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Claire Life Partners Co., Ltd.
-Awareness survey of money by generation, remarkable difference between men and women in Generation Z- Women who are worried about the future but are reluctant to invest, men who are optimistic but positive about investment
Conducted “Survey on Asset Formation and Asset Management”

Clare Life Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Shotaro Kudo) conducted a “Survey on Asset Formation and Asset Management” from December 2 to 5, 2022 and summarized the results. Therefore, we will publish some of the survey results. (details later)
From this survey of 1,111 men and women working at companies and organizations aged 20 to 59 in Japan, the following trends were observed.
1. Across all generations, women (81.8%) are more likely than men (66.1%) to feel that prices have risen over the past year.
2. Women in their 20s (51.3%) are about twice as worried as men (24.5%) about “funds for post-retirement life.”
3. On the other hand, women in their 20s (33.1%) have only about half as much experience in asset management as men (56.5%).
4. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of women (66.9%) compared to men in their 20s (43.5%) who are not involved in any kind of asset building or asset management.
Deposits and savings, which had been the mainstream in the past, have become almost impossible to grow assets for consumers. The
socioeconomic environment surrounding consumers is undergoing drastic changes, such as the shift from corporate pensions to defined contribution pensions. In addition, we found that people’s attitudes toward daily life have changed significantly, probably due to the impact of rising prices, and that their current lives and future prospects are becoming more difficult. We hope that the results of the survey will serve as a reference for all concerned.
(1) A higher percentage of women in their 20s than men in their 20s feel that prices have risen more than a year ago.
When we compared the percentage of men and women in their 20s who felt that prices had risen more than a year ago, we found that the percentage was higher for women than for men.
[Image 1

(2) The level of satisfaction with the current household budget (balance of income and expenditure) is overwhelmingly high for women in their 20s, and lowest for men in their 20s.
Regarding the current level of satisfaction, 52.5% of women in their 20s are the most satisfied with the question about “household budget (income-expenditure balance)” compared to any age group. On the other hand, 27.5% of men in their 20s are the least satisfied.
[Image 2

(3) Anxiety about future retirement funds is highest for women in their 20s and lowest for men in their 20s
Regarding concerns about the future, 65.5% of women in their 20s answered the question about “funds for post-retirement living”, the highest among all age groups. On the other hand, men in their 20s had the lowest rate at 45.3%.
[Image 3

(4) Men in their 20s who are active in asset building and management In regards to the question about experience in asset management/asset building, the average for all generations is higher for men than for women. Women in their 20s were the lowest at 33.1%.
On the other hand, 56.5% of men in their 20s had higher results than men in their 30s (51.0%).
[Image 4

(5) Survey summary
Combined with questions 3 and 4, women in their 20s, who indicated the highest number of concerns about future living expenses after retirement at 65.5%, have little experience in asset management and asset building.
On the other hand, it is interesting to note that men in their 20s, who indicated the lowest number at 45.35% regarding their future “funds for living in old age,” showed relatively high numbers regarding experience in asset building and asset management. The following can be read from here.
・ Women in their 20s who are worried about the future but have not started taking financial measures
・A man in his 20s who is optimistic about the future but is active in terms of money
The above is part of this survey. The entire survey will be
distributed at a later date.
Detailed analysis and comments on the survey content will be provided by Clare Life Partners representatives. Please contact us.
[About Claire Life Partners]
We provide asset formation consulting services. Over the course of 3 to 6 months, everything from life plans to money plans, selection of investment products, and procedures are all carried out in one stop. For details on this service, which has a satisfaction rate of 95% or more, 300 customers’ voices are published on the website.
This service, which covers a wide range of areas, from analysis of employment rules to efficient use of company shares and utilization of the social security system, is currently used by many individuals and corporations, and has recently been introduced as a corporate welfare service. is also increasing.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Claire Life Partners Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-25-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0603 Shinjuku Center Building 3F
Representative Director: Shotaro Kudo
Business: Life money training business, and many others.
Established: July 2012
Number of employees 48 (including regular employees and non-regular employees) Official website:
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