Career Start Co., Ltd. Shimoyama, CEO of Career Start, which provides employment and career change support services specializing in young people, co-published “THE PURPOSE The Purpose Why we exist and what value we provide”!

Career Start Co., Ltd.
Shimoyama, Representative Director of Career Start, which provides employment and job change support services specializing in young people, co-published “THE PURPOSE Why we exist and what value we provide”!
Pre-order sales start on Amazon from December 21, 2022, published from from January 6, 2023!

Career Start Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Keiichiro Shimoyama) specializes in job support for new graduates and sophomore graduates. Listeners Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, representative: Mitsuya Kakihata, hereinafter “our company”) published a book from on January 6, 2023, “THE PURPOSE What does it exist for and what value does it provide?” Suru ka” was published as a speaker.
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A book co-authored by Keiichiro Shimoyama, CEO of Career Start Co., Ltd. “THE PURPOSE What does it exist for and what value does it provide?” It will be released on January 6, 2023.
This book tells the story of Shimoyama’s “THE PURPOSE” along with 30 other managers who are at the forefront of the market.
Since the company was established in 2012, all of our employees have always strived to achieve a “triple win” for job seekers, client companies, and employees.
We hope you enjoy reading about our history and thoughts.
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▼Book information
■ Title: THE PURPOSE What does it exist for and what value does it provide? ■ Author: Listeners Co., Ltd.
■ Publisher: Listeners Co., Ltd.
Release date: January 6, 2023 (Reservation sales start date is December 21, 2022)
■ Regular price: 1,800 yen (+ tax)
■ URL:
[Published companies and speakers (titles omitted)]
1. MORIYA Co., Ltd. CEO/Artist/Actor Kou Bando
2. Hiroki Kimura Representative Director and President, Senior Executive Officer, MIXI Co., Ltd.
3. Toho Leo Co., Ltd. President Minoru Yoshikawa
4. Positive One Co., Ltd. President Shoichi Kudo
5. Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. President Shigehiko Kazuhara
6. Etsuro Saito Representative Director, President, CEO and CSO, Fujitsu General Limited
7. Junichi Sato Mayor Bandai Town, Fukushima Prefecture
8. GMO Connect, Inc. President and CEO Akifumi Yasuda
9. TechnoPro Co., Ltd. President Manabu Shimaoka
10. Quorega Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yasunari Sato
11. Midas Co., Ltd. President Kietsu Goto
12. BLUEPRINT Founders Co., Ltd. CEO Masataka Takeuchi
13. SYNERGY JAPAN Co., Ltd. President Koji Takashina
14. Rise Consulting Group Co., Ltd. President and CEO Toshiki Kitamura 15. Kohei Hamashima, Representative Director, Ikrie Co., Ltd. 16. K.B.Company Co., Ltd. President and CEO Banjo Kitajima
17. MAHALO Co., Ltd. President Yuka Matsui
18. Crowd Talent Bank Co., Ltd. Representative Director Munehisa Kanai 19. Route Zero Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yusuke Shibata 20. United Rivers Co., Ltd. President Atsushi Sawabe
21. Jinzai Base Co., Ltd. Representative Director Daisuke Nakamura 22. Ziplos Co., Ltd. Representative Director Minoru Kaburagi 23. Nowvillage Co., Ltd. President and CEO Kuniyuki Imamura
24. Unknown Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Saijun Shimotsuke 25. Relative Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hideyuki Matsui 26. Kazutada Murata Representative Director Japan Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. 27. Kotaro Ishizaka, President and CEO, JIT Co., Ltd.
28. Career Start Co., Ltd. President and CEO Keiichiro Shimoyama 29. Archipelago Co., Ltd. President and CEO Masashi Sugawara Director/Co-Founder Hiroshi Sawada
30. ThirdScope Europe CEO Ayano Kawai
31. Selling Knowledge Co., Ltd. CEO Hiroshi Koga
▼Listen article
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[Strength of career start]
We have a vision of “Towards a society where all young people shine”, and we are developing a recruitment service that focuses on matching quality.
Because we have specialized in supporting graduates and sophomore graduates since our establishment, we are particular about recruiting, and one-on-one interviews with career advisors with a wealth of specialized knowledge make it possible to make proposals that are close to each individual. .
We do not set the goal of joining a company as a goal, but provide a service as a supporter to watch over the career after that.
It has been well received for its low mismatch and high retention rate. [For those who want to receive job change/employment support] We support employment and career change regardless of educational background or experience. We offer free consultations.
[For companies in need of human resources]
If you are in charge of recruiting and are worried about finding the right people, early retirement, or many turnovers, please feel free to contact us below.
Trade name: Career Start Co., Ltd.
Representative: Keiichiro Shimoyama, President and Representative Director Head office location: 8th floor, Shimbashi i-Mark Building, 2-6-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Established: April 11, 2012
Business description: Recruitment (Paid employment placement business license 13-ユ-305582)
Twitter: @career_kousiki

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