CiX Holdings Co., Ltd. To be a globally active sushi chef in 2 years Restaurant University New Course “Overseas Employment Course” Opened

CiX Holdings Co., Ltd.
[To become a globally active sushi chef in 2 years] New course “Overseas Employment Course” opened at Restaurant University Berlitz Japan, a global human resource development service, cooperates with the global initiative of an overseas job change career service
CiX Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: So Yokoyama 1) is Berlitz Japan Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Paul William Gamble), which provides services related to language studies, study abroad, and global human resource development, and Global Initiative (Headquarters), which has a network of restaurants around the world : Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Representative: Kiyoshi Tabeta), we will establish a new 2-year “Overseas Employment Course” from April 2023.
In addition to the 3-month program at Shokudo University Sushi Meister, this course aims to acquire store experience and language skills that cover visa acquisition requirements.
Demand for sushi chefs is increasing due to strong support for Japanese cuisine around the world. .
We hope that you will consider interviewing us as a new form of human resource development to spread Japanese food culture to the world. [Image 1d86456-6-0117d0f0a912de74b087-2.png&s3=86456-6-c5e1e6db8aca3dd60e6920e017c0771f-2178x836.png
-Points of this case-
“Restaurant College”, which trains sushi chefs in just three months, and “Berlitz”, a high-quality English conversation school that is supported around the world, collaborate and cooperate.
In cooperation with “Global Initiative”, which has a network of restaurants around the world, we will set up a career coach
exclusively for overseas and provide thorough support until you find a job.
Acquire store training and language skills that cover visa acquisition requirements, and aim for overseas employment.

《About the Sushi Meister Special Course Overseas Employment Course》 ◯ Background of opening the course
[Image 2d86456-6-939230eae82caec3a6bf-1.png&s3=86456-6-33c0bc42eb6da95703105761ed780089-1928x1794.png
Increase in the number of Japanese restaurants overseas
The number of Japanese restaurants overseas in 2021 is expected to triple from 55,000 in 2013, when “Washoku and traditional Japanese food culture” was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, to approximately 159,000. and is on the rise. (Source: Export and International Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) Against this background, the demand for Japanese chefs and sushi chefs overseas is increasing year by year, and the number of our students and those wishing to work overseas is increasing year by year.
On the other hand, it is also true that there are major hurdles to obtaining a visa such as cooking skills, experience, and language skills that are used overseas in obtaining an overseas work visa in the food and beverage industry.
At our school, for those who dream of working as a sushi chef overseas, we have newly established the “Overseas Employment Course” that can cover the requirements for obtaining a visa. We will train sushi chefs who can make the best use of it and pass on Japanese cuisine correctly to the world.
◯Course features
Based on the current situation where the number of people who want to work overseas is increasing, this course is a 21-month course at a partner store (from the 21st month onwards, until overseas employment is decided) after taking the Sushi Meister Special Course (3 months) provided by our school. provide practical training. In addition, in partnership with Global Initiative Co., Ltd., which has a network of restaurants around the world, our overseas career coaches will support you from overseas job hunting to visa acquisition.
In addition, in cooperation with Berlitz, which has a history of more than 140 years and a track record of more than 20,000 companies worldwide, we will provide a language support program (only for those who wish). We provide not only the skills of sushi chefs, but also overseas employment support, visa acquisition support, and language support to develop global sushi chefs.
[Image 3d86456-6-099c58a4ca5ee0e1451f-0.png&s3=86456-6-cab5465b3d55e741fd146b488b8bfc1c-3900x3454.png
Overseas Employment Course Schedule
◯Course outline (planned)
Name: Overseas Employment Course
Opening date: From April 2023
Venue: Restaurant University Tokyo Campus, Osaka Campus
1 to 3 months Sushi Meister Special Course
4 to 24 months Practical training at a partner store (salary paid, monthly starting from 180,000 yen)
* From the 4th month onwards, once every 3 months (7 times in total), technical guidance, neatness, and technical diagnosis are carried out at our school.
*Conduct online interviews with overseas career coaches once every three months (8 times in total)
-Applicants only-Language support: Berlitz original curriculum (2 years) -Cost-Overseas Employment Course (2 years) 2,200,000 yen (tax included) ◯ Affiliated stores
From the 4th month, you will gain experience at our directly managed stores and other affiliated stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area. “Sushi Chiyo” is run by graduates of the University of Restaurant and Drinks and was listed in the “Michelin Guide” just 11 months after opening.
“Edomae Stand Toroyasu Main Store” is a store specializing in proof-of-concept experiments co-created by graduates of the College of Food and Beverage and cutting-edge technologies of the future. It is an environment where craftsmen can concentrate on cooking, such as mobile ordering, serving robots, and drink robots.
[Image 4d86456-6-1170a3c87b7ddb7e61c7-4.jpg&s3=86456-6-f4b0f74a3794379412e9aa26777bea46-2694x1792.jpg
Sushi Chiyo (inside)
[Image 5d86456-6-74a922e6e20a999d019e-5.jpg&s3=86456-6-8aa06459db55ad11cfeb8837a1fbd80a-1478x1108.jpg
Edomae Stand Toroyasu main store (in front of the store)
-About Global Initiative Co., Ltd.-
[Image 6d86456-6-9db6930f3abfce0131a4-7.png&s3=86456-6-484660a5a57748c2e1ea0d6bd0b89030-346x213.png
Global Initiative Logo
We provide a career service that supports chefs in finding jobs and changing jobs in the hope that Japanese chefs, who are disseminators of information on Japanese food culture and evangelists of Japanese cuisine, will be active overseas.
With our many years of experience, our unique overseas network, and our accumulated know-how, such as information on Japanese cuisine and work visas in each country, we support and lead many chefs to success in their overseas careers.
-About Berlitz Japan Co., Ltd.-
[Image 7d86456-6-6366a8bd1144da740dd1-8.png&s3=86456-6-53f8e1a65be69fb26c7808d84c1b0cd5-354x79.png
Berlitz Japan Co., Ltd. Logo
A Japanese corporation that operates the English conversation school “Berlitz”, which has been deployed in more than 70 countries and regions around the world and has a cumulative track record of more than 20,000 corporate introductions.
The Berlitz Method (R) is a unique teaching method that allows students to naturally acquire a foreign language in a short period of time, and it is also introduced in the Teaching Method Dictionary. The quality of our teachers, who have mastered the methods through systematic training, is highly evaluated around the world.
-About Restaurant University-
[Image 8d86456-6-7e8b5d29f1fd11487e98-6.png&s3=86456-6-03e69a226efc5156af3fce0b88646ef3-1201x548.png
Restaurant University logo
This school was established to train those who wish to work in the food and beverage industry and those who have work experience to become highly skilled food and beverage professionals.
By reviewing the technique from scratch with the keyword “on-site practice”, we have independently developed a short-term intensive program that allows you to learn the one-year curriculum of a general cooking school in a short period of three months. The short-term program enables lower tuition fees than existing vocational schools, and has produced approximately 1,000 graduates to date.
-About CiX Holdings Co., Ltd.-
Based on the philosophy of “Making Japanese food culture the largest export industry in Japan”, we are developing high-skilled cooking education business, frozen food business, restaurant business, robotics business, etc.
Location: 202 Grace Daikanyama, 1-21-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Soichi Yokoyama
Number of employees: 25

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