CELSYS, Inc. 40% of digital creators start digital production at the age of 15 or younger -Survey report of 6,000 European creators-

40% of digital creators started digital production at the age of 15 or younger -Survey report of 6,000 European creators-

CELSYS, which develops and sells the illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production application “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, targets 6,000 creators in four European countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain) from August to October 2022. (*1), we conducted a survey on graphic content creation activities. The survey was conducted in an online
questionnaire format, and responses were received from a total of 6,000 people in each country, with 500 people in their teens to 30s. As a result of the survey, it was found that 69.6% of creators use digital tools to create works, and 43.4% of them started digital creation at the age of 15 or younger.
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・Differences in the use of digital tools by country
・43.4% of those under the age of 15 drew pictures digitally for the first time, and 13.0% of those under the age of 10 were familiar with digital drawing since childhood.
・Tablets and smartphones were the majority of the devices on which they drew pictures digitally for the first time, and they started creative activities with more familiar devices
Over 75% of Germans use digital tools. In France, on the other hand, 63% The digital usage rate of creators showed different trends by country. In the four European countries as a whole, it was 69.6%, but Germany had the highest percentage at 75.4% and France had the lowest percentage at 63.1%, a difference of more than 10 points (Graph 1). From this, the majority of creators are using digital, but there are some regional differences in the utilization rate, and it can be said that France is relatively conservative when it comes to digital tools. (Graph 1)
[Image 2d5223-717-3d6665a330e7dcd89819-2.png&s3=5223-717-00ed73acbcb9034e280d1412c1ca9e6a-1408x742.png
43.4% of those who drew digitally for the first time were under 15 years old, and 13.0% under 10 years old.
We also investigated the age at which creators first created digitally (Graph 2). The age with the largest number of respondents was 15 years old, and the average was 17.1 years old. 43.4% answered that they were 15 years old or younger when they first drew a picture digitally, and 13.0% were 10 years old or younger.
By country, there is a difference of about two years in the average age at which people start digital production between France (18.1 years old) and Spain (16.0 years old), with Spain starting to use digital tools at a much younger age.
Many creators in recent years are already drawing digitally in their teens, and it can be said that the acquisition of drawing technology and the acquisition of digital technology are being carried out at the same time. In addition, it can be said that parents are cooperative in providing devices and using tools because they are starting to draw digitally at a young age.
(Graph 2)
[Image 3d5223-717-f84775c80888c4ded28c-1.png&s3=5223-717-bba7e174bea6c8f9bd8c46869ddbfd47-1500x624.png
Tablets and mobile terminals are the majority of devices that drew pictures digitally for the first time
57.3% of the devices on which they drew pictures digitally for the first time were devices other than PCs, with the majority being Android smartphones and iPads (Graph 3). Among mobile devices, Android smartphones are the most frequently used fingers (Graph 4). It shows that there are many people who first challenge digital production with familiar mobile devices instead of special equipment.
(Graph 3)
[Image 4d5223-717-8cbc8b8d1b8e3b406ee1-6.png&s3=5223-717-653b5b308a9156899a6a7cd00bb1b180-1500x600.png
(Graph 4)
[Image 5d5223-717-f5550aa9f5dc1cf6e991-3.png&s3=5223-717-8ab0fd9cad8d4c7dbcca5fc824850dfc-1554x1122.png
In terms of devices currently used by creators, iPad + Apple Pencil, PC + liquid crystal tablet, and PC with touch screen + stylus pen are the most popular (Graph 5). There are also many tablets and mobile terminals, and it can be said that mobile devices are actively used in the production of digital creators.
(Graph 5)
[Image 6d5223-717-7dc186571ebaaadc90df-4.png&s3=5223-717-bc77d5c7e60a5d0a2e893045e45963c7-1938x1774.png
From the results of this survey, we found that young people in their early teens are taking on the challenge of digital production, which was traditionally thought to require high-spec equipment, using familiar devices. It can be seen that the base of creative activities will continue to expand in the future. On the other hand, we believe that the need for content that supports the acquisition of digital literacy and techniques and knowledge related to drawing will also increase, so that such young entry-level people can continue to enjoy their creative activities.
For more than 30 years since its founding, CELSYS has been supporting creators around the world who create graphic content with digital technology. The illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production application “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” can be used with full-fledged functions regardless of the type of device, such as PC, tablet, and smartphone, and has over 25 million users worldwide. (*2) are using it to create digital works. In addition, we also hold the International Comic/Manga School Contest and the International Illustration Contest, and actively provide opportunities for the presentation of works. In the future, we will provide an environment that supports creation, such as an easy-to-use drawing app, content to deepen knowledge of digital production, and a place where creators can interact, so that more people, including beginners, can easily enjoy creation. We will also promote
*1 Respondents who answered that they have painted in the last 30 days *2 Includes trial version users and installs for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.
About the survey method
This survey was commissioned to Schlesinger (US
https://www.schlesingergroup.com/) from August 3 to October 7, 2022, and was conducted in four countries: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain. An online survey was conducted with 6,385 people. Survey number breakdown:
UK: 1,659 (10s: 522, 20s: 502, 30s: 606)
France: 1,557 (10s: 526, 20s: 511, 30s: 504)
Spain: 1,574 (teens: 521, 20s: 521, 30s: 517)
Germany: 1,595 (10s: 522, 20s: 523, 30s: 512)
In calculating the response ratio, the first decimal place is rounded off. CELSYS, Inc.
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