Chiba Horse Racing Association The 10th Funabashi Horse Racing January 16th (Monday) to January 20th (Friday) New Year’s greetings from jockeys, sales of omikuji betting tickets, and many other New Year projects!

Chiba Horse Racing Association
The 10th Funabashi Horse Racing [January 16th (Monday) to January 20th (Friday)] New Year’s greetings from jockeys, sales of omikuji betting tickets, and many other New Year projects!
“Funabashi Memorial (SIII)” [Wednesday, January 18] “Cibatele Cup (Semi-graded)” [Tuesday, January 17] “Funabashi Jockeys Festival 2022 Final (2)” [January 18 ( water)〕

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At Funabashi Horse Racing, the 10th Funabashi Horse Racing in 2022 [January 16th (Monday) to January 20th (Friday), 2023] will be held after taking measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. It will be held with an audience of up to 3,000 people (including 166 special seats). Please refer to the following pages for details of on-site events. In addition, regarding admission and use of facilities, “Regarding admission to Funabashi horse racing from the 10th to the 12th in 2023” ( -e1f3.html).
The 10th event will be full of New Year projects such as New Year’s greetings from Funabashi Keiba jockeys and the sale of omikuji betting tickets. Look forward to the first Funabashi Keiba in 2023♪
■ What is Funabashi Memorial?
The name of the race comes from the establishment of the Funabashi Racecourse in August 1950. Past winners include Nike Madrid and Candlegrass, which are representative of the southern Kanto region and boast their speed. 1st and 2nd runners will be given priority to start in the “Fujino Wave Kinen (SIII)”. Last year, Kimon Ruby, the third most popular jockey ridden by Kunifumi Ogamimoto (Oi), won the championship.
▼ 2022 Funabashi Kinen (winning horse Kimon Ruby)
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≪Award Ceremony≫
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≪From January 15th (Sun), the brand commercial “FORCE Funabashi Commemorative Edition” will be broadcast! ≫
In line with the 10th event (January 16th (Monday) to January 20th (Friday)), [FORCE Funabashi Commemorative Edition] will be on air from January 15th (Sunday) on terrestrial and BS broadcasting. .
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■ CM broadcast schedule
・Terrestrial digital broadcasting
Fuji TV: January 15 (Sun) before the “Minna no KEIBA” program Kansai Television: January 15 (Sun) before the “KEIBA BEAT” program ・BS broadcasting
BS Eleven: January 15 (Sun) After the “Horse Racing Broadcast Part 1” program ≪10th event information≫
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– event list –
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-Stores scheduled to open-
Time: From the opening of the gate to the start of the final race Store location: Near the entrance gate, near the deck on the 2nd floor of the stand, near the voting booth on the 1st floor
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*The event may be changed or canceled without notice due to future social conditions.
*For event details, please see the event list below.
*Stores, menus, and prices listed are subject to change.
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― Event details ―
≪The 10th home day event≫
○New Year’s Greetings from the Jockey Association/Gift of Can Badge Carrotta For the first event in 2023, we will present New Year’s greetings from jockeys belonging to Keiba Funabashi and can badges (25 types in total).
Location: Paddock
*The game uniform Carrotta can badge will be distributed after the jockey meet greetings. One per person, you cannot choose the type. ※We carry out only on Monday, January 16. (Scheduled around 13:40) 〇New Year Omikuji Betting Ticket Sales -Funabashi Memorial-
We will sell “Omikuji Betting Ticket”, which is a randomly selected “Funabashi Kinen” 500 yen winning horse betting ticket and a lottery ticket, to the first 200 people. If you win the enclosed lottery ticket, you will receive Funabashi Keiba original goods.
Sale time: Opening the gate
Sales location: Near the Heartbeat Center and inside the venue Contents:
1. Normal horse double 100 yen x 5 points
2. Triple triple 100 yen x 5 items 1 bag each, 500 yen
Release target race: Funabashi Kinen
Prize: Funabashi Keiba original goods
※We carry out only on Wednesday, January 18.
*We will sell up to 2 items per person.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
〇Funabashi Jockeys calendar first-come-first-served gift
A Funabashi Jockeys calendar will be distributed to the first 100 people every day.
Venue: Near Heartbeat Center
〇 Carrotta greeting
Familiar Carrotta greets the venue. Let’s take a commemorative photo together! ! Implementation location: Stand 3F west deck
*Only available on January 16th (Mon) and 18th (Wed).
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〇 Carrotta Fluffy Land & Kids Area Illumination
Carrotta Fluffy Land, which is very popular with children, and kids area illumination that colors Funabashi Racecourse due to its popularity will continue.
Implementation location: Escalator side open space
Target: Children over 3 years old (fluffy only)
※Implementation place may be changed.
* Elementary school students and younger are accompanied by a guardian (fluffy only)
〇 Scratch card limited to purchasers of special seats
Scratch cards will be distributed only to customers who purchase special seats during the event period!
First prize prepaid card from a famous coffee shop worth 3,000 yen per person 2nd prize Horse design plate (plate 21 cm) for 3 people
3rd class meal ticket worth 500 yen for 30 people
4th prize Cashless points worth 300 yen for 60 people
Implementation location: Special viewing seat sales office
○ Funabashi Racecourse Original Ema-Style Wood Holder & Amulet-Style Charm Sale We sell cute charms of Funabashi Keiba’s official mascot character “Carotta” and wooden holders where you can write your wishes! You can take the wood holder home or hang it with your wish. When you come to Funabashi Racecourse, why don’t you make a wish to hit the race? Sales location: Heartbeat Center
Selling price: Omamori-style charm 700 yen
Ema-style wood holder 1,000 yen
Charm & wood holder set 1,500 yen
○ Carrotta goods Mini eco-bags and mini mascots for sale!
In addition to the popular mini eco bag, the mini mascot will be resold! Sales location: Heartbeat Center
Sales price: Mini eco bag 750 yen for each color
Mini mascot 900 yen
○ Kids space
For those with children, we have prepared a kids space with playground equipment that is nice.
Implementation location: Stand 3F terrace side glass space
○ Heartbeat VR
You can experience powerful VR images by Japan’s first active jockeys and racehorses with free VR goggles! Please enjoy the powerful video experience from the jockey’s perspective!
Implementation location: Stand 3F terrace side glass space
○Chiba Prefecture Jockey Association Official Mask Sales
Chiba Prefecture Jockey Association official masks (6 types: Taito Mori, Akira Harita, Kota Motohashi, Masashige Honda, Shotaro Kawashima, Carotta) will be on sale. Please check it by all means! Sales location: Heartbeat Center
*Heartbeat VR will also be sold on the 18th (Wednesday) only. [Image 10

〇 New Hello car is here!
From now on, a new halo car -Unimog U219- will appear in Funabashi Keiba! Please pay attention to the powerful halo rack made by Daimler Trucks!
≪10th online event information≫
■ Funabashi Heartbeat Live
URL: [Image 11

[Image 12

■ Funabashi Jockeys Festival Live interview with the winning jockey URL: [Image 13

■ Radio NIKKEI horse racing broadcast
[Image 14

■ Present campaign
〇New Year LINE Omikuji lottery
Details: To commemorate the first event in 2023, we will hold a LINE omikuji lottery where a total of 50 people will win an Amazon gift card worth 500 yen!
Implementation period: January 16 (Monday) 14:00 to January 20 (Friday) 21:00 Application method:
1. Register as a friend of the Funabashi Keiba LINE official account 2. Participate in the omikuji from the banner delivered by message Winning announcement: Win on the spot if you draw [Daikichi] ■ Net voting campaign
〇SPAT4 Winter Super Sprint Campaign
Click here for details → Period: November 8th (Tuesday) to January 18th (Wednesday)
* Funabashi horse race target period: January 18 (Wednesday) Funabashi Kinen (SIII)
[Benefits] The following points will be given according to the number of races purchased.
Purchase 2 races → 5 times the total purchase amount of 2 races Purchase 3 races → 7 times the total purchase amount of 3 races Purchase 4 races → 10 times the points for the total purchase price of 4 races Scheduled date for awarding points:
Monday, January 30, around 11:00
*Purchase points will be given on the day after the race.
〇SPAT4 long-distance story campaign Track1
Click here for details → Period: December 20th (Tuesday) to February 8th (Wednesday)
* Funabashi horse race target period: January 17 (Tuesday) Chibatere cup (semi-graded prize)
[Benefits] The following points will be given according to the number of races purchased.
Purchase 2 races → Double points for the total purchase price of 2 races Purchase 3 races → 3 times the points for the total purchase price of 3 races Purchase 4 races → 7 times the total purchase amount of 4 races Scheduled date and time to grant points: February 20 (Monday) around 11:00 *Purchase points will be given on the day after the race.
〇SPAT4 New Year! Funabashi horse racing “New Year’s gift” campaign Click here for details → Period: January 16 (Mon)-January 20 (Fri)
[Benefits] 2,000,000 points (equivalent to 10,000 yen) will be presented to 100 people by lottery from members who have purchased the target race for a total of 5,000 yen or more. A lottery will be held with a maximum of 10 units, with one purchase of 5,000 yen.
* Even if you purchase one race for 5,000 yen or more, you will be eligible for the lottery.
Scheduled date and time to grant points: Monday, January 30, around 11:00 *Purchase points will be given on the day after the race.
〇 Rakuten horse racing point large serving program January
Click here for details →
Entry period: January 1st (Sun)-January 31st (Tue) 23:59
Contents: The large serving rank is determined by the usage situation. You can receive benefits according to your rank.
〇Rakuten horse racing daily point reduction campaign
Click here for details →
Contents: Implement a campaign where the point reduction changes daily! * The daily target venue will be announced the night before. ■ Special site “FORCE FUN ABASHI online”
A special site has been released where you can experience this year’s brand commercial concept, “I want to touch everyone’s hearts with strong horse racing.” Content approaching the back side of Funabashi Horse Racing, which supports “strong Funabashi”, such as 90-second concept movies and commercials for each race, will be released in sequence. We will also post information on events and special campaigns that will make you fall in love with Funabashi on this site, so please look forward to it!
■ “Genealogy of Funabashi Horse Racing Column F vol.3”
URL: A serial column that unravels “FORCE FUNABASHI – Strong Funabashi” created in the course of history from various angles along with facts. Various themes such as famous horses, people (stable officials / jockeys), fields (old to new stands, changes in Uchibaba), and races will be serialized by authors related to Funabashi horse racing. In vol.3, titled “Ajudimitsuo, a famous horse – “The fleeing kid general” who took over the world in an instant, Mr. Satoru Oikawa, a former commentator, is the son of the late Masayuki Kawashima, the trainer who worked on the horse. So, we interviewed Mr. Shoichi Kawashima, the current trainer who was in close contact with this horse.
[Image 15d33182-75-30652c2fa858f526b1b4-12.png&s3=33182-75-60dc8ffcf777cb0722e70fc718e20966-960x601.png
■ “Night Race Club Online”
A night race club where you can enjoy Funabashi Keiba’s “Night Horse Racing” = “Yakei”.
Collect online member-only points and exchange them for rare original goods. *Please see the last page for the conventional point card type night race club. ■ Funabashi Keiba x netkeiba. com “Funabashi horse racing complete capture” URL:
Specialty papers and 4 papers are expected to be relayed for free at each event! We will publish the “All Race Tips Stamps” by 4 tipsters, including specialist papers, for free. In addition to viewing “Daily Main Race Buying & Opinions”, you can also check Funabashi horse racing related news and graded prize information all at once! ■Daily Sports Online Race table with speed index for all races URL:
Funabashi horse racing, speed index of all races & running table with expected mark,
We will publish the development and prediction comments for free. ■ Sanspo ZBAT! Weekly Gallop Funabashi Keiba Special Feature URL:
Horse racing magazine “Weekly Gallop” thoroughly dissects the graded race of Funabashi horse racing! It is full of information necessary for considering race predictions, such as race prospects, race cards, and past 10-year data.
■ Funabashi Keiba
(PC) (smartphone) ■ FORCE FUN ABASHI online
■ Funabashi Keiba Official SNS
(LINE) ■ Funabashi Horse Racing Official YouTube
■ Official YouTube channel “Heartbeat VR Channel”
■ South Kanto 4 racecourses
(PC) (Smartphone) ■ Event postponement and response, etc.
○ About “Yakei Club” (point card)
If you are a member, the cards and points you currently have are valid. The expiration date will be automatically extended at the timing of the next point award. Please keep it as is. Also, this time, we will exchange point goods at the heartbeat center in the hall.

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