Cheer Cheer Career Award 2022 winning venture 83.4% retention rate with thorough analysis and environment co nstruction! Director Momota talks about the philosophy of “Konome” and the appeal of interns

[Cheer Career Award 2022 winning venture] 83.4% retention rate with thorough analysis and environment construction! Director Momota talks about the philosophy of “Konome” and the appeal of interns
3rd CheerCareer Awards 2022 “Best Intern Award Grand Prize” Winner Interview
Cheer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hikaru Hiratsuka), which operates the job hunting site “Cheer Career” for ventures and growing companies, is “exciting to work. As part of our activities to expand working options to realize our vision, we held the “CheerCareer Awards 2022” to recognize companies that have made excellent recruitment efforts. The interview content of the company Konome (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kengo Negishi, President: Ryotaro Momota) has been released.
On November 22, 2022, the “3rd CheerCareer Awards 2022” was held, and 16 venture companies engaged in attractive recruitment activities won various awards. Kome Co., Ltd., which has been in business for two years, was selected as the “Best Intern Award” among the “Best Intern Awards” given to companies that have outstanding achievements in hiring long-term interns in the last year and ingenuity. In addition to the hiring performance, the education of the intern students was also highly evaluated, leading to the award.
This time, we asked Mr. Ryotaro Hyakuda, president of Konome Co., Ltd., about the philosophy and business content of Konome, and the characteristics of interns who are engaged in work with the same level of responsibility even though they are students. .
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Konome Co., Ltd. President Ryotaro Momota
Graduated from the Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University. In 2017, when he was in school, he launched a student sales organization for a major telecommunications company and grew it to a monthly sales of 20 million yen in half a year. After that, he joined KEYENCE CORPORATION in April 2018 and won the first place in the same period multiple times.
After retiring from Keyence in September 2019, he worked as an influencer (liver) and reached the highest SS rank.
In April 2021, he co-founded Konome Co., Ltd. and became an executive officer.

■ Content overview
1. A company that values ​​people
2. Develop corporate sales, live business, recruitment, and idol business 3. Derived from Liver business to “Recruitment” and “Idol business” 4. The realization of the philosophy is still halfway, and that is why there are opportunities
5. An intern who made 6 million yen in monthly sales
6. Incentives based on performance, such as immediate job offers and lunch with representatives
7.Student interns experience the same work as employees
8. “Interns who can gain real success experience”
9. A workplace overflowing with motivated interns
10. The latest goal is to achieve monthly sales of 100 million yen by March 2023.
11. The intern’s motive for participation, vague “I want to grow” is also welcome
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■ Listed companies
Company name: Konome Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: April 2021
Location: 7th floor, Twin Truss II Building, 1-4-3 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo Representatives: Kengo Negishi, Ryotaro Momota
Company HP:
Recruitment page:
Business description:
 Liver business
Corporate sales business
 Idol business
Recruitment business
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