Chiba Bank, Ltd. Recruitment for “Chiba Bank R&D Subsidy Program 2023”-Supporting joint research between SMEs and universities/technical colleges-

The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
Recruitment for “Chibagin Research and Development Subsidy Program 2023” ~ Supporting joint research between SMEs and
universities/technical colleges ~

The Chiba Bank (President Tsutomu Yonemoto) is a national university corporation Chiba University (hereinafter “Chiba University”), educational corporation Chiba Institute of Technology (hereinafter “Chiba Institute of Technology”), National Institute of Technology Kisarazu National College of Technology (hereinafter “Kisarazu College”), National University Corporation University of Tsukuba (hereinafter “University of Tsukuba”) We are recruiting for the subsidy system “Chibagin Research and Development Subsidy System 2023”.
This system subsidizes part of the research expenses for research and development conducted jointly with universities, technical colleges, etc. by small and medium-sized enterprises that are engaged in new businesses. Joint research with the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology is also included.
Through this system, we will match the new technology and product development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises with the research results of universities and technical colleges, etc., and support the growth of companies, thereby contributing to the development of local industries and economies.
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