hunting Action
Number of players: 1 (communication play: up to 4)
CERO rating: C (for 15 years old and over)
To play, you need the main version of “Monster Hunter Rise”. * In order to play various elements added from “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, it is necessary to clear [Meeting Hall Quest 7 “Thunder God”] in “Monster Hunter Rise”. Also, it is necessary to update “Monster Hunter Rise” with the latest update data.
* Internet connection environment is required to update “Monster Hunter Rise” and download “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”.
*A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online (paid) is required to connect to the Internet on Nintendo Switch and play cooperatively with players far away.
*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
*Cross play and cross save are not supported between platforms. (C) 2022 Valve Corporation. Steam and the Steam logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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